I told you this would happen!

“I love the smell of burning propaganda in the morning”

I abhor unnecessary violence. I deplore the weak being victimised by the strong and the guilty oppressing the innocent. However, despite deploring violence, it can be seen that there are some situations where paradoxically, peace comes from the barrel of a gun or the point of a blade or the fist. The potential victim who uses lethal force against those who are actively seeking to kill them, or the hot war against Nazism, or the cold war against Communism are just three examples of legitimate use of violence or the threat of violence. A man or woman in a lonely wild area who stands up for and protects their family, would be perfectly justified morally to kill those who it could be proved had intent to kill, despoil or harm them. It was also in my view, morally justified to fight against Hitlerism and all that it stood for and to guard, sometimes by violent or distasteful means, against the threat of Communism.

Violence, even justifiable violence, is a sign of failure. The use of violence, even in self defence, is an indication that more peaceful ways of behaviour or of resolving conflicts or even ordinary politics have failed. It is also a sign that appeasing despots, allowing yourself to be raped or murdered or allowing the adherents of anti-human ideologies to gain control of your country, does not work and is plainly not sensible. Would you have let Hitler cross the Channel or allow yourself to be raped or murdered or see Communism impose the sort of societal sclerosis that ruined the Soviet Union and aligned states? Of course you would not. It goes beyond stupid to believe that ‘turn the other cheek’ always works.

The recent arson attacks in Italy and Germany against centres designed to accommodate ‘refugees’ and the attack on the ‘immigration pavilion’ art project in Berlin, are all signs of the failure of politics. We have the appalling situation in Italy, Germany and elsewhere, where a political elite, afflicted by an appalling multiculturalist ‘group think’, who rarely have to live with the problems caused by their policies, have persistently ignored the cries of the ordinary citizens of those countries, who have attempted to voice their concerns about some of these policies. Many are concerned about the wholesale importation of immigrants, many of whom either adhere to destructive politico-religious ideologies, or are moochers, or who are incapable culturally, intellectually, politically or by way of temperament, of integrating with the host population.

When the ordinary citizen, whose race or religion is immaterial in this, has attempted to express their concern about this issue, they’ve been maligned with the snarl word ‘racist’ or told to ‘shut up and enjoy the fruits of diversity’.

The arson in Italy does not seem to be the work of the bogeyman of the jackboot lickers but rather by those nearby, who have to put up with the refugee centre and the appalling levels of sex crime committed mostly by Muslim North Africans who are alleged to reside there. The locals seem to have had provocation after provocation from the denizens in this centre and the final straw came when the same local authorities who must have ignored their pleas for help, evicted THEM and not the criminal North Africans. This is not justice, this is not protecting the innocent from the criminal and because of this injustice, someone or persons unknown decided to burn down the nest of vipers in revenge for the hurt that had been caused to the locals. This is a failure of politics par excellence. The people who should have their interests protected by the politicians who were supposed to represent them, were let down. There was a blatant disconnect between what the people knew was the cause of their problems and the politicians, who were either too scared, stupid or venal to name the real root causes of the problems. Dumping unassimilable immigrants into Rome many with zero respect for women or likelihood of employment outside of organised crime, or those who believe that the streets of Rome are paved with kitchen appliances free for the taking, was never going to end up good was it? Sadly, all too often the politicians have thought otherwise. It might have been a lone nutter who chucked the petrol and lit the match, but the match was handed to the nutter by the politicians who brushed off decades of people’s concerns about the ‘refugee’ centre, the crimes it brought and a policy of mass and inappropriate immigration.

In Germany there have been two recent incidents of incendiary activity, one, which could be attributed to ‘jackboot lickers’, which I’ll come to shortly, and another, which I suppose I should condemn for forms sake at least, but I find difficult to do that, as it is the burning of of a symbol put up by some taxpayer funded arty-farty members of the wankerati, rather than a person or a building.

First the arson attack in Eastern Germany. This attack, which severely damaged a building that was being prepared to accommodate ‘refugees’, is being talked of in the German press as the work of genuine neo-Nazi jackboot lickers. It seems that some inhabitants of one German town are none too happy about housing the sort of people who don’t exactly come with good reputations or good character statements. Islam and its followers, for example, have not entirely gone out of their way to endear themselves with the Germans. Would anybody who is aware of the true nature of the ideology of Islam and the backwardness it basks in and reveres, really be in favour of having Islam injected into their community? The mainstream politicians have done what they usually do in these situations, which is to go ‘oh woe is our society’ ‘Islam is a religion of peace’, it’s ‘racism’, topped off by an exhortation to those who question the politicians’ immigration policies of ‘shut up and enjoy the diversity’. If this attack was done by neo-Nazi fraggles, then their support didn’t come from nowhere, it came from people completely and utterly cheesed off with seeing their homelands and their cultures trashed by Islam and by those who are as enslaved by the ideology of multiculturalism as a junkie is to smack.

The third attack is one that I really cannot bring myself to condemn, not even for form’s sake. In Berlin a presumably taxpayer-funded ‘immigration booth’ was put up in a city park. It contained a display with the usual whining about how Europe should take more immigrants. It was, quite frankly, the sort of heavy-handed propaganda that makes those who know the truth about the problems caused in Europe by third world and especially Islamic immigration, see red. It seems that this pile of arty farty left-wingery angered some Berliners so much that they burned the ‘immigration booth’ to the ground, much to the chagrin of the mainstream politicos of Germany.

This and similar actions are what I’ve warned about consistently. If you remove the right of people to object to the injection of the violent ideology of Islam into their communities, or call them horrible names for speaking up about criminal third worlders, or ruin their careers for telling the truth, then the society that does this runs the risk of encouraging those who have nothing to lose, and just love the smell of burning refugee centre/propaganda pavilion/mosque in the morning. If a society closes off legitimate and peaceful avenues for people to say ‘enough is enough’, then it makes it much more likely that hotheads will come out of the woodwork and violence will ensue.

Time and again I’ve spoken in favour of political solutions to both Europe’s immigration and Islam problems, but I fear that time is running out for a peaceful cure for these ailments. It’s plain to many citizens of Europe that immigration is running at unsustainable levels, with too many of those immigrating who are at the very least ‘not conducive to the public good’, by way of being plain ordinary ponces and criminals or who are followers of the death cult of Islam. Sadly the political classes are not listening to the cries of the European on the street and are stoking up problems for the future. If the ordinary German, Briton, Frenchman, Nederlander, Dane, Pole or Italian feels that they cannot get the change that is needed by political means, then they may feel that they have no other choice but to tool up and take on the violent thugs, religious fascists, ponces and seditionaries that the mainstream politicians seemed to think could be imported with no negative affect on the existing populations of Europeans.

I still hope for a peaceful, political solution to Europe’s Islam and third world immigration problems but although I hope for peace, I can’t help but predict riots and lots of bloodshed, both of which could have been avoided just by the simple act of politicians listening to the people when they questioned the wisdom of importing a vast number of people whose attitudes, religion and culture are so at odds with the cultures of Europe.


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