From Elsewhere: Is the Altrincham ‘hate crime’ stabbing less than it appears to be?

Altrincham Islamic Cultural centre where the alleged stabbing is said to have taken place.


This blog, like many other commentators, rightly condemned the stabbing of Dr Nassar Kurdy near to the Altrincham Islamic Centre, which occurred in late September 2017. A violent attack is a violent attack no matter who the victim is and it should be condemned, just as any other similar crime should be condemned. Like many others, I took the description of the alleged attack and the extent of the injuries suffered by Dr Kurdy from mainstream media sources and accepted that the descriptions of the injuries etc were correct. But some people are raising doubts about the consistency of the stories told by alleged witnesses and others to the media.

This blog’s original piece concerning the attack on Dr Kurdy concentrated on how certain Islamic groups, in particular Tell Mama, were exploiting the alleged attack for their own political ends. However, there are other bloggers who have taken a close interest in the inconsistency of some of the media reports of this case, and drawn them to my attention.

One such blogger is Chauncey Tinker of the Participator website. They have written that there are a number of things that seem odd about this story, ranging from the lack of blood at the scene of the alleged stabbing, confusion about the length and type of injury and the really heavy spin that some media outlets have put on this story, about it being a ‘hate crime’. As is normal policy for this blog the original text from Chauncey Tinker is in italics whereas this blog’s comments are in plain text. As there are many links to outside media in the Chauncey Tinker piece, I would strongly advise people to click through to the whole article and not merely read this blog’s excerpts.

Chauncey Tinker said:

The troubling descent into insanity that our society is currently undergoing is seen once again in the MSM news coverage of a “hate crime incident” involving one Dr Nasser Kurdy, who is a surgeon. This story has appeared prominently on a number of major news sites including the BBC (where it appeared on the front page).

Many of noticed how heavily this story was promoted by both the mainstream media and the various Islamic grievance mongers such as Tell Mama. Other, more serious crimes including stabbings that result in the death of the victim are normally only mentioned in passing or treated as a wry comment on the growing violence in British life. I’ve noticed that this dismissive attitude by the media is especially true if it is a story about black man being murdered by another black man. The stories of these sort of tragedies, of which there are many, are just passed off by the media as a normal part of city life. Also attacks on White Britons by Muslims are often either not covered at all or not covered to anything like the extent that attacks on Muslims by non-Muslims are covered. We have a media environment where whether it is White or Black lives lost, it doesn’t seem to matter very much to our media, but a Muslim getting attacked, well that is a totally different matter isn’t it? When it’s a Muslim on the receiving end of even a minor bit of aggravation, the media pulls out all the stops.

Chauncey Tinker continued on the theme of the apparent nature of the injuries sustained by Dr Kurdy:


There is a video clip in a Manchester Evening News article of the Dr. in a centre apparently talking to staff there right after the alleged incident took place, and simply holding his hand to his neck without apparently anything on the alleged wound to apply pressure. There is no sign of blood and the Dr. is talking quite calmly to the staff about the incident:

The BBC news report refers to a stabbing, but Dr Kurdy in the video clip seems unsure whether it was a knife:

I don’t know he had something in his hand, I don’t think it was that sharp

However the men tending to the Dr. insist there is a cut. Its understandable that a victim might be a little confused after such an incident.

If you watch the video clip all the way through you can see that the Dr. takes his hand away from his neck at one point (@1.07) and turns his head partly side on to the camera. There is still no sign of blood visible not even on the hand he has been holding to the “wound”.

According to Chauncey Tinker there is another report, this time from the Independent, that says that Dr Kurdy ‘ran into the Islamic’ centre after being stabbed and grabbed a chair. I must admit I share Chauncey Tinker’s confusion about this aspect. Surely if someone had been stabbed as badly as some in the mainstream media and Islamic grievance mongering communities said that Dr Kurdy had been stabbed, then he would be in no fit state to grab a chair?

There are also inconsistencies in some of the stories about the nature of the Altrincham area that give rise to concern. According to the Chauncey Tinker article, contrary descriptions were given about the atmosphere in the area which leads me to think that someone, or some group, is trying to stir the pot here, in order to gain some political advantage or other. It should not be forgotten that this Altrincham Islamic Association is fighting a battle with local residents, who are vehemently objecting to their plans to impose a horrifically large mosque on green belt land in the area. It would be in their interests to make it seem as if the area was dominated by those who dislike Muslims, as opposed to those who merely and justifiably dislike Islam.

Chauncey Tinker said:

The Independent reported that:

But Mr Kurdy said he felt hate crimes against Muslims were escalating on the back of terror incidents including the Arena bombing and the Parsons Green tube attack.

“There needs to be acknowledgement that hate crimes against Muslims are on the increase and they are becoming more physical.”


Dr Khalid Anis, a spokesman for the mosque, said: “It could have been very, very serious…We understand it was a knife, he is very lucky.

It’s a very unified town so for this to happen like this in the street, it is frightening.”

How can this town be both full of ‘anti Muslim bigots’ (based on merely one attack it needs to be said) and a ‘very unified’ town, at the same time? Something is starting to smell very bad about this case. I’m not going to cast aspersions on Dr Kurdy, but there certainly seem to be others who are more than willing to exaggerate the extent of Dr Kurdy’s injuries and use this alleged attack for their own political ends.

Suspicion that the cries of ‘hate crime’ may have less to them than meets the eye comes not only from the championing of this case by the mountebanks of Tell Mama but also from other equally questionable Islamic organisations. Chauncey Tinker is also reporting that the BBC was carrying a very loud whine about this case that emanated from the occasionally less than moderate and often less than savoury Muslim Council of Britain. The MCB said:

The Muslim Council of Britain said it was shocked by the attack and urged the government to implement its “hate crime action plan”.

Now this is an even more foul smell emerging from this case. The MCB along with other equally foul Islamic grievance mongers would dearly love to see the UK government do their bidding and forbid any criticism of Islam and they are not beyond using a tragic stabbing allegedly committed by a homeless man in order to do that.

I find myself in agreement with Chauncey Tinker in that there is something not quite right about how this incident has been both described and reported. Although this attack, like all attacks on innocent people should be condemned, there is something fishy about both the incident, the reporting of it and those who have rushed to exploit it.

We have seen from incidents both at home and abroad that some ‘hate crime’ incidents are often nothing of the sort and also that minor incidents are talked up by Islamic grievance mongers and Islamic taqiyya artists in the hope that it helps to advance the cause and status of Islam. Although in these cases I would normally rely on what is said in court to base my comments on, there are aspects of this case that don’t feel right and are inconsistent, which means that this case needs to be kept a close eye on. It may be a crime motivated by a person’s dislike of Islam but it equally could be nothing of the sort. But this doubt about the nature of the case has not stopped those with an interest in exploiting this case from talking about it as a ‘hate crime’


Please visit the Chauncey Tinker article on the Participator site

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