The fee for visiting Islamic countries is now too high


If there is one thing that the latest Islamic horror attack in Tunisia can teach us is that there is no such thing as a safe Islamic country. No matter how civilised, how democratic, how stable or how friendly the particular nation is to the free world, a visitor to any Islamic country will always be unsafe. The poison of Jihad can erupt at any time and be aimed at anyone.

Tunisia has, at least on the surface, been looked at by many as safe when compared to other Islamic crapholes. It’s often considered as one of the success stories of the Arab Spring, it changed its government without as much bloodshed as other Islamic nations, it wasn’t taken over by extremists such as the Muslim Brotherhood like Egypt, and it didn’t implode into Islamic terror, violence and gangsterism as Syria and Iraq have done. Logic should have said that Tunisia was relatively safe, but now it has been proved to be anything but safe to visit. It seems that jihadi nutjobs are just as likely to strike in Tunisia as anywhere else.

Over 21 people including one Briton, most of whom only wanted to look at, and admire, the relics of the previous civilisations that have made their mark on Tunisia, have perished at the hands of Jihadist savages. Precious lives have been lost, and the loved ones of those who were murdered have been plunged into grief.

It is pretty plain to anybody with a functioning mind to see, that Islam has declared war on free peoples and free nations and anybody who is from one is a target. This was not a random attack it was a planned attack, designed to hit at those who by their hard earned wages, keep Tunisia’s tourist industry afloat.

There is sometimes a danger in travel, no matter what the destination. You could slip and fall off of a quayside in Cumbria or get food poisoning off some chips and mayo in Belgium, but these are infinitesimally small dangers. The risks of a person coming into danger or being in harms way are raised considerably when visiting an Islamic country. If it’s not the terrorism, it’s the crappy way they treat women or the risk of accidentally contravening some aspect of Shariah Law that could put a tourist in an Islamic country in danger..

There is no way on earth would I, in the current climate, travel to any Islamic country for leisure or pleasure, and maybe others should think very carefully before they book holidays in Islamic countries. I would not even travel to Jordan or Turkey and they are comparatively civilised for Islamic nations. The price for visiting Islamic countries has this week been raised to one which most people would not wish to pay.

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  1. I have been suggesting the above for some time now, I wouldn’t set foot in any Islamic country now as they hate us, unfortunately our soppy pc politicians don’t seem to share our vision of the truth and continue to appease the Muslims.The fact that in the UK there exists so many Muslim ghettos in cities illustrates their goal of taking over by birthrate.

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