Something odd about this chap, and his claim to be a refugee

The Iranian memorial flower thief. (picture via Daily Mail)

Readers of British newspapers will no doubt have been shocked at the story of the Iranian ‘Asylum seeker’, Shayan Moradisohi, who stole flowers placed at a memorial for the victims of the recent Islamic murders in Tunisia. However what is shocking me is not just the crime but how it is forcing me to ask questions about why he is here because there is something really odd about this chap. This oddness about him and his case shine through the report in the Daily Mail.

What really stood out for me was how little he seemed to know or care about the country that had given him shelter and also how large holes are appearing for me in his story.

Firstly, when someone, imagine yourself doing this, flees to a country because they are being oppressed for political or religious reasons, then you would do your damnedest to find out as much as possible about where you are going. You don’t want to risk your life or the lives of your family by making a faux pas or inadvertantly committing a crime that gets your place of safety removed. In other words, you would know that you are only in this place of safety on the sufferance of the people and government of the country, you would, as far as possible, keep your head down. This should especially be the case if you are an Iranian as there have long been rumours that the Iranian state keeps intelligence agents in the UK to keep an eye on Iranian dissidents in the UK.

What a person should not do is, as Moradisohi did, is draw attention to oneself or be caught committing a crime or some anti-social behaviour. The fact he couldn’t be arsed to learn about the customs of the country he was going to and that he didn’t seem to give a toss whether he was committing a crime or not, makes me think more and more that this is not a genuine refugee. He’s over here for some purpose but he’s obviously not a thoughtful, engaged person who is under threat from the Iranian government .

The second ‘graunch’ I got from this story, a gut feeling that things may not be as they seem was the fact that the offender claimed he knew little about current affairs. Now over the years, and in different jobs, I’ve met a lot of people. Some I’ve liked and got on with, some I have not. One group of people I’ve got to know was genuine refugees from oppression from all over the world. I don’t think I met any genuine refugee who had the sort of zero knowledge of current affairs that this offender states that he has. I’ve found genuine refugees who’ve fled because of political activity articulate, informed and often very grateful of the life and freedom Britain has given them. I may not agree with their politics all the time but they were at least educated in world and British national affairs as well as in the politics of the society that they came from. How can this flower thieving tosspot claim to be a refugee when he doesn’t respect or appreciate the society that gave him succor, and doesn’t seem like the sort of person who has any sort of knowledge of the sort of matters that you would expect a political refugee to have.

I think that this is one Iranian who we can safely toss back, either to Iran or to some other Islamic shithole that may take him. The more I read about this turd the more I think ‘here is someone who is not a genuine refugee’. He’s either an Iranian agent, a welfare seeker, an economic migrant or a ponce and a troublemaker, what I don’t think he is, is a genuine refugee. Nothing rings true with his story as told to the court. By his own words and actions has Moradisohi shown that he is unworthy to be here in the United Kingdom and he is not conducive to the public good. Get rid of him now.


Original story of the flower thieving Iranian ‘asylum seeker’ here.

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  1. john warren | July 22, 2015 at 10:59 am |

    Ah, but he’s being dealt with by our legal system now so the worst he’ll get a fine we’ll be paying and a very polite lecture concerning the theft of flowers. And that much he does know for sure, I can assure you.

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