Friday Night Movie Number 48 ‘Lured’

A nice bit of 1947 British film noir for you all this week. ‘Lured’ stars Lucille Ball, normally much better known for comedy roles, as Sandra Carpenter, a dancer working in London who is distressed when her friend and work colleague disappears.

She contacts the police and learns that there is a serial killer at large in London, and this murderer is taunting the police and announcing future murders with poetic letters to Scotland Yard. The killer is meeting women and luring them to their deaths by contact advertisments placed in newspapers. Sandra is approached by the detective in charge of the case and agrees to act as bait in order to trap the killer.

This is quite a good tale with a very nicely done title sequence and it surprised me a lot to see Lucille Ball in a role like this. OK she still plays a wisecracking character but it doesn’t, at least for me, detract from the story.

This isn’t one of those films that I saw years ago and fell in love with, as some of the Friday Night Movies are, but one that is a much more recent discovery.

I hope you like it as much as I liked it.