The ongoing furore about the Ellesmere Port mosque. A counter-attack on the grievance-mongers.

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A few days ago this blog published a story about local anger about a mosque being imposed on Ellesmere Port. This is a follow up piece. The original story can be found here

Whenever there is an arrest of somebody for speaking out against Islam, or taking part in a demonstration against it, or for doing some form of non-violent direct action against it; you will often find the Islam excusers of Tell Mama gloating about it. So often they behave like the playground snitch, who grins in triumph because they’ve dropped someone in it with the teacher for swearing or some other minor infraction of the rules. They delight in showing how close they are to our degraded, disrespected and overly politically correct police forces. They’ve also bigged themselves up over their part in helping to persuade the Home Office to ban people like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller from the UK, despite Mr Spencer’s wish to come here and speak not about the fake hate crimes of internet comments, but, amongst other things, about the horrendous problem of Islamic Rape Gangs. Take a look at this piece that went up on the Tell Mama site recently, see if you can discern the sort of gloating, spoilt brat triumphalism that I can see, oozing like pus from an infected wound, from this piece. Tell Mama’s words are in italic text and my comments are in plain text.

A man was arrested on suspicion of committing a racially aggravated public order offence after a pig’s head was left outside a proposed Islamic Centre in Chester.

As I said in a previous article on the problems in Ellesmere Port, if the local authority had not been so Islamopandering, and had not treated the very many locals who object to this mosque imposition like ignorant peasants, then they would not have frustrated people so much that they resorted to things like leaving a pig’s head on the mosque site. I don’t agree with ‘war by pigs head’ but this is the sort of thing that happens when councils ignore objections and treat locals who object to mosques like dirt. When legitimate routes of protest are blocked, it leaves the way clear for hotheads. This is not a good thing for our society in the long run.

The anti-Muslim incident took place on October 22 after a member of the pubic contacted the police to report suspicious behaviour outside the property. A swift police response lead to the arrest of a 41-year-old male in the early hours of today (October 23).

It’s nice to know that the police are capable of making a swift response to something. Shame they are not so swift when it comes to dealing with the Muslim no-go areas or mass rapes committed by gangs of Muslim males, or things like electoral fraud etc. I’d love to know what sort of ‘member of the public’ thought it was their civic duty to grass someone up, for what was basically a bit of non-violent direct action, although one which I wouldn’t do myself. Was it a passing Muslim, or just someone who has thrown his lot in with the pro-Islam quislings? Personally I’d reserve at least one of the circles of hell for those non-Muslims who aid and assist Islam or the pro-Islam authorities.

In early September, the Islamic Centre was approved by councillors. But some residents could not hide their disgust that an old church and abandoned Unemployment and Culture Centre will be replaced with a building that will “devalue the whole area”.

Personally speaking, I think a centre for the unemployed or some other community facility would be a much better use for this building. It could have been gifted to an organisation like the Workers Educational Association or similar, or used for OAP lunch clubs. It could even have been turned into a public toilet. Any of those options would have been a better boon for the area than a mosque.

In spite of the approval, the Islamic Centre will take two years to build, but two racist attacks in three months hint a deeper malaise in the area. In August, a racist drunk decorated children’s bunting with swastikas and KKK symbols and hung it outside the proposed site.

I’ve got a feeling that this site is going to be a battleground for two years at least. For what it’s worth, I don’t agree with using swastikas and KKK symbols as part of anti-Islam actions, they are counter-productive, as their use by counter-Islam demonstrators is seized upon by Islamic groups, to paint all those who are opposed to the ideology of Islam as ‘Nazis’ or ‘racists’.

Giles Orton, Chief Inspector, told the Chester Chronicle: Local residents can be reassured that the police have a high visibility presence in the area.

Through firm policing we will put an end to racially aggravated incidents in Ellesmere Port.

Hate crimes are not tolerated within this community.”

I’d like to think that Chief Inspector Orton is prioritising other crimes in a similar way, but something tells me that he will not do so. I wonder if this Chief Inspector would jump in with such admirable vigour if the sort of hate preachers we see plying their trade at other mosques, turned up at Ellesmere Port?

Police and community leaders were unable to comment on the racist Facebook page ‘Ban Ellesmere Port mosque’ – a page with almost 600 ‘likes’ that wants to “stop Muslims taking over Ellesmere Port and keeping Britain British” – due to ongoing enquiries.

Yet again we have Tell Mama attempting to racialise objections to Islam. Objections to Islam are mainly based on dislike and disgust of Islamic theology, culture and other issues. As Muslims come in all colours, it is disingenuous to claim that objections to Islam or its buildings or its symbols or its theology, are in any way ‘racist’.

Nor could they confirm if the pig’s head attack is linked to the page.

The page contains the usual anti-Muslim memes – a fixation with pork, banning Islam and a deeply unpleasant ‘joke’ that depicts arson – the caption reads “I threw my new Muslim neighbours a house-warming party The police called it arson…whatever”.

I don’t like the ‘arson’ jokes but they are just that, jokes. Maybe Tell Mama should ask themselves just why there are so many anti-Islamic memes going round? Could it be that these anti-Islamic memes are popping up because more and more people have had enough of this backward ideology imposing itself where it is not wanted? From what I can gather these memes are certainly not based on the sort of groundless hatred that drives anti-Semitic memes, but on a genuine, well founded fear of both the ideology of Islam itself and knowledge of the problems that orthodox and traditionalist Islam has brought to other parts of the United Kingdom. Note well that TM have used the worst of the featured memes to put in this piece. I’d like to ask why they think that banning people from saying “ban Islam” is in their view a good thing? In the past we’ve banned the expression and promotion of other types of fascistic ideologies, why not Islam?

In late September, a 36-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of posting racist comments relating to the proposed Islamic Centre. But the individual was released without charge.

There we go again, the misuse of the word ‘racial’. This arrest looks very like an intimidatory arrest by the police. They probably have bugger all evidence of an actual crime but they make an arrest in order to frighten and intimidate people into not protesting against the mosque imposition.

At an online and offline level, the rise in anti-Muslim incidents in the area of Ellesmere Port is alarming.

Didn’t Tell Mama use words like ‘alarming’ along with words like ‘unprecedented’ when they falsely claimed that there was a huge backlash against Muslims after the Jihad murder of Lee Rigby? For this bit of sleight of hand they were quite justifiably slammed by Andrew Gilligan of the Daily Telegraph. The shameless mountebanks of Tell Mama, despite being caught out and publicly humiliated not only by Mr Gilligan, but also in the Criminal Courts, the civil courts and the Press Complaints Commission, continue to cry wolf about expressions of antipathy against Islam. In a country where the criminal justice environment has been so bent and twisted by political correctness, that a Muslim burning remembrance poppies gets a lesser sentence than someone putting bacon outside a mosque, it is laughable that they whine so much about how hard done by Muslims are. It is completely disingenuous for them to treat every expression of anti Islamic opinion as a modern re-enactment of the Nazi Krystalnacht attacks in 1938. Such a comparison is not only completely counterfactual but is an insult to all those, not just from Germany but from across Europe, who suffered from genuine fascist oppression. Mosques and Islamic shops are not burning across the country and it is nothing but a lie for Tell Mama to make it seem as if they are.

Anybody who has observed the Tell Mama group in action, can see quite plainly that their primary aim is not to protect individual Muslims from physical attack, a policy that I and many others could accept as legitimate, but instead to silence criticism of Islam per se. This silencing of criticism is how Islamic blasphemy laws are being stealthily incorporated into the civil law of non-Muslim nations, and it is time that such shariah-creep was stopped. Tell Mama promote this silencing of dissent by hyping up negative opinions and calling them attacks, They also hide behind genuinely integrated and forward looking Islamic sects such as the Ahmediyya, by promoting them as if they were representative of orthodox Islam, which they are not. Like Thomas Rowlandson’s famous cartoon of the Quack Doctor (see below), Tell Mama are the smiling salesman in the front of the shop, beguiling the foolish customer, whilst a skeletal figure of death, hidden behind a curtain, mixes the slow poison of Islamism which is being fed to the Quack’s naïve patients.

We are coming up to a General Election in the United Kingdom and people should ask every candidate they come across where they stand on the Tell Mama organisation. If the candidate doesn’t know about them, then tell them, if they prevaricate, explain why they are problematical, and if they show support for them, then tell that candidate that you will not be voting for them because of their support for this troubling organisation. It is time to make this group a political issue. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the look on my local Lib Dem candidate’s face when I tell them how disgusted I am that so many Lib Dems have been involved in supporting or promoting the Tell Mama group, even to the extent of giving keynote speeches at the organisation’s gala dinner earlier this year.

If Tell Mama were an honest organisation with morals and of good intent, they would recognise that not all expressions of antipathy towards Islam are driven by groundless hatred but by genuine concerns. That they seem to find it impossible to do this, tells us all we need to know about Tell Mama.


Original Ellesmere Port story from the Tell Mama website

Previous article from Fahrenheit211 about the unwanted Ellesmere Port mosque.


The police and Tell Mama have managed to get the Ban Ellesmere Port mosque Facebook page shut down. However, some of the page is still available on Google cache. I could only see one comment on that cached version of the page that could genuinely be seen to be inciting violence, the rest was just bad taste pisstaking.

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  1. O/T
    Check out the DM report of free speech suppression in the UK.

    Mr Paul Griffith, a 75yr old pensioner, was first humiliated and then confronted by armed police at Stansted for saying “I am not Muslim”. He spent more than six months facing racism charges until CPS backed down on the eve of the trial, having realised the ridiculous allegations would be robustly defended.

    To construe as racist, a voluntary statement vis-à-vis one’s religion, from a person cooperating with terrorist screening, is bureaucratic madness. This insanity is eventually eclipsed by an outrageous and cowardly back-down by CPS.

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