‘They’ll take our lives and then they’ll take our freedom’ – Press censorship in Scotland

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There have been many, far too many, instances of corruption of our British society by Islamic interests. We’ve seen the halal-ification of our food supply and the hiding, by mainstream politicians and most news outlets, of mass rapes by Islamic Rape Gangs. We are also seeing a growing number of instances of local authorities selling its non-Muslim residents down the river, by collaborating with Islamic groups to impose mosques where they are not needed or wanted. We are also seeing police forces preventing groups of non-Muslims from laying wreaths in memory of, or commemorating a victim of a group of Muslim thugs.

Now we are seeing something else. Something equally as worrying as some of those other problems and that is extreme press censorship. This, at least to me, is just as much of a case of a line of acceptability being crossed as the murder of a British soldier on a London street.

Anybody who takes in interest in Press Freedom cannot failed to have noticed the actions of the management of a regional Scottish newspaper, the West Highland Free Press. For those who do not know, one of that newspaper’s most highly respected and erudite writers, Donald Macleod, published an article in the WHFP that was critical of Islam, and asked questions about the future of Christianity, and also about a Europe that treated Islam as just another faith. For this article of the 22nd Professor Macleod, a prominent theologian as well as a columnist for the WHFP, was sacked. Following this a former Labour MP and one of the founders, in the early 70’s of the left-wing WHFP, Brian Wilson, wrote an article defending Professor Macleod’s right to speak his views, and which caused his sacking from the employee owned firm as sell.

Now although I may or not agree with much else that Professor Macleod says in his other writings, what I cannot disagree with is the opinion that this is a monstrous incident of press censorship. Professor Macleod was employed by the newspaper to give his opinions on this or that issue of the day, to comment on religious, cultural and political matters, which he has done. Don’t mention the ‘I’ word in any critical way seems to be the avowed policy of the WHFP now.

It is right to ask questions about how and if Islam fits in Europe, it is right to ask what happens when minorities become majorities and the answer to those questions can be very troubling indeed. This incident goes way beyond the concept of media organisations hiring and firing according to their editorial policy and crosses the line into overt censorship in order to protect both Islam and the failed ideology of multiculturalism. Someone, who was employed to voice an opinion, including opinions that go counter to the current Zeitgeist, should not have been sacked for an article like this. Professor Macleod didn’t incite violence against Muslims, he didn’t call for war against them, he only called for historical honesty when discussing Islam, and asked the sort of awkward questions that many on the Left would not like answered.

Finally I don’t think that this decision was made by the management of WHFP in a vacuum, I do detect the sticky fingers of the SNP dominated Scottish government in Edinburgh in this furore. There are also other factors that we need to take into account such as the influence of the Left wing National Union of Journalists on the paper’s management. There is also the possibility of there being some venality on the part of WHFP journalists some of whom may believe that to be associated with someone who the left see as tainted by ‘Islamophobia’ may affect their future careers in national print or broadcast media. Sometimes the lowliest local paper writer imagines their byline appearing in a national paper next to a big story, just as some newly ordained priests imagine what they would look like wearing cardinal red. Worries about career truncation may have had quite a bit of influence here. We also cannot discount the idea that the paper may have been threatened with violence from Muslims because they published this article.

This is a dark day for British journalism, it really is.


Original West Highland Free Press article by Professor Macleod