Sad, bad, dangerous to know and utterly without any credibility whatsoever. More information comes to light about Tell Mama’s latest ‘star witness’.

Steve/Hannah Cooper in their five year old girl persona called Maisie.
This is 'Maisie Thursby' aka Steve Cooper aka Hannah Cooper. Do they look like a credible person to claim as an 'Islamophobia' victim?

This is ‘Maisie Thursby’ aka Steve Cooper aka Hannah Cooper. This is Tell Mama’s latest ‘star witness’ whom they are claiming is the victim of an Islamophobic and Transphobic attack.

On the 22nd of November 2015 this blog published a serious fisking of a case of a person – a niqabi-wearing, transsexual convert to Islam – who had alleged to the Tell Mama ‘anti-Islamophobia’ group that they were attacked in the street.

Tell Mama, as could have been expected from that bunch of mendacious grievance-mongering Taqiyya artists, immediately went big on this story. It must have seemed ideal for them, something that ticked lots of metropolitan Left boxes, a loud chord of whining and identity politics, combining the transsexual, Muslim, and women notes. What more could an identity politics obsessed, ethically questionable Islamic group like Tell Mama want? It’s Leftie ‘manna from Heaven’.

The previous article also showed how the Tell Mama group have exploited this complaint and complainant mercilessly and how another of Fiyaz Mughal’s vehicles, Faith Matters, even had her on a panel of speakers at a meeting when senior police officers and Crown Prosecution Service staff were present and were the intended audience.

However, things are not always as simple as they seem. The Niqabi transsexual in question here is now called Hannah Cooper, but was once known as Steve Cooper and in that guise, gained some notoriety in the press for going to India and being seen by a group of Indians as a person who was a reincarnated aspect of a Hindu goddess.

The former Steve Cooper in full Hindu goddess mode.

The former Steve Cooper in full Hindu goddess mode.


All very odd. Even odder is the later switch from Hindu goddess-type person to screaming Islamic Niqabi. At the very least this shows that Hannah/Steve has an attraction to religious extremes as can be seen from this screenshot where Hannah, indulges in some derogatory comments about ‘kuffar’.

FOR PUBLICATION Hannah Cooper kufar comment

And also this sort of thing:

FOR PUBLICATION more derogatgory references to kafir

I do wonder how much Tell Mama knew about this person’s background before they started hawking them round as ‘a victim of Islamophobia’ to Police and CPS staff?

If they didn’t, then they really should have done. Some basic research by this blog and its ‘stringers’ has thrown up an awful lot that should have rung alarm bells with any reputable organisation. Unfortunately, as many of us know, Tell Mama only deserve the epithet ‘reputable’ if the word is prefixed with the letters D, I and S. Not for nothing are they known by many of the public as mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artists, and Fiyaz Mughal himself has found himself slapped down by the Criminal Courts, the Civil Courts and by the old Press Complaints Commission.

What the research into the background of Hannah/Steve Cooper brings up, is evidence of a very disturbed individual, not only attracted to religious extremes, but who also has yet another female guise, one of a little five year old girl, who goes by the name of Maisie Thursby. When I saw the images of Hannah/Steve in their ‘little girl Maisie’ outfit I felt more than a little disturbed, and reading other social media stuff and the person’s blog, I found myself even more disturbed. I have no problem at all with people dressing up and play acting, if that is what they choose to do, but what people choose to dress in and why they do it, does matter. If an adult is dressing as a highly stylised little girl, then we should ask why that person is doing this, what underlying psychological stuff is manifesting itself in this way? It’s even more concerning when someone states that they dress full time as a five year old girl, that screams out ‘problem’ to me.


'Maisie Thursby' aka Hannah Cooper aka Steve Coooper claiming to dress full time as a five year old girl.

‘Maisie Thursby’ aka Hannah Cooper aka Steve Coooper claiming to dress full time as a five year old girl.

This is not a case of someone, ostensibly normal, who invents a persona for the stage or for BDSM role-play purposes, that is both understandable and explicable, this is someone who seems to have lost all touch with reality.

Steve/Hannah Cooper in their five year old girl persona called Maisie.

Steve/Hannah Cooper in their five year old girl persona called Maisie.


The more I find out about this Cooper/Thursby character, the more they seem to be someone who should not have been treated with the credulity that Tell Mama have shown towards them. This reflects extremely badly on Tell Mama and Fiyaz Mughal themselves, since Tell Mama have promoted this character as a genuine victim of both Islamophobia and Transphobia, seemingly without checking to find out if the person was credible or not.

Hannah/Steve Cooper/Maisie Thursby is a person with a problem, well a lot of problems to tell you the truth, including problems with the use of language that many could classify as racist. Hannah/Steve Cooper/Maisie Thursby has referred, in a saved Tweet, to Black people as ‘Negroids’ and has accused a ‘Negroid church of miscgenation and black supremacists’ of stalking him.

FOR PUBLICATION Maisie Thursby and the negroid church comment

Hannah/Steve Cooper/Maisie Thursby has also apparently had a lot of contact with the police and has alleged in a social media communication dated 3rd May 2015, that people have made false allegations that he/she was shouting ‘get out of my country you nigger’ and ‘terrorist’ . Hananh/Steve Cooper/Maisie Thursby has also been picked up by the police in London and held under Mental Health legislation, namely section 136 of the 1983 Mental Health Act, which permits police officers to remove to a place of safety someone in a public place if the person is obviously mentally ill. Before anybody thinks that I’m slurring Hannah/Steve Cooper/Maisie Thursby unfairly, it must be said that they themselves have admitted on social media that they’ve ‘lost six months of their life to unwarranted section 136 detainments’.

Cooper/Thursby on the subject of their mental health detention.

Cooper/Thursby on the subject of their mental health detention.


A reasonable observer of this story would almost certainly be forced to conclude that Hananh/Steve Cooper/Maisie Thursby is a person with a considerable number of mental health issues, as well as being someone who wants to be the centre of attention, no matter what. Not only that but their whole life history, illness manifestations and online and offline personas should have given Tell Mama a cause to pause. That they went ahead with supporting and promoting this individual tells us a lot more about Tell Mama and their sometimes nebulous relationship with ‘the truth’.

Tell Mama are an organisation with a considerable number of resources, or at least it seems that way. They can afford to run conferences, either on their own or with other Fiyaz Mughal vehicles such as Faith Matters, they have people undertaking research, website content management and administration, yet they can’t spot what is plainly a person who should never have been relied on as a source for a story, let alone paraded in front of police officers in order to shore up spurious claims that there is a massive rise in Islamophobia. Any organisation or individual can make a mistake and take a claim from an alleged ‘victim’ at face value, but this case is particularly worrying. Tell Mama have been promoting someone who they are treating as honest, sane and reasonable, when the reality is that there is a lot of doubt as to whether or not Hannah/Steve Cooper/Maisie Thursby is indeed honest, sane and reasonable.

There are only two conclusions that I can come to about the tale of Hannah/Steve Cooper/Maisie Thursby and the Tell Mama organisation. The first, and more charitable conclusion is that Tell Mama have been involved in a fact checking error of monstrous proportions, in which they failed to look into the background of Hannah/Steve Cooper/Maisie Thursby because they wanted so badly to tick the ‘oh so trendy trans’ box. The second conclusion is that Tell Mama knew the background, it wouldn’t have been that hard to find especially with all Tell Mama’s alleged ‘police mates’, that this person was shaky and that they were not a credible complainant, yet still went ahead and ran with this story. In other words, Tell Mama behaved dishonestly in order to tick the ‘trans’ box so that they could earn a few more identity politics brownie points from police, civil servants, councils and the community of the multikulti Left.

So what do you think? Did Tell Mama make an innocent mistake, or were they economical with the truth? Knowing Tell Mama’s chequered history and sometimes questionable relationship with the truth, I’d say they certainly need to answer some serious questions about this story because so much about the complainant screams non-credibility.

This Tell Mama story has effectively been busted open. Their ‘victim’ is shown to be completely without credibility, with serious mental health issues and some seriously unpleasant character traits as well. That Tell Mama continue to promote this story, shows them to be the mendacious grievance-mongering Taqiyya artists that they have always been and will continue to be so long as foolish people, often in the media, continue to promote them or take their, mostly dubious, output seriously.



Links (please also consult one of the background resources for this story below. ‘Maisie Thursby’s blog. You may find it both interesting and illuminating)

How low will Tell Mama go? Article from earlier in November about how Tell Mama is exploiting a transsexual convert to Islam

The blog website of ‘Maisie Thursby’ aka Steve Cooper aka Hannah Cooper aka Tell Mama’s start transsexual convert to Islam witness. Please note in the likely event that Mr/Ms Cooper/Ms Thursby takes this blogsite down, that the entire site has been cut and pasted as an appendix below.




Appendix 1 – The ‘Maisie Thursby’ blog

Rescued posts from Maisie Thursby blog


Why write a blog entitled a right to exist?

Posted on April 17, 2015 by A Right to Exist

I’ve started writing a blog about the stalking harassment I been experiencing during the last seven years, I’ve tried to leave racism out of my writings but it’s difficult to do if your whole existence for years on end is being targeted by a racial agenda. I’m hoping to write this blog strictly from factual account and in so leaving out any form of prejudicial hatred that is concurrently inflicted onto every living moment of my life. I hope to use this blog to gather evidence in hope that the perpetrators of these hideous crimes brutally cast upon my life will one day be brought to lawful account for there unlawful actions which defile every human right ever written..

N.B Originally I had a blog that was self hosted but the domain name and hosting vanished, this blog also got me kicked out of a women’s hostel (Oakdale House) in Leeds where I written a posting about positive discrimination in defiance  of me being asked to leave my one bedroom flat in Chapel Town, they also contacted the police to report the blog but I’ve heard absolutely nothing from the police regarding this matter.

Why do they do it?

Posted on April 17, 2015 by A Right to Exist

Against my will I am persistently venerated with racially themed abduction, torture, rape and molestation from desolation cults to destroy any link I have both with Hinduism and India and also that of my own Caucasian casting. These Negroids are attempting to recast my blessings into a female African child using association gained through mass organised stalking and persistent twenty-four-seven harassment.

Despite Africans never having anything to do with my life before I went to India, despite me having never of been to Africa and despite me never having an intimate act with an African they somehow seem to think that my blessing is there to misappropriate believing it to be there’s for the taking, after all who wouldn’t want a goddess cast in there own image? So it seems the measure of Africa’s burden and suffering is being unfairly weighed upon the infliction of suffering I’m forced to endure through this insane recasting effort.

An effort that was initially started by an attempt by Saint Martin in the Fields to cross cast me with their desolating / understanding ‘Jesus the Beggar’ bad father typecast that has gone on to recruit Christians, Buddhists and Hindus who have attempted to relate other forms of father to me.

This track ceremonially over played to my racially abducted consorts by wannabe hero Rastafarian (who incidentally view them as property.. good / evil spun coin of duplicity which is really staged human trafficking) is actually originally written and played by a white Caucasian Anglo-american man called Peter Frampton who was born in (Bromley, London) not to far away from where me (Herne Hill) and Adele (Norwood) both lived; sure they didn’t disclose that fact when they were attempting to serenade these atoned prisoners!

Excuse the use of you tube, the company is evidently racially bias and will probably throw up some counter advertisement before play.

This song is a stalk reminder of what I went through on returning back from India (where I lived as a Hindu princess) to sleeping out on the cold pavement slabs of central Westminster. In that terrible year I had my bones kick broken in half, beaten black and blue, spat in the face and was kicked unconscious numerous times, everything of value that I had or created was taken from me. I went without food till my teeth cracked and fell out whilst I wore clothes that stunk of urine from the dirty floor where I’d rested collapsed every night. Due to severe symptoms of GAD and PTSD (acquired from traumatic street abuses) I staggered on my aching feet for hours, sometimes up to 17 hours a day; was much to anxious to sometimes even speak let alone manage to remain seated in one place. I also had people defecate in places where I rested resulting glared at by rush hour passers by whilst I waited 3 hours to wash excrement out of my dreadlocks.

Bruce is probably playing out another victim of Saint Martin although originally written about HIV positive gay men who became homeless; not un-similar to the transphobic prejudice I faced on the streets, which one LGBT organisation was complicit in.

Idiot driver shouting ‘Pedophile’ at me!

Posted on April 17, 2015 by A Right to Exist

This idiot stopped at least 3 times, each time circling Junction 1 roundabout of the A1/M25 interchange whilst shouting all sorts of slur obscenities at me including ‘pedophile’ through his car window. Today I took the trouble to report him to the Hertfordshire police, giving his registration plate and detailing the make and model of his car. I’m going to be giving a statement very soon to the metropolitan police because they say it’s a hate crime, so I have to come in to be interviewed but I say what he did is slanderous also as I have no record for sexual offenses whatsoever. Anymore slurs and I’ll sue for deformation of character, you’ve been warned! I’ll keep you updated in this post with the outcome.

Beaten black and blue provoked by African Stalking from Princess House

Posted on April 18, 2015 by A Right to Exist

In early 2011 north east of Oxford Circus I woken in doorway to find I was being ritually abused by an African man. I approached him and asked what he thought he was doing, as he backed away a Cacuasian security guard approached; it was midnight when he offered me food but when I refused he attacked me beating both my arms and legs till they were black and blue. He then fled with the African man, I followed them down a few streets then watched them enter ‘Princess house’ where I took this picture of them…princess houseWeeks later the Bruises were huge on my body as the following picture clearly shows…..


After this incident I fled to Derby where I approached Derby council to be rehoused, despite fleeing religious mental and psychical abuses the council representative made the excuse that this abuse wasn’t domestic so didn’t fit into the criteria that was a necessity to rehouse me.

Derby friends LGBT centres religious discrimination

Posted on April 18, 2015 by A Right to Exist


Derby’s LGBT center actively played a part in religious persecution as I attempted to take refuge there away from bizarre street transphobic / religious abuses I was experiencing whilst sleeping out on streets of Derby. Such a horrid predicament I was in a volunteer let me stay a night at her place where I had the first safe night sleep in months; she was subsequently threatened with ostracism if she further tried to help me. This center also ignored emails requesting legal help when local newspapers where promoting a two thousand member transphobic ‘pink lady’ Facebook hate group alleging unfounded accusations which inevitably led to me leaving North West Leicestershire due to some serious threats to my life. Streets of Philadelphia eh?

Followed, insulted and attacked as I backed away from Soup Kitchen

Posted on April 20, 2015 by A Right to Exist

These two insulted, ridiculed and attacked me as I walked away from the America Church Soup Kitchen, assaulted me on Goodge street, London.DSC00736 DSC00743 DSC00747


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  1. He is one of the problem cases about care in the community. Exploited by tell MAMA this bloke needs help and as for beaten black and blue a bit of an exaggeration.

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 29, 2015 at 4:04 pm |

      He does indeed need help as evidenced by the fact that he has been picked up by the police under Section 136 of the ’83 Mental Health Act. Tell Mama are exploiting this person mercilessly, even though they must know that this person is one with ‘issues’.

  2. Great lol, but so much better if it had been a picture of lying mama’s, mendacious grievance-mongering taqiyya artist – Fiyaz Mughal himself

    ……..In bra and panties with his boyfriend holding a whip.

    • Fahrenheit211 | December 1, 2015 at 3:03 pm |

      Nice one. What is pretty horrific politically is that Fiyaz Mughal has been so successful at inserting himself and his taqiyya into the corridors of power in the UK, and so many people who should know better still entertain this charlatan, that the scenario is more likely to be Fiyaz whipping Britain’s Home Secretary.

  3. Indeed, that evil liar is also consulted by the criminal prosecution service.

    Usually whilst he was lying or missrepresenting things to make up false figures, the police were saying a hugely lower figure (muslims in fact are least victimised in the west, so much so they have even vandalised their own mosques for effect.

    Lately the police seem to believe, lying evil mama and parrot themselves.

    • Fahrenheit211 | December 1, 2015 at 4:24 pm |

      Exactly. The point of this story is that TM hawked this disturbed person round to a meeting with police and CPS staff and put them on a discussion panel as ‘a victim of Islamophobia’.

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