President Trump and the US embassy move to Jerusalem

Jerusalem - Capital of Israel


I was absolutely delighted to hear that United States President Trump has given the go-ahead for the move of the American Embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv where it is at present, to the proper and acknowledge Israeli capital city Jerusalem. Although this move has been long approved by the US government, successive Presidents, both Republican and Democrat, have put off the move to avoid inflaming the Muslims of the region and to not disturb the peace process.

President Trump however has, unlike other Presidents, taken the bold step of recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel by moving the embassy to Jerusalem. By doing so he is defying the threats of violence that have come from the political representatives of the Muslim Arabs who live in the areas lost to Israel by Arab states in wars of aggression started by the Arabs against Israel. He is also defying those on the Left and in the political Establishment’s of Western European nations who believe the dishonest ‘Palestinian’ narrative that Israel is a big bad aggressor and the Arab Muslims are poor oppressed victims.

Of course the embassy cannot be moved straight away from Tel Aviv to Israel as it will take time to find a site, design and plan the building along with its sadly necessary high security features, but in about a decade or less the US Embassy will be where it should be in the Israeli nation’s capital. The embassy relocation decision is a good one as it recognises the facts on the ground. Israel’s spiritual and political centre is in Jerusalem and the continuing practise of having foreign embassies based in Tel Aviv denies that fact that the long history of Jerusalem being the capital of a Jewish state stretches back at least a thousand years before the birth of the man who started Islam. Keeping the embassy in Tel Aviv was a form of appeasement of the Muslim Arabs and as we all know, and can see from our own societies, appeasement of Islam or any other sort of bully for that matter, never ends well.

Naturally the Muslim Arabs are screaming and threatening violence and ‘days of rage’ but since when did they do any different? Everyday seems to be a ‘day of rage’ for these people that insist on being called ‘Palestinians’ but are in reality Jordanians or others who moved to British Mandate Palestine relatively recently. These ‘Palestinians’ have squandered or refused every single peace move made by Israel whether by Israel alone or by Israel and other Western nations. Every period of peace has been broken by the Muslim Arabs who have often committed the most appalling acts of violence and then falsely claimed that they are victims when legitimate counter actions have been taken by Israel. Although I do know and have met a number of Arab Muslims who want peace, those who lead these people politically have met peace gestures with violence and friendship with emnity.

I think President Trump has called the bluff of the Muslim Arabs and he’s done it at the right time. The ‘Palestininan’ cause may have outlived its usefulness for Arab governments who have previously used the cause as a way of diverting their citizens from problems at home and there are other issues, such as the rise of Iran that are becoming more pressing for them. The ‘Palestinians’ could find themselves with less friends than they once had in the Muslim Arab world and they may find less and less support in that area for their policy of intransigence and violence.

The Left, the Muslim screamers, appeasing Western governments and the Arab fan club that resides in Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, have all been discomforted by President Trump’s decision and to my mind that is a good thing. For far too long Western governments have backed, for a number of economic and energy supply reasons, Arab Muslim governments who have done great damage to the region and to the rest of the world by their incessant Israel and Jew hatred. This appeasement has brought no good. The appeasement has not brought a genuine peace settlement any closer, it hasn’t helped Israel’s security and it has certainly not helped regional stability.

By approving the move of the embassy to Jerusalem President Trump has said that the current policy of Western nations is not working and that they may be backing the wrong side both politically and morally. I applaud the move of the US embassy to Jerusalem. It will be good for the Israelis as it treats Israel as a normal country to have the US embassy in its capital. It is good for the Americans as they will no longer look weak in the face of threats of Islamic savagery and it is good for countries like Britain as it exposes to public view just how many dangerous collaborators with the ideology of Islam we have in places like the FCO and elsewhere.

President Trump has done the right thing, he’s stood on the side of a democratic free nation Israel against the autocracies, theocracies and political basket cases of the Islamic world and those who respect civilisation should praise him for that.

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  1. “….Of course the embassy cannot be moved straight away from Tel Aviv to Israel …..”

    That’s a novelty – are there any other places whose capital cities are presently located outside the country….?

  2. Excellent article. (The other great bit of news in the past few days, is how May’s botched general election has blown-up in her face: Failing to win an outright majority and a supposed mandate to do as she would, has saved the people of Northern Ireland from being betrayed into the hands of the EU Unelected One-Party State, by putting the balance of power into the safer hands of the DUP. Happy Days!

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