Another reason for British parents to start to become active parents.

Some may disagree with me when I say that the teaching profession is dominated by those who follow the ideologies of Leftism and multiculturalism. However it’s difficult not to come to the conclusion that the educational establishment has agendas of their own when you look at the latest plans for history teaching in the UK.

According to an article in the Daily Express quoting a report from the Campaign for Real Education, study of British history, including social and political history is being squeezed out in favour of Islamic and third world history. If what the CRE is finding out about Britain’s history teaching is correct, then we should view the information brought to light as very sinister indeed.

It’s never good for a nation to not know or understand its history because a people who are ignorant of where they have come from and why the nation is as it is, are vulnerable to manipulation by ideologues.

The Daily Express said:

HISTORY teachers are being told pupils need not study British kings and queens, but must learn about early Islamic civilisation, Mayan culture or of Benin in west Africa.

The Campaign for real education claims the new national curriculum for history makes the teaching of landmark events and personalities in British history “non-statutory”.

This means key moments such as the reign of Elizabeth I and the Battle of Waterloo do not have to be taught.

However, teaching about some foreign civilisations, including Ancient Greece, is compulsory.

CRE chairman Chris McGovern said: “No landmark event in British history has to be taught. Magna Carta, the two world wars and Winston Churchill, for example, are included in the curriculum as non-statutory examples of what teachers ‘could include’. Previously teaching of the world wars was compulsory.

The Napoleonic wars, as opposed to the preceding French revolutionary wars, are not even included among the non-statutory examples.

Trafalgar, Waterloo, Nelson and Wellington are ignored. There is no requirement to teach about any specific British monarch, prime minister, act of parliament, battle or individual.

In contrast, certain topics are placed on prescribed lists, for example either early Islamic or Mayan civilisation or Benin must be taught.”

The former headmaster of St Anthony’s School in Hampstead, north London, also criticised the national curriculum’s emphasis on “skills” rather than knowledge.

He said: “Pupils are taught to construct the past for themselves using evidence.

Ditching much of the knowledge to find sensationalistic content is a betrayal of the country as much as a betrayal of education.”

The CRE analysed model lessons on The Times Educational Supplement TES Resources website to find what history topics are most popular.

Taking the 19th century, it found Jack the Ripper was the favourite, with 143 model lessons, compared to 35 for Lord Nelson, 72 for the Duke of Wellington, and 100 for Elizabeth Fry.”

These new history curriculum schemes should be a matter of extreme concern for those parents who want their children to have a well-rounded, fact-based education, free from the sort of political bias so beloved by the Left-wingers and ‘child centred education’ enthusiasts of Britain’s educational Establishment. This blatantly ‘anti-British history’ curriculum really does look like ‘the revenge of the ‘blob’. For those who don’t know ‘the blob’ was the nickname given by former Education Secretary Michael Gove, for the entrenched Leftists, liberals and child centred education fans in Britain’s educational system, who have consistently been opposed both to teaching approvingly about British culture, and hostile to attempts to bring more vigour and quality to the education system.

These latest revelations about the politically biased plans to give our children a fact-light and deracinated history curriculum that will divorce children from a knowledge of Britain’s history should frighten parents. As we can see from this case, it’s not just the blatant pro-Islam propaganda that is being pumped into our kids heads in RE lessons that we need to be worried about, but also a downgrading of the story of Britain in History lessons as well.

With every revelation about the Islamic, multiculturalist and leftist propaganda that is being dished out in our schools it becomes more and more obvious that we should no longer trust those who teach our children. We should no longer trust the educationalists who plan the curiculums and we should no longer trust individual teachers who have shown a distinct unwillingness to depart from what are without doubt biased curricula.

We owe it to our children to be active parents and pro-actively challenge the politically biased dishonest academic slop that is being forced down the throats and into the minds of our children.


Original story from Daily Express

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  1. Islam on the curriculum…Michael Gove’s achievement. Will kids be allowed to question the teaching or will they be encouraged to submit and eat halal? There is no pork or beef being served to children in 52 primary schools in Redbridge! They’ll be stuffed with pizzas, the cheapest minced lamb and chicken… And I am paying for it as their food is free.

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