Children’s Services Departments – sending children to be abused?

Our children’s services departments appear to have been sending too much ‘fresh meat’ to Britain’s Islamic rape gangs.

The criticisms of local authority children’s services departments (see scan below) by Michael Gove, the Secretary of State for Education have shone a light into the murky world of children who are ‘looked after’ by councils.

The Education Secretary criticised the excessive secrecy and also the fact that local authorities often had the policy of shipping children to private children’s homes, sometimes many miles from the child’s original area. Worse still is that the location of these homes have been kept secret from those agencies such as police, social services and schools who may be in a position to help or keep safe such children.

One thing that is particularly disturbing is that social workers placed children in homes that were located in areas that were not only described as ‘high crime’, but also appear to have among the population of these areas, a lot of adherents of ‘the Religion of Rape,’ aka Islam.

Did it not occur to those social workers who were in charge of these often damaged and vulnerable children that sending them to homes in areas which are dominated by those whose ideology condones paedophilia, may not have been the best of ideas.

The misplaced secrecy surrounding these children’s homes was such that although the police were not allowed to know their locations, the Islamic Grooming Gangs did. Mr Gove said in today’s Daily Telegraph:

The people with responsibility for overseeing the protection of children in any area – local safeguarding boards – told us (the Dept of Education) that they did not even know when new homes opened locally, or where, and who, were the children in them”

Mr Gove added:

There was one group of people, however who did seem to possess all the information: the gangs intent on exploiting vulnerable children. They knew where the homes were; they knew how to contact the children -at the fish and chip shop, the amusement arcade, in the local park; or just hanging around outside the homes”

This is a disgusting indictment of public sector managers who are paid very handsomely to look after and guide children whose start in life can only really be described as appalling. These children’s services managers and safeguarding children’s boards cared so little for their charges that they saw nothing wrong in sending them to areas where, for demographic reasons, there was a higher statistical likelihood that they would be sexually exploited.

The question needs to be asked: Did these children’s services managers not care about what would happen to these children? Or more worryingly did they turn a blind eye for political correctness reasons, to the danger of sending children to places like Rochdale and Bradford where sexual abuse by Islamic men is endemic?

I’m glad that Mr Gove has pledged to end ‘this scandal over children’s care’ and I’m horrified to see how Mr Gove has been obstructed in his quest to improve the lot of children who are looked after by local authorities.

If ever there was an unquestionable reason for a public enquiry or a Royal Commission, then this scandal would be it. It is beyond belief that so many children have been abandoned by the state and passed into the clutches of Islamic rapists. It is to be hoped that Mr Gove is successful in his quest to make things better for children who so plainly deserve a much better deal than they have had so far.

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