Ladies and Gentlemen, we now have for your delight (or not), more ‘w**king Muslims’.


The phenomenon of Muslims who feel compelled to masturbate in inappropriate places, often public places, is one that appears to be getting more common in Britain. The heavily Islamised area of Bradford, West Yorkshire has provided three examples that this blog has covered. Indeed there are probably so many ‘Wanking Muslims’ resident in Bradford, that the local council may even be able to use them for some sort of tourist drive. The problem with that idea is there isn’t really much of a market for human zoos full of skanky, often unemployed, sexually inadequate Islamics. Also, let’s face it: “Come to Bradford -The Land of the Wanking Muslim!” is never going to make it as a winning advertising slogan is it?

Wanking Muslim cases do seem to be appearing more often. I’ve discovered another one from July this year, where a Muslim, named Mohammed Wasif Younis, was accused of wandering round a shopping centre in Manchester, flopping his undercarriage out, and how shall we put this delicately, manhandling himself. Even places that were previously relatively nice or safe, now have problems with this sort of Jack-Off Jihad from Muslim men. Even Eastbourne, that once sedate place, can now sadly tick the box marked: ‘Yes we do now have publicly wanking Muslims’.

‘Wanking Muslims – Ooooh! Feel the diversity isn’t it great?’ said nobody ever.

Now it is the turn of Maidstone in Kent to experience the delights of this fruit of ‘diversity’ and join other parts of Britain in becoming part of the publicly wanking Muslim phenomenon.

According the Kent Online website Shamim Ahmed, 37 is accused of tossing himself off in front of other customers in the shopping centre’s lavatory.

Kent Online said:

A man accused of performing a sex act on himself in shopping centre toilets has appeared in court. 

Although Mr Ahmed is innocent until proven guilty, this and other similar cases, do make me wonder how widespread this problem is. I’ve looked at crime reports and I know that public wanking like this isn’t purely an Islamic crime. But, it seems that although Muslims are a minority of the population, even a cursory search for this offence seems to throw up quite a lot of ‘Abduls’ ‘Ahmed’s’ and ‘Mohammeds’ in reports of public wanking crimes.

For a minority of the population, there certainly seem to be a noticeable number of Muslims going in for this sort of intimidatory (yes it is intimidatory) public wanking. We also need to take into account that not all of these ‘Wacking Waheed’s’ ‘Jerk-Off Jamaal’s’ or ‘Five Knuckle Shuffle Faisal’s’ are apprehended by the police, or brought to court. For every wanking Muslim caught and convicted, there must be at least 10 other members of the ‘Tossing Taliban’ fraternity, who continue to make a nuisance of themselves, but who are not caught.

Shamim Ahmed reportedly performed the act in front of another person at The Mall Chequers in July. 

Why? Did he think that a busy shopping centre toilet was a ‘gay cottage’ or something? It seems such an odd thing to do and such an odd place to do it.

The 37-year-old, who was arrested at the complex in Pad’s Hill, was charged with sexual activity in a public lavatory. 

So there is no suggestion that there was anybody else involved, just him. Interesting.

Ahmed, of Bishops Road, Middlesex, denied the offence earlier this year and was due to stand trial at Maidstone Magistrates’ Court today.

However the hearing was postponed because there was no interpreter. 

He will return to the same court for trial on Wednesday, February 3. 

I wonder how much bunce the interpreter will cost the taxpayer? A lot, I don’t doubt.

This case raises another question that we do need to ask ourselves and it is this: What useful purpose does a Muslim like this who doesn’t speak English serve in our society? Does he do a useful job, vital to the health of the nation? Does he shovel manure faster than anybody else? Is he a brain surgeon? Probably not, and as I see no sign of any job being mentioned in the report, then we could suppose that this allegedly wanking Muslim could be being paid for out of welfare funds, in other words by the rest of us. He has no English, he is accused of hanging round shopping centres and wanking, why is he even here? We really don’t need such people in our country. Does he have any use whatsoever? I suppose he could shovel manure around on a farm or at a riding stables, and be useful in that way, after all you don’t need English for that. The problem is, we now have machines that shovel manure, and which will give much less grief to those overseeing its work than employing a wank happy Muslim would give.

It should not be necessary for a civilised country like the United Kingdom to have to put up signs in public places and on public transport, telling people not to toss off in public. If this sort of notice ever becomes necessary, it will be because Britain has imported a considerable number of Muslims who see no moral, ethical or social problem with wanking in public. This is yet another Islamic cultural problem that Britain could well do without.


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  1. I’m sure that it’s got nothing to do with this story, but a piece in a recent Daily Mail, about the ratio of Muslim prisoners in some UK jails and their fund-raising “protection” rackets, uses the traditional Muslim word for the payment made by non-Muslims to their Muslim protectors. Remember that this is the winking Muslims thread, add my somewhat warped sense of humour, then look at this story:

    And the word is….

  2. English, still here... just. | November 21, 2015 at 11:12 am |

    They’re exercising their “minds”.
    Civilised people do crosswords or sudoku, whatever.
    These barbarians pull their dicks, it’s where their brains are.
    “Coming” to a neighbourhood near you.
    Don’t forget to duck!

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