I think the real mental illness that this savage suffers from is called ‘Islam’.

I’ve heard some outrageous rubbish and batshit excuses vomiting from the mouths of those self-entitled savages whom Europe has suddenly found itself landed with, but this one, by a man accused of killing a Swedish refugee centre worker really does take the biscuit.

Breitbart reported that the Somalian savage accused of murdering a young woman helper will not be entering a plea as he’s claiming ‘amnesia’.

Breitbart said:

The 2015 intake migrant who stands accused of lying about his age to gain access to a youth migrant centre and benefits, and then murdering one of the employees, has claimed he has limited recollection of the event and so will not enter a plea.

Somalian Khaliif Nuur, who was initially reported to be 15 years of age but was later revealed to have lied and was at least 18 years old is presently being tried for the alleged murder of 22 year old Alexandra Mezher and the attempted murder of another migrant accommodation employee. During the detention hearing, he claimed he was unable to admit or deny committing the crime, saying he could “barely remember anything from the incident”, reports Aftonbladet.

The court is now considering whether the man migrant is in fact mentally ill and under a “distorted perception of reality”, and therefore not answerable for his crimes. If that is the case, he could potentially be sectioned indefinitely as a risk to himself and others.”

What a crock of shit from both the defendant and the savage’s counsel.  Amnesia indeed.  There is only one form of mental disturbance that this savage is suffering from, and that ailment’s name is Islam.



Story of how Somalian savage in Sweden is claiming amnesia in a murder case.