Terror arrests – Oh surprise, surprise, they appear to be Muslim

Three men who have been charged with terror offences after being arrested prior to Remembrance Sunday have been named, and it will be no surprise to many that these alleged offenders are apparently Islamic.  What was that we keep getting told by the likes of David Cameron about Islam being a religion of peace?

Sky News said:

“Three men held three days before Remembrance Sunday have been charged with preparing acts of terrorism, Scotland Yard has said.

Nadir Ali Sayed, 21, from Hounslow, 19-year-old Yousaf Shah Syed, from High Wycombe, and Haseeb Hamayoon, aged 27, from Hayes, West London, were arrested on November 6, Scotland Yard said.”

Although I cannot comment on this case in any great detail because it is sub judice, nobody reading this story can fail to be shocked that those charged appear to be followers of the ‘Religion of Exploding to Pieces’.  I’d be much more shocked if it turned out that those charged had been Hindu or Buddhist or Sikh.



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  1. English...not many of us left. | November 20, 2014 at 3:45 pm |

    Same old, same old.
    We know what they are as soon as the arrests
    are reported,and BEFORE their names are published.
    It’s one of those certainties of life, like death and taxes.
    I’m thinking it’s time for repatriation of these inbreds,
    at the point of a bayonet for sure. Anywhere….. like Iraq!
    They’ll NEVER be BRITISH,so why do we tolerate this fifth column?
    Nothing but trouble and expense. We must be insane.

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