Newspaper panics over adverse reaction to ‘visit my mosque’ day

It seems the editorial staff at the Waltham Forest Guardian are extremely concerned that local non-Muslims, those that are still left in Waltham Forest that is, are not buying the Islamopandering that they are selling.

The Waltham Forest Guardian, which covers an area of London that has seen an appalling level of growth in Islamic extremism, has resorted to censoring comments critical of Islam. Such an act should immediately make any sensible reader wonder whether this paper is interested in reporting the truth about a subject, or merely to promote a particular ‘narrative’. The newspaper recently ran a ‘puff piece’ on a mosque in the Leyton area of Waltham Forest which was going no take part in. Local non Muslims then, as one of my contacts in the region informed me, piled into their comment section and told the truth about Islam, which is that it is not a religion of peace and that they are none too pleased with the damage that Islam is doing to the world.

When I went to check the newspaper website myself I found, sadly unsurprisingly, that the management of the Waltham Forest Guardian had closed comments for that article. Unfortunately this is not a common occurrence with local newspapers. The scenario is usually this: The journalists run unchallenging and often downright dishonest positive stories about Islam, then when they realise that the local non-Muslms are not buying their ‘Islam is peace’ bullshit, come over all politically correct or get leaned on by local political and Islamic intrests to kill the comments. It used to be said that homosexuality was the ‘love that dare not speak its name’ but with Islam we have an ideology about which we dare not tell the truth about.

Censoring comments that are critical of Islam is going to be counterproductive in the long term. If ordinary Britons feel that their local newspapers have turned from beinig informative and trusted news services to mere propagandists for Islam, then that’s going to hit their circulation. In the current environment, with local newspapers being hit by less physical sales and more online, often non-paying, readers, these publications cannot afford to continue to alienate the growing number of people who know pro-Islamic bull when they see it.

If local newspapers continue down the censoring comments about Islam route, then these publications will become less and less trusted by those who should be their potential readers and that is not a good outcome for newspapers. When journalists and newspaper management panic over the expression of views about Islam that run counter to the ‘kumbaya’ narrative that is now so patently false, they damage their own reputation as a profession and damage their publications.

I wonder how many of the non-Muslim people in Waltham Forest now trust the Waltham Forest Guardian just that little bit less because of this action by the newspaper? My informed guess is that the Guardian has lost a few more readers because of this, and they’ve certainly lost the trust of many more.

Censorship of non-violent but critical views about Islam from non-Muslims could end up as being a suicidal act by newspaper management.


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  1. Non-Moslems understand Islam only too bloody well! A savage tribe and a primitive superstition.

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