Friday Night Movie number 68 – Callan


Tonight’s movie is ‘Callan’, a spin off from the British TV spy thriller series of the same name. In this film Callan has been retired from the shadowy ‘Section’ British security organisation due to losing his nerve.

This movie shows Callan out of the security world and working as a book-keeper in a small company on the south bank of the River Thames in London. One day he gets a message from Section that his services are required again. At Section’s office, which is disguised as a scrap metal merchants, he is offered the chance to come back and work for Section again. He is told that his task is to kill a man called ‘Schneider’ who works in an office nearby to where Callan is currently working.

Callan doesn’t feel he can kill Schneider unless he knows why he should be killed and embarks on his own research into his intended victim.

This is a pretty good thriller and can be watched even by those who are not familiar with the original TV series (the opening credit image for the TV series is what is featured at the top of this post.

This movie has the late Edward Woodward giving a really convincing performance in the title role as the conflicted professional killer who is haunted by his experiences in the military and his battle with alcohol.

I was pleased to find this movie and although it is one that I saw a few years back, I enjoyed re-watching it recently. I hope you enjoy the movie too.

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  1. And Russel Hunter as Lonely – brilliant ensemble.

  2. thylacosmilus | March 5, 2016 at 5:42 am |

    One of my favourites! Dreading the day someone decides to ‘reboot’ it..

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