The Germans appear to be revolting.


No, I’m not being beastly to the Germans, I’m describing what seems to me to be happening there at the moment.  A growing number of Germans seem to be getting completely cheesed off with the politically correct, ‘justice of fools’ policies of their political Establishment. The Germans are facing an onslaught of inappropriate immigration, often by people who are unsuited to live in western cultures or who do not have the skillsto get work  or desire to adapt and assimilate. Immigrants, especially Muslim immigrants have been seemingly given carte blanche to spout the sort of hatred against members of other religions that if a native German did it they’d be in trouble.

Some Germans have drawn comparisons between the sort of views and politics being promulgated by Muslim clerics and ‘community leaders’, and by individuals within the Islamic community itself, and the Nazi creed. In the video below from 2011, you can see a brave German woman from Frankfurt challenging Salafist Muslims and their backward hateful creed.

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She’s right there is little to choose between the expansionist, Jew hating creed of Nazism and the expansionist Jew-hating creed of Islam. Both these ideologies were hate filled and oppressive and she was right to say ‘Never again’ to the Salafists at their rally. If we don’t confront Islam then ‘never again’ will be just a meaningless phrase rather than the promise to future generations that it is supposed to be.

Since that time the German political establishment has become, if that is at all possible, even more accommodating to Muslims and the state has done its best to suppress expressions of dislike or distrust of Islam and Muslims by ordinary non-Muslim Germans. Rallies by various groups, even avowedly non-racist groups that are opposed to Islam have been disrupted or cancelled or the organisers of these rallies have been harassed. Far Leftists and their Muslim allies have allowed to intimidate Islamo-sceptics and supporters of groups like Pegida have wondered whether their jobs would be in jeopardy because of their association with them.

On top of the already existing Islam problems that afflict Germany, the Federal Government seems to want to import even more Islam problems in the form of ‘Med Migrants’, many of whom are Muslim and will bring more of the same when it comes to Islamic problems.

Very few German communities seem to want these Med Migrants placed among them. That’s not because the Germans are ‘racist’, it’s because too many of the Med Migrants behave extremely poorly. The reputation of the Med Migrants precedes them and the reputation is not good. The average German only needs to look at the problems these Med Migrants are causing in Italy to see what they are like. They’ve brought sex crime, theft, robbery and violence to various places in both Italy and Germany and in some cases German citizens have taken the law into their own hands when faced with migrant problems coming to their towns. The German state now finds so few towns and villages willing to put up with the crime, parasitism and disorder that the Med Migrants bring that they are dumping migrants on unsuspecting German towns without informing the residents. In some towns the first the residents know that they’ve been selected for immigrant blight is when bus loads of immigrants turn up without warning. The German state is resorting to this underhand practice as so many Germans have had enough of the immigrants and the problems they cause that they have been burning down any ‘refugee’ accommodation that they find being planned.

The Brietbart site has been following the story about the unwillingness of Germans to tolerate the migrants and their problems, in the excerpt below also contains a description of how the German state is closing down people’s right to protest against the state forcing criminal migrants on their towns.

Brietbart said:

Local residents in Germany and Italy have taken to burning migrant resettlement centres in their communities to stall the arrival of hundreds of newcomers.

A converted country inn, its beer serving days now over, was burnt down in Reichertshofen, Germany last night after locals discovered it was being prepared to become refugee accommodation. It is just the most recent attack in recent days, as Der Spiegel reports there have been burnings in Ash, Meissen, Tröglitz, Vorra, Böhlen, and Limburgerhof.

The mayor has condemned the attack, and authorities remain puzzled over why a rural community of 830 Germans would object to their village being used to accommodate 130 asylum seekers.

Local protests, poster campaigns and a petition have called for the village to receive 30 to 40 asylum seekers instead, a number the community have claimed would be more appropriate and easier to manage. Authorities paid no heed – and now the building they were converting for the use has been destroyed.

The heavy-handed methods used by the German authorities to house refugees may be contributing to the problem of unrest and civil disobedience by natural Germans. Breitbart London reported on a zero-notice purchase and conversion of a hotel to an asylum centre in one Saxon suburb. Nightly protests of up to 1,200 people started after bus-loads of migrants arrived without warning – the police have now established a legally mandated ghetto and ‘no go zone’ around the hotel. Placing the whole town under a state of emergency, police now have powers to remove people from the streets and even control who comes to the town altogether.

The German people who are opposed to Islam and opposed to mass inappropriate immigration seem to have done everything right as citizens of a democratic nation. They’ve spoken up and calmly described the problems, they’ve written letters and emails to politicians and they’ve exercised their right to vote. They’ve peacefully marched and declared their concerns about Islam and inappropriate immigration. However every avenue of protest has been blocked by the German authorities and still the bad immigrants come and still the Salafists preach their hatred. The German people have protested and kept within the law as much as possible and it has not worked, the State is still riding roughshod over the views of ordinary Germans and it is unsurprising that the frustrated German is sometimes involving him or herself in direct action such as burning down ‘refugee’ centres.

As I’ve warned on many an occasion, it is dangerous for a free and democratic society to shut down legitimate protest and to crack down on the right of free expression just because it involves criticism of Islam, multiculturalism or immigration policies. When a government removes legitimate, lawful democratic and peaceful means of protest and expression, then it makes it more and more likely that frustrated and angry individuals and groups will resort to violence. I see trouble ahead and it is trouble that could have been avoided by the simple means of the politicians listening to the people when they complained about the problems that mass immigration , Islam and multiculturalism have caused. In trying to keep a lid on the problems in the manner that the German government is doing will only stir up more problems in the future. If the German government wanted their citizens to revolt, then acting in the manner that they are towards those opposed to Islam and mass immigration seems like a sure fire way to breed resentment among ordinary Germans and thereby more acts of violence.


Brietbart report on resistance to immigrants being forced on German towns

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  1. Englishman | July 17, 2015 at 5:46 pm |

    I have very little time for the krauts but this article was spot-on; I believe they (the German opposed to islamisation) are on the side of truth and decency — unlike the cancer of the mohammedan hordes that is being forced on Europe.

  2. The ‘Indy’ had a typically trenchant piece on this last week – I’ve scheduled a post at ‘Orphans’ and if I can ever get back into it (new server running slow!) I’ll link to this.

  3. Furor Teutonicus | July 18, 2015 at 7:27 am |

    The same is happening in Italy. This report in German, but the video speaks for its self.

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