West Midlands Police, protecting Muslim rapists and protecting the Labour Party.

Chris Sims Chief Constable of West Midlands Police. It’s time for him to go as far away as possible from policing, and preferably take his Islamopandering with him.

Chris Sims, the Chief Constable of West Midlands Police since 2009, has breached our trust. The next level down of West Midlands Police management has also breached our trust. In fact the entire West Midlands Police force has breached the trust of every Briton. How else but being described as a breach of trust could you describe the act of hiding a report into the growing problem in the WMP area of Islamic Rape Gangs?

The report, from March 2010, showed that there was conclusive evidence of Muslim men hanging round schools and children’s homes seeking new sex slaves, and that 75% of those involved in some highly organised grooming and sex trafficking gangs were Muslim. This should have been a wake-up call for the police, it is also something that should have been discussed more widely among the population because it affected so many people. That it was not a spur for police action against the Islamic Rape Gangs and was not a hot political topic is mostly down to the senior management of West Midlands Police.

Chief Constable Chris Sims and his senior management team didn’t look at this report and think ‘we’ve got to protect the vulnerable girls who are the victims of these highly organised gangs’ or ‘lets clean up this monstrous problem’, what they did instead was commit an act that can only be properly described as a gross dereliction of duty. Chris Sims and the WMP senior team buried the report in order to protect the Muslim community from criticism and to avoid being embroiled in a political row that could have damaged support for the Labour Party in the run up to the 2010 General Election. West Midlands Police looked at the problem of Islamic Rape Gangs and kicked the problem into the long grass. Instead of and chose to protect the community that produced the rapists and slavers, along with the party that required the votes of the community that produced the rapists and slavers. It is certainly looking as if WMP has acted to protect both the local Muslim community and the Labour party, from justifiable criticism or opprobrium, by suppressing this report. Where many will ask is the sympathy or the help or the protection for all the girls and young women have been victimised by Islamic savages? Nowhere to be seen or heard of it seems.

Chris Sims, the WMP senior management team along with the Labour Home Secretary at the time Alan Johnson, who may have been told of the problems in the West Midlands Police area, have a lot of questions to answer about what seems to be an obvious and disgusting bit of political corruption.

Questions such as: At what management level was this decision made? If the decision to censor this report went right to the top, to the new Chief Constable Chris Sims, what were his personal and political motivations for withholding information about the scale of the Islamic Rape Gang problem? This scandal also raises the question: how much did the Labour party both national and regional know about the Islamic Rape Gangs? It must be noted that Sims achieved most of his higher, ie above Superintendent rank, during the Labour years and some will suspect that Sims is a Labour placeman in the police and this current scandal will do nothing to quell such suspicions.

It is just about possible to understand how an honest and genuinely unbiased senior police officer may wish to not get their force embroiled in a major regional political row just before an election, police officers should of course be seen to be non-party political. However, plain decency and good policing practice should have meant that the report about the Islamic Rape Gangs was released as soon as practicable after the 2010 General Election. It should not have been sat upon until after the 2015 General Election. It is because of this delay, along with other instances of gross Islamopandering, that it is very difficult to give Chris Sims and the West Midlands Police senior management team any benefit of the doubt. The Chief Constable and his team appear to have been quite happy for this report to stay buried which makes them as far away from honest and unbiased as you can get.

West Midlands Police should not be allowed to brush this scandal back under the carpet with the sort of weasel bullshit words uttered by ACC Carl Foulkes about ‘better training’ or organisational ‘cultural change’ anymore.

Assistant Chief Constable Carl Foulkes said: ‘These reports, spanning six years, give a real insight into the journey we have undertaken along with our partners into investigating and tackling child sexual exploitation.

‘There is no doubt that there has been a significant cultural change within the force in respect of this issue and it is now very clear that the responsibility of tackling CSE (child sexual exploitation) lies with every police officer, staff member, PCSO and special constable.

‘The force has carried out extensive work to train officers across the force in how to identify and deal with CSE so we can gain as much intelligence as possible and thereby improving the outcomes for victims.”

It may have been a ‘journey’ for you and your officers ACC Foulkes but the last decade or so has been a bloody nightmare for all those girls and young women who were victims of the Islamic savages that your force now spends too much time pandering to.

How can there be a significant cultural change in the WMP when we have senior officers being over concerned about community cohesion and not about preventing crime? It must not be forgotten that the organisational culture cannot change unless there is a purge of senior officers at WMP, and especially a purge of those senior officers who have pandered and appeased Muslims, Islamic groups and Islamic interests. With WMP the scum has visibly floated to the top of the pot and it’s about time this scum was skimmed off and disgarded.

Some of WMP’s senior officers, such as Chris Sims, have been in position during the whole or a lot of the time that this scandal was happening. Sims for example was in place when the report was originally hidden prior to 2010, he was in place when the report was hidden between 2010 and 2015, and he has presided over a police force that has allowed questionable groups like Tell Mama to act in a quasi-police capacity. Here, in the figure of Chris Sims, is a police officer who is not only unfit for purpose but who has presided over a police force that now cannot be trusted to enforce the law honestly or without favouring Muslims. He should go, and go soon along with any officer who had anything to do with this cover-up or who has turned a blind eye to Islamic Rape Gangs or, those like PC Gary Stack who seem to do very little actual policing but does spend an awful lot of time riding his diversity hobby horses and politically fellating Birmingham’s Muslim community.

It would not be surprising to find that the amount of Islamic sex crime that the report details is just a tiny proportion of the Islamic sex crime that has been and is still going on in the West Midlands Police area. Just as the epidemic of Islamic sex crime in Rotherham has become worse than it possibly seemed at first, so will the scale of those victimised by Islamic Rape Gangs be much more than even this report reveals.

The people, especially the non-Muslim people of the West Midlands, deserve much better policing than they are getting from West Midlands Police, who should be ashamed to be known as Britain’s most shariah-friendly police force.


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