At what point will our politicians, religious leaders and others, cease to speak faeces unto nation?


With the news that there have been more arrests, this time in Bedfordshire and in Hertfordshire of those allegedly involved in Islamist plots to commit terror offences, it’s plain to see that Britain has a violent Islam problem that is growing by the day. There seem to be more arrests, more plans to commit acts of mass murder thwarted, more ‘British’ Muslims following the bloodstained brick road to Syria and Iraq or East and West Africa. When we look away from our shores and see Muslims in the Balkans being arrested on suspicion of planning to attack a city’s water supply. We have an Islam problem, that is plain to the eyes of many of us.

Every day brings a new Islamic horror in a decade or more that has been filled with Islamic horrors some of which have been in the kilodeath range, and others with death tolls that are lesser in number but are no less tragic. We’ve seen mass rapes where the motivation and moral permission for such offences comes from Islamic theology and culture. We see too often as well the effects of Islamist infiltration of our politics and our institutions. The Dept of Communities and Local Government is one place where Islamist infiltration has been quite notable. We’ve also had to endure the acid effects of Islamic interests engaging in electoral fraud, sometimes in association with non-Muslim politicians who think only of the short term and collude with said fraudsters aka ‘community leaders’ for political advantage.

Many ordinary people are starting to find their voices and are speaking up against what they see, quite truthfully in my view, are many of the problems that Islam brings to non-Muslim societies. But we are still not seeing those who are educated and who are in positions of authority, speaking up and backing Western values against Islam. Where are our Vicar’s, Rabbi’s, Priests and holy men who will say ‘Yes I also see, no I will not lie about what I see’. Should we not be hearing our political leaders, police officers, security officials and others say ‘we understand, there is a threat of danger and that danger needs to be guarded against’. But we do not get that, despite how badly we in the free world need it.

Instead of guidance and understanding and an honest assessment of the danger from Islam all these illustrious religious, political and civil leaders cling ever tighter to the ideologies that have caused many of the problems in the first place. Too many of them have a fear of them not being seen as ‘nice’ to those whom they have been told to consider as special due to victim hood. This desire for niceness over honesty is paralysing. Our religious leaders continue to back multiculturalist policies even though they are failing to bring about harmony and cannot see that this now dead horse of an ideology cannot be flogged any longer. Our politicians are caught between different pressures and can do little more than bleat ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ whilst praying that the security forces avert the next attempt by Muslims to commit mass murder.

There’s a big question that needs to be asked about our political, religious and other leaders and that is at what point would they cease to speak outrageous rubbish about Islam of the type that has been immortalised by David Cameron, with his repeated use of the phrase ‘It’s nothing to do with Islam, Islam is a religion of peace’? At what point will the great and the good wake up, and what would it take for them to do so? The politicians and academics have not awoken to the scale and nature of the threats even after Islamic murders or mass rapes or corruption or entry-ism into positions of power. The religious have not woken up to the issue of Islamic anti-Semitism and Islamic anti Christian attitudes and still cling to the dangerously false idea that the biggest threat to religious minorities such as Jews, Hindus Sikhs etc, comes from a tiny number of far right head bangers like Joshua Bonehill and his merry band of jackbooted onanists. They ignore the very much greater number of Muslims who would not be averse to killing, despoiling or oppressing Jews or Christians or Hindus or just about anybody else who is not a Muslim or even the wrong sort of Muslim for that matter.

We have Vicars and Pastors who fail to see that the greatest danger to members of their own flocks is the ideology of Islam. They sit on interfaith committees and abase themselves for crimes committed by Christians many years, if not centuries ago, crimes that modern Christians are not responsible for and for which they owe no apology. All the while that these clerics do this, Islamic interests take advantage of such expressions of weakness, even at a time when thousands of Christians have been killed worldwide by Islamic groups and individual Islamic terrorists. We have Jewish Rabbonim who fail to learn the lessons of history and refuse to comprehend that the reason that Islam hates Jews isn’t because of ‘Palestine’ or poverty or any other reason, but purely because Islamic theology has an inbuilt current of Jew hatred. Within living memory we saw an attempt by Arab and Muslim nations to make their societies ‘Judenrein’ by expulsion, oppression and murder. It is only due to the recreation of the State of Israel, which took in oppressed Jews from the Arab world, that the world didn’t see a second Holocaust, an Arab-run Holocaust, in the 1950’s.

How can any cleric, whether they be Christian or Jewish, sit down with Muslims and treat Islamic ideology with anything other than suspicion and contempt? It is not an ideology that deserves respect, fear of, and protection against, yes, but respect, never.

When are we going to see the great and the good truly being great, and good, and addressing the many problems that Islam brings to the world? The academics, religious leaders, politicians, commentators and others are at a crossroads, they have a choice. They can continue to be appeasers, make excuses for Islam and go down in history as people lacking in the moral courage to tell the truth, or they can leave a proper legacy . A legacy of respect for having spoken uncomfortable truths. I’d rather be remembered as someone who spoke up rather than someone who appeased and wheedled and abased themselves.

What will it take for our cultural, political, religious and academic elites to wake up, and speak up? Will they wait until the blatant and inbuilt authoritarianism of Islam impinges on their own families? Or will all these Vicars and Rabbi’s and interfaith grand pooh-bars suddenly find that the ideology of Islam which they had spoke up for and championed in the past will now not allow anybody to speak on behalf of the non-Muslim?. To paraphrase Martin Neimoller, if those who lead us in matters of politics and faith, fail to speak the truth about the ideology of Islam, then these individuals may well find out that when the time comes, and their plight requires voice, then there will be nobody able, or willing, to speak up for them.

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  1. john warren | July 16, 2015 at 1:36 pm |

    Dereliction of a sworn duty by all of them but what are you going to DO about it. Sticks and stones etc. Talking doesn’t hurt – same with writing. Unless you’re a judge or a politician of course.

    Just read that the elected scum-folk lounging about in Westminster (must be lounging because our rulers work at ruling us from Strasbourg) are about to receive a fat pay increase in order to help keep them more comfortable whilst lounging.

    Not many tax payer’s seem to care very much however, so when the next Greek tragedy hits the UK, those same tax payers will get exactly that which they so thoroughly deserve.

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 16, 2015 at 2:00 pm |

      I’m doing what I can, I speak up and refuse to vote for the appeasers. We can also exercise choice in the messages we receive by not consuming dishonest media The end of the BBC licence fee would be a most powerful weapon against those who wish to monopolise the messages that the public square receives. The propagandists are terrified, and it shows.

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