Scottish police enforce Shariah Zone in Glasgow

The headline may make you jump, but how else could this latest piece of appalling appeasement of Islam by a British police force be described.

There was intended to be a memorial to Kriss Donald, the young man murdered by Muslims in Pollockshields, ten years ago in Glasgow.  This memorial was to take the form of the laying of flowers.  However it seems that some of the local Muslims have most likely threatened violence over this memorial to a victim of Islamic violence that could plainly be seen to be racially and or religiously motivated. Rather than do the right and proper thing, which would be to keep the Queen’s Peace by slapping down hard on the violent followers of Islam, Glasgow police have instead banned those wishing to lay flowers and threatened them with arrest.  The police have used the excuse that laying flowers to a murder victim constitutes inciting racial tensions, whilst also quite plainly showing that the police are either unwilling or unable to take the necessary action to threats of violence coming from the Glasgow Muslim community.

Sir Stephen House, the Chief Constable of Police Scotland, is paid the princely sum of £208,000 per year for this sort of cowardice and treachery.  The police have failed to do the jobs we are paying them for because they have taken the easy option, which is appease a bunch of violent thugs.  They have also scandalously sidelined and demeaned those who, as far as I can make out, are attempting to peacefully counter these Islamic thugs and the violent and morally inverted ‘culture’ they have brought to Glasgow.

Here is the public statement from one of the groups taking part in the proposed memorial to Kriss Donald.

From Unite Against Islamic Fascists

“IMPORTANT KRISS DONALD MEMORIAL UPDATE MEMORIAL CANCELLED After another long and very heated meeting with the police we are disappointed/disgusted to have to announce that our planned memorial for Kriss Donald this Saturday at Glasgow green is now cancelled. The reasons for a blanket ban on us carrying out a memorial for Kriss is that our presence in Glasgow that day would create racial tensions a…nd that if we attempt to enter Pollokshields or anywhere else we will be issued with section 14s and also possibly be arrested for inciting racial tensions. We are absolutely disgusted at this clear violation and breach of our human rights and our basic democratic rights. Racist Muslims from the Pollokshields community  murdered Kriss and now apparently if non Muslims attempt to enter Pollokshields to  lay flowers for this young man the same Muslim community will come out to try and attack us and the police say we are the ones inciting racial tensions! We believe that it is the Muslim community of Pollokshields who are inciting the tensions with indigenous Scottish people/non Muslims  by threatening to attack us if we go into “their area”. We are now forced to discuss legal action with our lawyer, we can no longer allow the police to abuse their powers and breach human rights laws with impunity. We have prepared a statement for our police liaisons to read and to give to their boss/superior regarding legal action. We will post the statement on here. This is a very very sad day for democracy.”

Here’s the link to their website


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    • What people don’t know that the SNP is hand in hand with muslums community in Glasgow and You will find that this is there doing 0.6 percent of the population getting 60 percent of the grants need I say more look into sponsorship of terror ie Muslim brotherhood by SNP under Salmon ( snp financing Muslim brotherhood ) 400k of our money easy to find on internet a banned terror unit see the story for yourself shocking what the snp do or don’t know is they are going to hijack there party 20000 new Muslim members
      They are buying there vote election rigging and that is illegal ever wonder how they all are driving new cars guess what you know now please have a look for yourself we are being sold down the river by the SNP or is it the Scottish Pakistani Party think police Scotland’s time would be better spent looking into not these allegation but facts. Wake up SCOTLAND

      • Fahrenheit211 | January 15, 2015 at 7:03 am |

        Thanks for that Bashir. I had heard that the SNP were dodgy when it came to Islamic groups but this sounds like the sort of over-closeness to Islamic groups that has compromised and corrupted the Labour party in Rotherham etc

        I had my suspicions of voting irregularities during the Referendum and, if I recall correctly they were centred on Glasgow. Sounds like the Tower Hamlets Effect has spread north of the border.

  1. what if hindus said we want an all hindu religion based area in scotland would the police agree? no ! just imagine what kind of power these islamic pigs have.

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 11, 2014 at 12:52 pm |

      But that’s an impossiblity in my experience. I can’t think of any Hindu, Sikh, Jewish or Christian group for that matter that would do this sort of thing. These Islamic thugs and their political allies have seriously compromised and infiltraed many British police forces.

      • I totally agree, it’s a completely one-sided situation. This sinister cult is recognised by like-minded people for what it is, to call it a religion is to insult various institutions truly founded on faith,and not on oppression.
        My solution is very simple: stop elevating them to a threat, they’re not a threat, they’re just whiny children and need some discipline and to do that, people should make some simple changes to their life and start hitting them where it hurts. I NEVER buy from any muslim-owned shop, petrol station or convenience market. I would rather drive a couple of miles further and willingly give my money to a corporation than indirectly support the Bloodless Jihad. Even buying a newspaper ( something I haven’t done in a great many years ) is a profit to them. I would also suggest that to fight them in any way possible, people should be clever and fight in a way they can’t be accused of being racist. If your local ahop is muslim-owned and applies for an alcohol licence, object: if they sell alcohol despite its’ being proscribed in their “holy book” then surely that demonstrates that they are guilty of practising double-standards. After all, if they won’t obey their “handbook of oppression” then why assume they would obey the licensing laws…….just a thought, but warfare takes place on many fronts.

        • stop buying oil from them.
          and all mid-east and muslim countries give you the same treatment back and chuck off your products from their markets.
          You will definitely go back to stone age. Muslims have the stone age mentality, they can survive on bare minimum; but you can’t- luxury addicts.

          • Fahrenheit211 | January 12, 2015 at 5:38 pm |

            Alternative fuels such as that derived from fracking or the use of coal would reduce the dependence of the West on oil that is controlled by stone age savages.

      • I never knew moslums lived in Scotland. Surprise, Surprise. Seems moslums just want to take over the world. Well they can have the world after JESUS returns to take the Good Folk Back with HIM to A Better Place. Hallelujah.

  2. The most Rabid of Coppers I ever came across was a Muslim called Tariq Aziz, 5ft 2″, never would have been a cop but for the lowering of standards to let sub-par individuals in.
    I have never been a Fan of the Dirty Glesga Polis but there are 1 or 2 good ones, the rest are dictated to from on high from CC’s who walked straight into Management from Trotsky’ite University’s with the sole intent of smashing the Morale of not only the people but the Coppers themselves.
    Wake up Rank and File or you’ll be operating Hi-Abs soon hanging apostates,Blasphemers and any other who the Marxist in a suit deems undesirable.Today your foe, tomorrow it’ll be someone else, but you’ll reason they deserved it, till of course it is your turn for failing to shoot your half Jewish Granny.

    Think on.

    • Very bad stupid move to employ muslims to B Police Officers. Remember the Muslum Major Shrink, in the American Marines. He got A gun went to where other Marines were eating & shot Approximately, 13 in COLD BLOOD. Just murdered Those Loverly Innocent Young Folk & for no reasons. And he’s shown no remorse until this day. He Is A muslim.

  3. Who ever dreamed that we would see this sort of thing in the UK..? :/

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 11, 2014 at 6:21 pm |

      I have few words strong enough to describe this dereliction of duty on the part of Police Scotland. To defend the violent whilst punishing those who are not is a sign of moral bankruptcy.

    • Powell the scholar and prophet.

      • Fahrenheit211 | March 11, 2014 at 9:20 pm |

        Enoch was right but he was aiming at the wrong target in my view, the problems with discohesiveness is not down to the colour of a persons skin, but whether or not the ideology or worldview that a person posesses, is compatible with British society. Every day I’m seeing more and more examples of how the ideology of Islam is incompatible with British society. That doesn’t mean that your mostly non-observant ‘Joe Mohammed’ is a problem, but those who do take this ideology seriously, really are a problem. It seems that the more a Muslim learns about Islam then it pushes the person into a choice of three possible ways a) they can do the sensible thing and discard or allegorise those many bits of the Koran that are to be frank, hate filled bollocks, b) do the equally sensible thing and leave Islam or c) realise that Mo the Paed wants you to kill kufar. Sadly option c seems to be the default option at the moment and this is something that Police Scotland have so patently failed to observe.

  4. The govt is happy to relinquish authority at a local level, but increases it’s power nationally. Divide et imperia. The class that lost out on all those lovely vice-regal roles when the empire ended is now seeking to recreate the raj in 21st century Britain, negotiating with tribal chieftains and playing cultures off one another. Kipling meets Marx via Orwell.

  5. Mark McMillan | March 18, 2014 at 11:43 pm |

    Guys, a lot of this article is a load of nonsense. I came across those guys that committed that murder and I can tell you that there was nothing “Islamic” about them. The continual use of the the word Islamic in the context here is just idiotic. I am a practising Christian and I have many Muslim friends none of whom condone what happened, in fact the entire Muslim community in Pollokshields condemned what happened. I have lived in Pollokshields for 45 years and I would agree that there has been a downturn in the quality of the area, can you blame “Muslims” for that? I don’t think so. I think we can however blame many people who might have been from a Pakistani background and who we’re born into Muslim families but they are not practising Muslims, they will profess to be Muslim when it suits them but they have no idea what the religion is about (I have a degree in Religious Studies) and there are just as many people of non ethnic/Pakistani people causing just as much havoc in the area. I do agree very strongly that the police’s decision to ban the memorial is baffling to say the least. As for the “Islamic thugs” theory, well that is a contradiction in itself. If they are “thugs” they are not “Islamic” it’s not Muslims who are the problem, it is the lack of policing and socialist attitudes that have left people to run riot that is to blame. There really are some very uneducated words in this article. Consider this, if Sharia law was in use in this country, it would be up to Kriss’ parent/s what would happen to the murderers and if they asked for them to be executed that would be allowed (not an option I would choose as I am a pacifist) in any case, this article makes out as if the entire Muslim community was to blame but the truth is that the murderers were not actually Muslims, did not do anything Islamic in their lives, did not attend a mosque, did not read the Koran or follow it’s teachings, did not give charity as Islam demands, did not look after their neighbours be they black,white, brown, yellow or whatever colour as Islam demands, did not practice Islam full stop. The entire Muslim community of Pollokshields condemned the murder and still do. The police have made a very stupid decision and I don’t see how a memorial for Kriss would cause racial tension. Extremely stupid indeed and all that is happening here is that their decision and this article is bringing hate out in people towards this supposed army of “Muslim thugs”. Almost all of the white people in this country are of one time Christian descent, does that make every white criminal a Christian Thug? I will pray for everyone who has been touched by this hate at church this Sunday. Hate is not the way.

    • Sir

      For someone who took a degree in religious studies, do you mean theology.
      Sharia law applies to muslims, not infidels, although infidels have to obey the law, which is why a woman can be raped by a muslim man but has to have 4 witnesses to every witness for a muslim and her witnesses cannot be from her family, whilst his can. Regarding Kriss it clearly states in the Quran, that it is ok to kill an infidel or non-believer, that includes Jews, Sikhs, Hindu’s, Buddists and all Christians. It is also considered correct to lie and deceive an infidel. This is also regularly preached at the Friday prayers even by Imman’s and Mullah’s who are considered moderate. The current situation in the Muslim faith is the same as Nazi germany, where the german people followed the Nazi’s
      How do you know these killers are not muslim? How do you know the muslim community condemns the Killers? Who were the Muslims who told the police this was Rascist and would lead to trouble, it had to be community or religious leaders

    • You may be part right, it may not be “all” muslims……..just the one’s who DON’T make public condemnations of their “brothers and sisters” terrorist actions.
      What percentage is that, do you think?

    • No Kriss’ parents would not be given that choice because they are not Muslim. Your comments are imbued with Taqiyya and Kitman. Islam is not a religion of peace; it is an evil religious ideology; Sharia is its law. No other religious group that has come to the UK has resorted to terrorism. Not Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Sikhs, or Taoists. Islamic values are not compatible with Western liberal values or any other set of values for that matter. Western liberal values include being able to have a memorial service for the victim of a murder, not threatening to riot if it takes place.

    • I question your admission that U Profess to B A CHRISTian??? U sound more Like A *Non* CHRISTian. I have read in koran; muslims are told they can tell LIES. BIBLE, Strictly Forbids to Tell Lies. If U R A CHRISTian; MayB U R A Fence Sitting One & That’s Very Sad. Please do not Loose any sleep over what I’ve shared. I wouldn’t. Smile!

  6. A Burnett. a scot in exile | March 19, 2014 at 6:02 am |

    This is an outrage, we do not and never have had a police force in Glasgow. It started with a bunch of heavy handed corrupt bullies fae the highlands who liked tae throw their weight about

    It went fae that tae beating young kids up for self amusement under the guise of playing football in a public place constituted a breach of the peace.
    This latest abomination should come as no real surprise, they always have been a bunch of non achieving spineless thugs poorly veiled under a Blue tunic

    It would be nice to know in which masonic hall in which part of Glasgow what spineless under achieving overpaid detached Lille livered Group of egotistical self abusers agreed on this further denegration of the good folk of Glasgows civil liberties.

    Åre there no longer any decent local politicians or decent councillors willing to stand up for common sense ? I think the majority of people of whichever Walk of life get the idea of what is
    right and what is wrong. The villain of the peace is the idiot in the uniform attempting to lay down a Law not for the benefit of peace and harmony of the community, No ! Lets get this straight this is an idiot drunk on power looking to fast track himself up the promotional ladder whilst being lauded and applauded for being the Big man that put they Glesga folk in their place.the hard man in Blue, Some things, Sadly never Seem
    tae change every Crisis always
    throws up an imbisile and in this case we know who that is.

    In the midst of this, Lets spare a thought for the Family of this poor boy may he rest in peace and may your spirits lift your heavy souls and relieve you of the heavy burden of grief x

  7. janet Monteith | March 20, 2014 at 12:10 am |

    Scottish Law, and only Scottish, no place for Sharia law here.

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 20, 2014 at 5:52 am |

      Well said. There is no place for Sharia anywhere in the British Isles or anywhere else in Europe for that matter.

      • ant haytheist | March 20, 2014 at 4:25 pm |

        There’s no place for sharia law , period . Every church , chapel , synagogue and mosque should be emptied of their riches and turned over to the homeless and vulnerable . Religion has no place in modern society .

        • Fahrenheit211 | March 20, 2014 at 5:46 pm |

          On that we will have to disagree. Not all religions are iffy or expansionist or oppressive. The danger with Shariah Law is it gets imposed on non muslims when Islam achieves power. Catholic and Anglican Canon Law and Jewish Halacha legal systems affect only those who belong to those faiths, not anyone else. Religion is not inherently evil and lest we forget some of the greatest mass murderers in history such as Mao and Stalin were either atheists or pursued atheist policies.

          • ant haytheist | March 21, 2014 at 9:18 pm |

            The three abrahamic religions are as iffy as each other , I’ll give you an example …
            The Catholic church offers shelter and top quality legal representation for child molesters .
            The Jewish Talmud condones sex with three year old girls and they butcher their boys genitalia at birth .
            The Islamic faith have a beast for a prophet and some of the more extreme sects cut young girls Clitorises off .
            Each one as bad as the other . You also seem to be forgetting the Christian crusades where that particular delusion was forced upon all in its path . Don’t get me wrong , I admire your stance on refusing to let this kind of thing(sharia law) go unnoticed , I just feel your failing to see the bigger picture .
            Catholicism is heavily responsible for the spread of AIDS on the African continent and how many dead Palestinians is it going to take to create the Jewish holy land ? Each of these faiths have no problem spilling blood or imposing there policies , yet no mention from yourself .
            Mao and Stalin were despots .Mao considered himself the only deity to be worshipped and Stalin resented the power and influence the orthodox church wielded . Neither was atheist , Stalin may have been agnostic and Mao considered himself God-like . Atheists do not believe in God so that rules out Mao . The only atheist ”policy” , speaking as an atheist , is to not believe in god or gods , nothing more , nothing less.
            Can I ask you one question ? I’ve debated , online , with people of these three faiths and seen some heavy duty mudslinging . Why is it possible to say anything you want about Islam and Christianity and nine times out of ten , nothing is said . However , if you say anything about Judaism you’re automatically considered anti Semitic ? Weird ! Do you know why ? It beats me .

  8. Really confused you state sharia law but your article talks about the police ruling possible racial tension based on a pre planned protest disguised as a day of remembrance? There is nothing Sharia about that decision it’s enforcing Scotish based (uk) legal powers???

    • Fahrenheit211 | March 21, 2014 at 9:22 am |

      Wiseowl – I can see your point but the ‘possible racial tension’ line is merely a cover for the fact that these people were refused permission to assemble because the local followers of Islam threatened to kick off. In effect, at least in this instance, it is fair to say that the police caved in to violent Shariah compliant Muslims. Even if you don’t agree with the flower laying if it was intended to be a protest, shouldn’t they be allowed to peacefully assemble without fear of violent Muslims and without fear of the Law? Free societies must allow the speech of those with whom we disagree. Incitement to violence is a different issue but in this case it appears that the police have taken more note of Islamic opinion than the opinion of others, that doesn’t seem like justice to me.

  9. Grant finnigan | March 22, 2014 at 7:49 pm |

    Muslims hate us more than we hate them they r all brainwashed with hatred n nonsence send thum all home Scottish ppl can’t get work well we dnt want them there should be strict laws like Australia police are scum as well we are Scottish we get treated like outsiders muslims r rong yeens

  10. I don’t think you numpties even know what Sharia Law is. This is nothing but BNP propaganda. I’d rather have more muslims in Scotland if it meant all you clueless bigots would leave.

    • Fahrenheit211 | April 2, 2014 at 12:44 pm |

      I and others know enough about Shariah Law and how it oppresses women and gets imposed on non-Muslims to know that it and its advocates are not wanted here.

      • I’m not saying I agree with the Police’s

        • decision, but this isnt sharia law.

          • Fahrenheit211 | April 2, 2014 at 2:46 pm |

            I can see your reasoning but look at this way. The local Islamic community or rather the more violent elements of them, threaten to kick off and the police, rather than support the right to peaceful assembly for those remembering the murder of Kriss Donald, chose instead to back the violent Muslims. Therefore the police have prioritised the needs, wants and demands of a community that runs on Shariah, over and above the law of Scotland. To do this is aquising to the idea of an area where it is Shariah, not Scottish law that has primacy. It was quite justified to refer to what happened as the creation of or aquiesence to Shariah Law.

          • Well said

  11. Islam is a totalitarian, expansionist, militaristic seditious political system.
    It is NOT a religion.

  12. Why weren’t this week’s holocaust remembrances banned in case they offended Germans?Seriously, if you put an Arab brain next to a European brain you would see enormous differences.Can someone,please, supply photos to demonstrate this?

    • Fahrenheit211 | January 28, 2015 at 5:59 pm |

      I don’t think that it is that Arab and other brains are different sizes it’s just that the Arab brain is washed differently, mostly achieved by soaking it in violent Koranic bullshit.

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