Dave caves in.

The jelly-backboned Prime Minister of the United Kingdom has, as expected, caved in to demands by the EU, the political Left and other useful idiots, that Britain let in thousands more Muslims.

At a time when Britain is suffering from an epidemic of Islamic sex crime, and when we are faced with at least one terror plot per week our illustrious Prime Minister has decided that what Britain needs is not less potentially violent Muslims, but more. This is a decision that will cause further problems for the Christian, Sikh, Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist communities in Britain who are too often the targets for Islamic hatred.

In an effort to curry favour with the EU and to engage in a form of ‘virtue signalling’, David Cameron has gambled with the future of every Briton and agreed to import even more troublesome Muslims. This is not good for any Briton no matter what their skin colour or religion. The behaviour of the invaders from Islamic hell holes whilst on their way here has not been good and there is no reason to think that it will improve when they arrive in the UK.

It is indeed possible, as many say, to make a moral case for giving shelter from those from Syria. However that moral case could only really be truly moral one if those given shelter were from the oppressed classes of Syrian, such as the Christians, Yazidi’s and other minorities. There is no way on earth should Britain be allowing in any of the oppressor class in the Syrian conflict, ie Muslims. There is nothing to be gained by allowing in so many so called refugees from a community and culture that daily proves that it is unwilling or unable to meld peacefully with any society that hosts it.

Although as I often say that there are many individual Muslims who are decent people, that should not prevent the sensible person from seeing what has happened in areas where Islam has been pandered to or it’s crimes ignored for political reasons. Dearborn, Michigan is according to some accounts now a threatening, violent Islamic ghetto, where Christians are not free to preach their beliefs. France has hundreds of areas, mostly inhabited by Muslims where there is violence, poverty, crime and jihad plots and where the police are reluctant to enter. Whole areas of Birmingham UK are heavily penetrated by Jihad supporters and a London Borough has had a period of being run by a corrupt politician allegedly closely associated with an Islamofascist organisation called Islam for Europe. In many of Britain’s Northern towns and cities, Islamic Rape Gangs have been operating often with impunity and with very little sanction from a politically correct and fearful police force. The Nederlands has had an outbreak of Islamic sex trafficking along with the peddling of hard drugs, violent crime and, surprise, surprise, a bit of Jihad. Belgium has seen the growth of militant Islam, Sweden has seen it’s rape statistics rise and the Muslims of Australia have supplied more than a couple of those who’ve volunteered to fight for the beasts of ISIS.

There seems to be no place on Earth where Muslims can be truly described as peaceful, law abiding or integrated. Islam doesn’t just create ghettos because of poverty, it creates them because Muslims are so often hostile to the culture that surrounds them. Islam is quite plainly not a religion of peace, and there is absolutely nothing to be gained by allowing in Syrian Muslim ‘refugees’ or indeed any other Muslim ‘refugee’. We need to tell our politicians that we have enough Islamic problems already and we really don’t fancy importing anymore.

By all means give shelter to those non-Muslims who are suffering under the jackboot of Islam but we should turn our faces away from the violent, unwanted, backward invaders from the lands of Islam. I’d be first in the queue to stick some money in a pot to assist those who are genuinely suffering under the Jackboot of Islam, but I’ll be buggered if I’ll contribute to any charity or support any policy of Cameron’s that gives support or shelter to oppressive Muslims but leaves their victims or potential victims out in the cold. The last thing Britain or any other free country needs at the moment is more Muslims.

David Cameron has caved in, as many of us expected he would, and is going to allow in yet more of those whose prescence in the UK has brought rape, murder, terror and corruption, and by that action he has shown himself unfit to occupy the office that he does.

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*Please note: Although things are bad with regards Islam in Dearborn, the claim that Shariah Law has been implemented there has been thoroughly ‘Snopes’ed’.

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8 Comments on "Dave caves in."

  1. thylacosmilus | September 6, 2015 at 7:03 am |

    This was inevitable. We don’t elect statesmen any more, we elect politicians.

  2. Whearybarkid | September 6, 2015 at 7:07 am |

    Cameron has the backbone of an amoeba. One well publicised photo was all it took. What the photograph didn’t say was that the family had been in Turkey for a year before the father decided to head to Greece. So who’s culpable?

  3. Jellyfish cameron will please no one by his knee jerk cave in to the biased msm.
    some People who despair at the thought of more imported islamic savagery ,strain on pubic services housing etc immediately after reports of increased net migration will question there ill informed tactical vote at the last general election.
    Bleeding heart liberals and supporters of frau merkils EU dictatorship will not be satisfied until we submisively fall in line and accept her immigration quotas.
    By not standing firm against the deplorable motives of the msm with there use of the drowned toddler he has a rather untidy bed to lay in for the next 4 years ,that’s supposing he sees out his term.

  4. English, still here... just. | September 6, 2015 at 10:32 am |

    No-balls Dave caves in? It’s what he does best, isn’t it?
    Dave might appear to be shallow, but deep down he’s…
    The EU parasites must fall off their chairs laughing when this
    political pygmy manifests itself into their presence.
    “Let’s see what we can screw this idiot, and the British, for this time,
    whatever it is we can shaft him for it, and he’ll take it.”
    Works every time. It has for years.
    (No disrespect to pygmies intended, or implied.)
    There you go, it’s PC now.

    • The Cowboy Online | September 8, 2015 at 8:02 am |

      That’s a great article by Peter Hitchens but, sadly, the damage has already been done. I think we’re in a situation now where the most we can hope for is to make the victim (Great Britain) as comfortable as possible on its deathbed.

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