From Elsewhere: More Islamic scummery that Europe really doesn’t need – This time it’s the poisoning of people’s pets.

Islamic scum of the sort who kill people’s pets on the grounds that their mentally ill paedophile ‘prophet’ did the same 1400 years ago.

Everyday brings yet another example of Islamic scummery that Europe or indeed humanity itself could well do without. Islam has afflicted civilised societies with terror, rape, property crime, excessive demands for pandering, electoral and other types of corruption and now comes this story from The Muslim Issue blog of Muslims poisoning people’s pets.

The Muslim Issue said:

“Laced sausage poisoning is now exported to Sweden. This kind of method to kill dogs and cats have been used by Muslims in Spain, Britain, Netherlands, France and other parts of Europe. They also fill sausages with nails and spread them over fields and other areas where dog owners walk their pets. Muslims have also been found dosing pets with lighter fluid and lit them on fire.

Britain’s favorite hate preacher and extremist, Anjem Choudary (carefully protected for his “human rights” rather than shot point blank) has admitted that Muslims steal livestock and cattle all across Europe. This cattle is then tortured and beheaded to be ‘halal’ in the same way Muslims commit jihad.

David Cameron’s favorite hate preacher, Anjem’s tweet in October 2012.

Is there anything these satanic savages don’t do to please their god of the underworld? Just unfathomable that they imagine there exist any kind of heaven for them at all.

The most forbidden word in the Swedish press starting with M is of course never mentioned in the article below. And should they arrest the criminals – and we promise the are Muslim – they will deny that this behavior is typical for Muslim and the Islamic “culture” related to the hallucinations of prophet Mohammed.”

Can anybody give me an intelligent reason apart from the fact that oil comes from the savage Islamic nations, why we in civilised Europe put up with the uncivilised scummery that day by day emantes from the ideology of Islam? I can’t think of one, can you?