The RAF might find more dangerous jihadis to kill closer to home

This image is in no way intended to encourage viewers to buy, steal or construct a World War II Lancaster bomber and attack the East London Mosque.

With Cameron’s ‘renegotiation’ of Britain’s position in the EU and the forthcoming Referendum dominating the news media, many people may have missed this particular snippet of information. Since Royal Air Force air-strikes on Islamic State started up in December the total number of ISIS jihadis killed in these attacks has been estimated by the Ministry of Defence to be a mere 7.

Seven! Is that all they managed? We need to ask a couple of hard questions about this number. The most important one is are highly restrictive rules of engagement preventing the RAF from hitting ISIS as hard as they should be hit. The second question is what sort of targets are the RAF being tasked with destroying? Are they just being told to hit infrastructure targets only or are they being given a mix of targets both infrastructure and ISIS fighters.

It seems inconceivable that with all the aircraft and kit and personnel that the RAF have allocated to the Mid East war they can only take out 7 ISIS savages. You can probably find more ISIS or other Islamic terrorist supporters running Dawa stalls in London’s Wood Green on a Saturday afternoon.

I can’t help but think that maybe the RAF and its aircraft and other branches of Britain’s military would be better and more effectively employed closer to home, taking out some of the thousands of jihad supporters in places like Birmingham, Bradford or Tower Hamlets. Now those places really are ‘target rich environments’.

The Ministry of Defence need to realise that the main threat to our security is not confined to the areas in Syria and Iraq that are controlled by ISIS, but the Islamic fifth column here at home.

All that money, all that equipment, all that expertise and only seven dead jihadi savages to show for it. It’s shameful it really is.

Someone needs to tell the MOD that the RAF are looking in the wrong place for violent Islamic radicals, they are not ‘over there’, they are ‘over here’.

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