The ‘Ross for Refugees’ group: Still crazy after four weeks and a massacre.

Could this be some representatives of the 'vulnerable children' that this councillor is talking about.
Ross for Refugees group in France to feed the same violent migrants who make our lorry drivers lives a misery.

Ross for Refugees group in France to feed the same violent migrants who make our lorry drivers lives a misery.

A few weeks back I wrote about a group called Ross For Refugees who were helping to feed and clothe the very ‘refugees’ (and thugs) who are making the lives of British truck drivers who pass through Calais an absolute hell. I called them out on their stupidity and naivety in thinking that this bunch of thugs, ponces, rapists and jihadis, encamped at Calais were deserving of help. They didn’t like it of course and predictably, their supporters popped up to go ‘wahh! Wahh! Racism’ when they could not counter my quite reasonable concerns about the Calais thugs or my description of their group as ‘naïve’.

Now it seems the Ross for Refugees group has shown themselves still unable to learn from events, even tragic events such as the Islamic attack on Paris that killed 132 people. In an article in the Ross Gazette, the local newspaper for Ross on Wye in Herefordshire, the Ross for Refugees said they would continue to feed the violent animals migrants at Calais, despite a growing level of concern about the ‘migrants’ at Calais and the danger they pose both to ordinary law abiding people in France and as part of an ongoing Jihadist threat to the UK.

Here’s a scan of the article in question from the Ross Gazette sent to me by one of my contacts in the region.

Ross for Refugees image II forpublication

If this sort of idiotic, foolish naivety was not bad enough, they compound their stupidity by crass and wishful thinking filled statements such as the one where they say: ‘This is the very type of terror and violence that they are trying to escape from’. No, what is happening Ross for Refugees, is that this is the sort of terror and violence that these ‘refugees’ are bringing to our civilised nations. Before we started to let these savages into our nations, we had less of these sorts of problems.

The Ross for Refugees group is also whining that people are ‘blaming the refugees’ for the Paris attacks even though security agencies, such as that of the Germans, have flagged up the danger of jihadists mixed in with the ‘refugees’. To blame the refugee crisis for an uptick in Jihadism, is not a smear or a lie, but a cold, hard fact.

I have no moral or political problem with the group sending relief supplies to Syria itself, it’s a charitable act after all, provided that the goods are not going to fall into the hands of any questionable people or questionable groups. What they should not be funding or supporting are those migrant invaders who are camped out at Dunkirk and Calais and who are putting our own citizens, who have to make that crossing for work, at risk.

This story just goes to show that when people, such as the Ross for Refugees group, are ideologically driven to do something extremely misguided and indeed stupid, such as supporting those who are plainly a danger to us, then they will continue to do it, even as the bodies stack up, and up, and up.

Politically, socially, culturally, theologically and historically unaware self-righteous naïve fraggles is about the kindest description I can come up with for the Ross for Refugees group. They really are the ultimate’useful idiots’ for the Islamic invaders who pose as ‘refugees’.


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  1. haha dude I understand what you are saying but I think in their own way they feel they are doing right. Trying to win over by kindness but then …its not always successful.

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 30, 2015 at 11:03 am |

      I agree with you. You can make a moral and ethical case for assisting refugees, but this should be done, both for the benefit of the refugee and the benefit of others, as close to the refugees originating area as possible.

      There’s no doubt in my mind that the Ross for Refugees lot do probably feel that they are doing right, but by doing their conception of ‘doing right’, will end up doing many others a lot of great wrongs. Already there are three jihadists who are known to have come in to Europe among the other ‘refugees’ who are implicated in the Paris attack. German security services estimate that the ‘refugee’ flow has brought at least 7,000 jihadists into Germany and British and other lorry drivers are having to run the gauntlet of violent mobs of ‘refugees’ when preparing to cross the English Channel to the UK.

      I think that it is possible to help, without exacerbating a problem or putting a nation at risk.

      Those involved with Ross for Refugees may have their hearts in the right place, but where their brains are is another question entirely.

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