Birmingham college caves in to Islamic threats

The Birmingham Metropolitan College which hit the headlines when they banned face obscuring clothes for safety and security reasons appears to have caved into Islamic whines and threats.

In place of a sensible non-discriminatory ban on ALL face obscuring clothing the college has decided that there will be an exception for Islamic apparel which hides the face.

This change of heart is bad for two reasons.  Firstly it shows that threats of violence and disruption from Islamic bullies works, which will encourage more Islamic bullying.  Secondly, the replacement policy is highly discriminatory as it allows Muslims to wear a type of clothing that non-Muslims are banned from wearing.

I don’t know about you but I’m seriously disgusted at this climb down by Birmingham Metropolitan College.  It stinks of cowardice and appeasement.

It seems that the ‘cultural values’ of Islamic fascism trump the rights of the rest of the students to be able to study in a safe and secure environment.


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  1. I see Niqab Clegg is supporting the Islamic position.

    Already criminals have used niqabs while committing crimes, to avoid recognition by cctv and witnesses.

    Can a shop-keeper prevent such masked people coming into the shop now politicians have given it their craven approval? Niqabs = yes, balaclavas and mototbike helmets = no, so guess which of these thieves will use.

    By introducing a two-tier system, elevating Muslims above rules others must follow, Birmingham Metropolitan College is now responsible for any violence on their students involving Muslims or masked people wearing niqabs.

    PS – I shall from now on always refers to him as Niqab Clegg.

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