So the EU has made Britain more safe has it?

Look whose coming to dinner, and probably to kill you, courtesy of the European Union

There is one continual refrain that we hear from those in favour of Britain remaining in the European Union is that membership has kept Britain safe. Those who say this sort of thing are indulging in a selective view of 20th/21st century history.

Although the seeds of what became the EU were nurtured and sown by those of a generation who had experienced the upheaval and the colossal waste of human life caused by mechanised European warfare, this doesn’t mean that the EU has kept the peace within Europe. During the majority of the time between the late 1940’s when the first pan European governmental bodies started to get set up until the mid 1990’s, it was not the then EEC that kept the peace, it was NATO and the United States who kept the Soviet wolf from the door.

Having such a dangerous external threat such as that posed by the expansionist Communism of the Soviet Union and its allies, also went a long way towards ensuring that France and Germany in particular would be unlikely to go to war together ever again. The idea that the EU has kept the peace in post-WWII Europe is quite frankly laughable.

Equally grimly humourous is the claim that the EU helps make contemporary Europe and its citizens safe. Well I see little evidence of that happening at the moment what with European citizens living under constant threat from the violence, terror and rape, that the ‘refugees’ aka Merkel’s Mobile Muslim Mayhem have brought to our nations. If anything the EU and the behaviour of its leaders has made many EU citizens more unsafe.

Too many of the leaders of the EU, especially those in Continental Europe, have done the unthinkable and have forgotten Europe’s history. They have cast aside the knowledge, built up over centuries of conflict and uneasy peace, of what makes the ideology of Islam tick. By doing so they have allowed an expansionist ideology to establish itself in a continent that spent a large part of the last millennium fighting it. The idiotic group-think that afflicts the likes of Hollande and Merkel etc, threw away the necessary caution with which the Islamic ideology should be treated, and their actions are having and will have appalling consequences.

I look around at contemporary Europe and I don’t see enough evidence to convince me that the EU is helping to ensure security, especially the security of the United Kingdom.

The immigration, common defence, social, cultural, legal and economic policies of the EU all affect how Britain can defend itself. We cannot control our borders for a start and I dread to think what will happen when members of Merkel’s Mobile Muslim Mayhem start to get given German passports. Because these thugs will be considered by the authrorities as ‘German’, there will be little that the British government could do to keep them out. Free movement sounds wonderful when nearly all those who are traversing borders are high skilled, law abiding, respectful Europeans. Free movement is a death sentence for the UK if those using the lack of controlled borders are sort of Islamic thugs, rapists and ponces, such as we’ve seen making a dog’s breakfast of Germany.

Cameron’s empty promises that he came back from the EU leaders with, will do nothing to change the threats we all face. It will do nothing to stop Islamic troublemakers coming to the UK to join the other Islamic troublemakers who are already here. When we hear that there are at least 5000 active Jihadis who have slipped in as part of Merkel’s Muslims, then it’s plain to see that the situation regarding the EU’s poor handling of the current security threat, is not going to get better, but get worse.

We in the UK need to bite the bullet and recognise that the EU, as it is currently constituted and run, is a threat to our security. The economic and regulatory effects of EU membership are bad enough, but to continue to be a member means never being able to interdict either at the border or within our borders, those who mean us harm.

Britons need to turn our backs on a failed political experiment before the effects of this experiment end up poisoning us all. Britain needs to control its own borders, control its own law and it is only by doing that can Britain be better protected from both the current threats, and the sort of threats we are liable to face in the foreseeable future.

EU membership will not make Britain safer, it will put us all in even greater danger in the coming years. It’s time to make Britain more secure, and vote Leave on June 23rd.


500 Jihadis already in Europe