From Elsewhere: Whether in Jerusalem or Iraq or London, the hand that holds the sword is the hand of Islam.

An excellent article from Daniel Greenfield of Front Page Magazine. In it he expounds on the futility of trying to appease or make deals with Islamic terrorists and extremists. He makes the very valid point that no nation on earth has successfully negotiated peace with Islamic terrorists or other extremists.

Daniel Greenfield said:

There are no Palestinians. There are no moderate Syrian rebels. There is only Islam.

The axe that fell on the head of a Rabbi in Jerusalem was held by the same hand that beheaded Yazidi men in the new Islamic State. It is the same hand that held the steering wheel of the car that ran over two Canadian soldiers in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec and the same hand that smashed a hatchet down on the skull of a rookie New York City cop in Queens all in a matter of months.

Their victims were of different races and spoke different languages. They had nothing in common except that they were non-Muslims. This is the terrible commonality that unites the victims of Islamic terror.

Either they are not Muslim. Or they are not Muslim enough for their killers.

The media shows us the trees. It does not show us the forest. It fragments every story into a thousand local narratives. In Jerusalem the killers were angry because of Jews praying on the Temple Mount. In Queens and Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, they were outraged because we were bombing the Islamic State.

And in the Islamic State they were killing Christians and Yazidis because America hadn’t bombed them yet.

Our leaders and our experts, the wise men of our multicultural tribes, who huddle in their shiny suits around heavy tables, believe in the good Muslim terrorist the way that the Muslim believes in Allah. The good Muslim terrorist who is willing to make peace for the right price is their only hope of salvation. The good Muslim terrorist willing to settle for Palestine or Syria at 50 percent off is their way out of a war.

And so like Chamberlain at Munich and FDR at Yalta, like a thousand tawdry betrayals before, they make themselves believe it. And then they make us believe it.

A thousand foreign policy experts are dug out, suited up and marched into studios to explain what specific set of un-Islamic Muslim grievances caused this latest beheading and how the surviving non-Muslims need to appease their future killers. And then another tree falls. And another head rolls.

The appeasement never works. No non-Muslim country has ever reliably made peace with Muslim terrorists inside its own borders. Even the Muslim countries have a shaky track record. Most have settled for either massacring them, like Algeria and Jordan, or secretly allying with them, like just about every Muslim country from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia.

nd yet Nigeria is expected to cut a deal with the Boko Haram rapists of its little girls, Israel is expected to negotiate with the mass murderers of its Rabbis, Hindus in India are expected to negotiate with the Jihadists who burn them alive and somehow arrive at a peaceful settlement. And if the peace doesn’t come, then it won’t be the fault of the rapists, the axe-wielders and arsonists, but of their victims.

It is never the Muslim terrorists who are at fault for not being appeased by any compromise and any concession. It is the fault of their victims for not appeasing them hard enough.

Compromise with Muslim terrorists is impossible because the issue is not really about Jerusalem, oil revenues in Nigeria, Kashmir or Syria. It’s always about Islam. The territorial claims are unlimited and uncompromisable because they are backed by Islam. No concession can ever suffice because Islam promises its followers not merely some land in Syria, Israel or India… but the entire world.”

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This article really illustrates the threat that the civilised world faces from the ideology of Islam. No matter how much we try to convince ourselves that Islam is peaceful or how many interfaith groups we get involved in, Islam, the ideology will remain its violent, greedy and rapacious self.

It is not pleasant to have to think that the sweet ways of peace and understanding that have served reasonable people so well for so long will not work with Islam. Putting out the hand of friendship to Islam will not bring about peace. In my own lifetime I’ve seen tremendous strides made in reducing conflict between those who follow different faiths and this greater understanding is, in my view, a major factor in the repair of a damaged world. However, I cannot see knowledge, understanding and recognition of our common humanity changing the nature of what Islam is. Islam will always be violent and will always be unsatisfied with anything less than the entire world. We need to wake up and realise that the ways of peace, understanding and justice that have brought about and continue to bring about peace between Hindu, Buddhist, Christian and Jew, will not work when it comes to Islam.

It’s time to forsake the ways of appeasement and recognise the true extent of the moral, cultural, political and social abyss of Islam. To do anything other than that would be suicide.

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  1. English...not many of us left. | November 21, 2014 at 4:21 pm |

    Excellent missive, and every word so true it jumps out at you.

  2. you can never appease evil

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