Audio – Fahrenheit211 Editor and others debate fake refugees, the welcome death of the Dubs Amendment and creeping Shariah Law in Canada.


I appeared on Canada’s ‘Red Fox Radio’ show last night on the Blogtalkradio platform and along with the host, Kel and Tim Burton from Liberty GB, I discussed the problems of fake refugees, those who pose as children in order evade immigration law and the very welcome abandonment by the UK government of the Dubs Amendment to Immigration law. For those who do not know the Dubs Amendment forced the UK to accept a large number of alleged ‘child refugees’ from Europe many from the Calais Jungle camp. Unfortunately it appears that many of those brought in were not genuine refugees and many of them were not even children.

We also discussed the role of the dangerous and sometimes very well connected open borders and pro-Islam groups such as CitizensUK (@CitizensUK ). This group was one of the main drivers behind the Dubs Amendment and are also leading the shrill and dishonest campaign to reinstate the Dubs Amendment.

We also touched on the very dangerous situation in Canada where Islamic groups are mercilessly exploiting the recent Quebec mosque shooting tragedy to clamp down on every Canadian’s right to speak out about the dangers of Islam.

It was an excellent and informative show and one that I enjoyed appearing on immensely. Thank you for Kel and Tim for having me on the show.

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  1. You have reached International input in your contribution on the RFB Program, and this offered more insights into the further enlightenment of this Global threat via Islam. Canada is regressing, and we need much help, thus F211 is a huge asset in helping within our defence in ensuring that much more information is conveyed.

    Congratulations on the Dubs Amendment – a huge step forward for the United Kingdom!

    • Fahrenheit211 | February 10, 2017 at 12:50 pm |

      Hi there. I had hoped that the Dubs Amendment was dead and buried but a dodgy ‘Charity’ called Help Refugees and backed by the multimillion pound coffers of an organisation called ‘Prism the Gift Fund’ have brought a court case which will be heard in May. Sadly this means that a whole load more fake children and jihadis posing as ‘refugees’ will end up being brought into the UK in the meantime. I hope Mrs May stands firm on this and doesn’t listen to the virtue signalling scum from groups like ‘Help Refugees’ or CitizensUK

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