It’s the ‘lovely’ Syrians again. Syrian forced rape victim to drink from toilet bowl

These 'refugees' are not welcome because they bring rape and murder with them.


‘Refugees welcome’ they said. ‘Take in a poor distressed hungry Syrian’ declared the virtue-signallers. ‘Jesus wants you to be a refugee hugging sunbeam’ said the Christian clerics from their palaces and manses. Politicians who would gladly step over a fallen British tramp without a pang of conscience or gift of charity, posed with stern visages holding ‘refugees welcome’ hashtag cards. Rabbis full of the heady wine of political and religious delusion declared from the Bimah that the Syrian refugees reminded their congregations of the pain of exile. Yet these same Rabbis failed to ask whether those exiled from Syria were bringing with them the Islamic Jew-hatred that is endemic in Muslim societies. Vacuous celebrities used their considerable media reach to lecture people about how important it was to bring in ‘refugees’ without reaching into their own pockets and paying for the sort of help that would have gone a long way in relieving humanitarian problems close to the war zone.

The full pantechnicon of moralising shroud-waving and hand-wringing by the vain and the foolish, both religious and secular alike, was wheeled out for the benefit of the ‘refugee’ cause, and what has been the result? The result has been that European nations have imported a large number of people whose culture is incompatible with our own. This has caused and is causing immense problems across Europe and what is galling is that it these problems are not, in the main, being suffered by those who called most loudly for ‘refugees welcome’. The problems are being suffered by the rest of us. The celebrities, such as Benedict Cumberbatch, backed out of having a ‘refugee’ in his home as it wasn’t convenient and Mrs Balls or Yvette Cooper as she prefers to be known, hasn’t taken in her pet refugee either. Even those like Lily Allen, who publicly and copiously emoted over a ‘refugee child’, don’t appear to have chosen to house a single bearded ‘child’ of an Islamic extremist refugee.

The yoke of the burden of these often fake refugees and even faker children is not being borne on the shoulders of the wealthy dilettantes and left wing religious types who made up the bulk of the ‘refugees welcome’ promoters. The burden of these fake refugees falls on ordinary families in ordinary areas, where the virtue signallers have dumped them. It is so often these ordinary working families who notice a sudden jump in the number of Muslim ‘refugees’ in their areas and an almost simultaneous reduction in their security and quality of life, as gangs of Middle Eastern and Sub- Saharan African, mostly Islamic, thugs make the streets menacing and unsafe. These same families also often have to deal with the trauma caused by the rise in sex attacks on their daughters and sisters, that tends to come concurrently with importing those from backward and highly misogynistic cultures. The bill for the ‘refugees’ that the rich and privileged have welcomed is not paid by the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch or Lily Allen or by Labour MP’s, it is paid by ordinary people, even though it is a bill that very few citizens have consented to pay.

The sort of crimes that these ‘refugees’ have brought to Europe is truly horrific and the one that is recounted below is no exception. However it is illustrative of what the virtue signallers have dumped on us, which those who preach to us about ‘welcoming’ do not have to concern themselves with, now that they are here in Europe, because these ‘refugees’ have not been placed where the privileged live.

Although all cultures have individuals within them who may commit sex crimes of one sort or another, it is a characteristic of the Islamic mindset that produces not just men who rape for reasons of lust or to give the man a temporary sense of power, but men who truly hate women. Many of the sex crimes by Muslims have been readily identifiable as such by the vivid types of debasement that these Muslim sex offenders put their victims through. Branding, disfigurement, other types of physical and mental torture and humiliation are common factors in much of the Islamic sex crime of which I have read accounts. This applies whether the victim is the captive of an Islamic Rape Gang, a random woman targeted because she is jogging alone or as in the case below, if the Muslim has been romantically involved with a non-Muslim woman in some way and the relationship has broken down.

This article has been electronically translated from an online Swedish publication, an alternative news source called Fria Tider (FT) that concentrates on migrant crime stories and comes via the Religion of Peace website. If correct, and we should remember that FT does like to put its own spin on the news, this story shows that things are not going well for women in Sweden and that the level of violence to which Sweden’s imported Muslims are subjecting them, is appalling. Even if this story is even partially correct, it is one of a number of similar stories from different sources that show that Islamic misogyny is clashing with a society that once prided itself on treating men and women equally and as we can see from these stories, it is the women of Sweden who are losing out. This story most certainly highlights how far Sweden’s politicians have gone in sacrificing their nation and the safety of its people in the name of a utopian and unworkable ideology called multiculturalism.

Fria Tider said that a woman from Malmo in Sweden, who was in a relationship with an Arab man, was horrifically raped after she ended the relationship. After the relationship ended, the Arab threatened the victim with death several times and eventually captured the woman and subjected her to a rape and humiliation. She was allegedly forced by the Arab to call herself a ‘whore’, raped and then forced to drink water from the toilet bowl.

Here’s part of the original article

A man from Syria forced, under very humiliating conditions, a young Swedish woman to call the mobile camera herself for “hora”. Then he should have raped her. Afterwards, the man, now charged with several crimes, threatened to spread the film to her relatives.

The woman in Malmö had previously begun a relationship with the 24-year-old man who claims to be a refugee from Syria.

In May 2017, when the Swedish woman tried to discontinue the relationship with the Arab, he became aggressive and threatened to kill her several times, according to the prosecution.

On June 7, the woman kissed another man in front of the 24-year-old’s eyes, waking his anger, writes Sydsvenskan .

Later that night, the Arab has forced the Swedish to call herself “hora” in front of the mobile camera before raping her orally and vaginally. Afterwards, he threatened to spread the rape movie to her family and bosses, according to the prosecutor.

He should also have deteriorated the woman in other ways, for example by forcing her to drink toilet water, writes 24Malmö.

The Syrian defendant is also accused of stealing money from his ex-partner’s bank account on the same day as the rape took place.

As regular readers of this blog and observers of what is going on in Europe will know, this looks like other similar rapes and sexual assaults in other parts of Europe where Muslim men, more often than not men who have been brought in as ‘refugees’, have victimised the women of the countries where these men have been given sanctuary. Now I’m probably the very first person who would stand up and say that of course there are cases where those fleeing oppression and who have nowhere else to go, should if possible be given sanctuary. But we have to realise that these Muslim ‘refugees’ are nothing like the genuine refugees that European nations have dealt with in the past. Refugees from Nazi Germany, from the half of Europe that was enslaved by the Soviet Union or from the many wars that have criss-crossed the continent since the 1870’s have mostly been genuine refugees. They have often shown gratitude for rescue and have often benefited their host nations by the intellectual and sometimes fiscal capital they bring. Similarly the Vietnamese and those from Hong Kong who escaped to the West from the suffocating nightmare of communism, have brought a hybrid vigour to entrepreneurship with them and have benefited our Western societies both in terms of business and culture. However, we cannot point to any such benefit from the importation of what is in effect an army of Muslim thugs into Europe.

These Syrians, or those who manage to claim to the Western authorities that they are Syrian, are too often dangerous criminals with over 900 of them being arrested in Britain over the course of just one year for such crimes as threat to kill and child abuse. I can’t help but wonder that if this is the number of crimes from a nation that hasn’t taken in that many Syrians, then how much worse must it be for the citizens of those nations like Sweden and Germany, which have taken in many more times the number of Syrians that Britain has?

Our remote political and cultural Establishments have, in the form of these Syrians or alleged Syrians, imported a nightmare for their own peoples. Citizens who deserved to be left to live in peace, have been subjected to people from one of the most violent, misogynistic and intolerant cultures on earth, the Islamic culture professed by Syrians. It is the little man and woman and their family that have been forced to pay for the altruism of those wealthy and well-insulated people, who know not or care not what damage these Syrians and other dangerous and incompatible Muslims might do to ordinary people.

Those who exhorted us all to welcome these ‘refugees’ and did so from their palaces, penthouses and comfy publicly-funded sinecures, have brought in destroyers but dishonestly called them ‘builders’. They have also left the resulting mess for everyone else to struggle to live with and to deal with. The result of the pathological altruism of those who think themselves our moral betters has been a ruination of the social fabric and a ruination that is likely to get worse before it ever gets better. Nobody was ever asked if we wanted a Syrian thief, thug, rapist or a jihadi for a neighbour but in far too many cases that is what our celebrity shroud-wavers, morally cock-eyed clerics and publicity-hungry politicians have enriched us with. It’s time for the adults to take back control of the house party and time for the violent, ungrateful and destructive gatecrashers to leave. No woman or man or child should face or have to live with the beasts that have been so catastrophically imposed on us all.

I conclude with another aspect of the ‘refugee’ tragedy, one that does not affect Europeans but may affect others in the future, and that is the wearing out of any desire to welcome in the future those in genuine distress. Nobody knows where the next real humanitarian tragedy will strike, or what form it will take, or even which group of people genuinely deserving of help may appear. But, because of the stress that Europe has been put under by the the invasion of fake refugees from Muslim lands, it is unlikely that the citizens of Europe will want to open their borders even to the deserving after what these Muslims have done to Europe’s peoples. The ability of the decent and the deserving to flee to somewhere safer will thus be curtailed. The influx of unwanted and unassimilable Muslims into Europe will have dire effects not just on Europe’s indigenous citizens, but also on those who may require the help of Europeans in the future but who will find the door being firmly shut in their faces. Europeans have been bitten badly by the savagery of Islam in recent years and will be in no mood to put themselves at risk of being bitten again. The dire behaviour of Europe’s recent Muslim imports will harden the hearts of Europeans for a long long time.

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