Video: ‘It is not peace, it is not justice’.

Anne-Marie Waters

Here’s a video of the feminist and secularist writer Anne-Marie Waters speaking at an Oxford Union debate on the subject of ‘Is Islam a peaceful religion?’  This video was released in June 2013 Despite being interrupted by Medhi Hasan (this time NOT looking for a job on the Daily Mail), Ms Waters demolished the idea that misogyny, violence, anti-Semitism, anti-Christianism are only part of the extremes of Islam.  The hateful bits of Islam are sadly not on the extremes but at the very centre of the ideology.  She said that to call Saudi one of the extreme fringes of Islam was akin to calling the Vatican an extreme fringe of Catholicism.  The ‘headquarters’ of Islam is stationed in Saudi, and this Saudi is not a ‘fringe’ country in the Islamic world.

First class speech, well worth watching. To view, click the link below.