Haven’t the Metropolitan Police got any real crimes to sort out any more?


In a city like London you’d think that the Metropolitan Police would be fully occupied dealing with the sort of crimes that harm or ruin the quality of life of many Britons wouldn’t you? You may well imagine that dealing with Islamic terror, Islamic rape gangs, Islamic electoral corruption along with all the other crimes in London would be the Met’s primary focus. Unfortunately that is not the case as this story from Sky News shows. The Met Police eschewed dealing with the growing number of Islam problems that are afflicting this nation and instead are wasting their time and your money on chasing down those who infringe Britain’s increasingly sinister and intrusive ‘hate speech’ laws. The Sky News report states that the Met will run a campaign against ‘hate crime trolls’ or to put it another way, those of us who say unpleasant but true things about the ideology of Islam. As is usual policy for this blog the original text from Sky is in italics but my comments are in plain text.

Sky News said:

A specialist police squad is being set up to target trolls who commit online hate crimes.

You can bet your life that this unit will target only those criticising Islam and the policy of multicuturalism and will do absolutely sod all about the matter of Islamic hate preachers . Such Islamic hate preachers consistently make statements that approve of sexual slavery, that incite violence and those that could reasonably be described as ‘seditious’.

The dedicated team of officers will provide support to victims as well as identify offenders.

In other words they will pander to anybody, especially any Muslim individual who alleges that they’ve been ‘offended’ or ‘insulted’. My answer to that is ‘so bloody what’? I see a multitude of things that offend and insult me everyday online and in print but I don’t go running to the police. We shouldn’t be spending taxpayers money like this babysitting those who are too weak to use a block button on social media, there are as a stated earlier much more important things that our police forces need to be dealing with.

The move comes amid heightened concerns over online abuse in the wake of the Brexit vote and during the Labour leadership election.

It should be noted at this point that many of the claims that there has been a rise in so called ‘hate crimes’ following the Brexit vote are dubious to say the least. A fair few of these claims have come from those with a vested interest in promoting the idea of ‘hate crimes’ such as the terminally dishonest Tell Mama group and the fake charity ‘Stop Hate UK’.

The Online Hate Crime Hub will identify the location of crimes and allocate them to the appropriate force.

What this means is that a group of politically correct uniformed ‘offence takers’ will be instructing police in other areas of the UK to arrest and charge any of those who express an opinion that runs contrary to that which the State believes we should be holding. This is extremely chilling for the idea of freedom of speech and opinion.

The move comes in response to a consultation by the London Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) that identified the growing problem of online hate crime.

No, that’s not the case, what is happening is that people are expressing opinions that some activists and more importantly some Muslims don’t like. Opinions such as dislike of Islam’s propensity to create violent, rape addicted thugs and to turn whole areas into hell-holes by means of corrupt electoral practises. These problems are all ones that the Met should be concentrating on and not acting against those who are pointing out these problems, no matter what the style or content of language used unless there is a credible and viable threat to violence contained within the statement.

While it had the potential to impact on a larger number of people, social media provided offenders with a veil of anonymity, making them harder to catch, the consultation found.

Of course it’s going to impact on a large number of people. A lot of people who hold quite valid but peaceable and justifiable critical views of Islam and of the ideology of multiculturalism are likely to get caught up in this potentially unjust and politically motivated form of policing.

It also said the police response to online hate crime was inconsistent, mainly because officers were not equipped to tackle it.

Most online ‘hate crime’ is merely the expression of an opinion that some may not like or may disagree with and police should in no way be ‘equipped to tackle it’. This is because it is something that nobody should even think of tackling in a society that ostensibly believes in freedom of speech. There are already adequate enough laws to deal with genuine and credible threats to kill and this new squad should be seen more as an attempt to police people’s opinions rather than deal with the sort of threats to kill that maybe do need to be acted upon.

The issue of online abuse has been brought into sharp focus after a series of high-profile cases.

Sky News then went on to recount cases that have nothing at all to do with people who may criticise Islam or aspects of multiculturalism and relate to what appear in some cases are genuine threats. This is disingenuous on the part of Sky to do this as threats and abusive messages to high profile are a different kettle of fish from what this new police unit will be concerned with

Back in 2014, a man was jailed for sending a barrage of abusive messages to Labour MP Stella Creasy, including threats to rape her.

Activist Caroline Criado-Perez also received threats of sexual violence during a campaign to feature Jane Austen on the new £10 banknote.

More recently, there has been complaints over online abuse by Labour activists during the party’s leadership election.

More than 40 women Labour MPs wrote to Jeremy Corbyn calling on him to do more to tackle abuse, which they said was “being done in your name”.

MP Jess Phillips, who represents Birmingham Yardley, said last month she had been forced to tighten the security at her home after a picture was mocked up of her dying.

A sharp rise in online racial abuse was also reported in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Again, we see the uncritical quoting of dubious figures probably emanating from equally dubious groups such as the aforementioned ‘Stop Hate UK’ and Tell Mama groups. Even the Chief Constable of Essex Police has admitted that a large proportion of the ‘post Brexit racism’ complaints were merely very low level and many were people complaining about Mr Nigel Farage, the then leader of UKIP. What much of this ‘online racial abuse’ that is being claimed is probably of a very similar nature to the low level stuff spoken about by the Essex Police Chief Constable.

This new Met Police unit is a sinister and chilling development in British policing and for the Met to form a squad to deal with and pander to people who may be feeling ‘offended’ is an utter and complete waste of police resources. It’s yet another action by the police that will merely encourage yet more nominally law abiding people to have even more reasons to hold our police forces in contempt. How can it be otherwise when our police forces are failing to deal with a tsunami of Muslim crime but are expending precious resources on cracking down on those who often merely wish to ask the police ‘so what are you going to do about these Muslim rapists/thugs/terrorists and traitors? ‘

If you didn’t hate what our police forces have become before, then you will from now on. What a crock of shit from those senior police officers who should know a whole lot better and who should be serving all of us, and not just serving a bunch of loud, whining Islamic savages who cannot bear for there to be any criticism whatsoever of their foul and troublesome ideology.



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  1. Bloody quisling cops – it makes me wonder if any of the actual officers involved in this question what they are now being tasked with. Surely they must see first hand the damage Islam does in societies? How do they justify this pathetic Twitter hate speech crap they are now “policing”?

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