Some stories you really wish were true, and it’s sad when they turn out to be false.


There are some who have been making the quite valid point about how not all Muslims are bad, and have been sharing a story about a Muslim security guard at the St Denis stadium, doing a heroic act. Unfortunately, as much as many people,myself included, would have liked this story to be true and strengthen belief in the goodness of human nature, it’s a fake story.

According to information put out on the Twitchy site (Hat Tip Zionist Shark blog), and which in is itself is quoting from repuatable sources, such as the French newspaper Le Monde, the story of the heroic Muslim security guard appears to be not much more than guff. Yes, of course there are good people who happen to be Muslim or come from a Muslim background, but on this occasion the good news story is plainly false.

The bit of wishful thinking that went twice around the world before the truth had got its boots on was this:

Snopes hero muslim

However, it turns out that not only is Le Monde calling this as a fake but also the Snopes website is also calling this as a fake.

The truth of the matter is the security teams stopped a bomber, but that the alleged hero was not even present as a witness at the time. According to the Twitchy site, the whole error was due to someone misreading a report carried by the Wall Street Journal.

This case just goes to show how quickly an error like this can be made and it also shows that there are an enormous number of people who want to believe in heroes, especially heroes from among those whose ideologies often behave anything but heroically. Those who indulged in wishful thinking about this story did the wrong thing, but for what many would say was for the right or at least the most humane of reasons.

It would have been nice if this story had been true, sadly it is not.


Snopes Tweet on hero security guard story

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  1. thylacosmilus | November 19, 2015 at 7:05 am |

    On it’s front page yesterday, the ‘Guardian’ was headlining ‘The Muslim victims of the Paris attacks’.

    Let that one sink in.

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 19, 2015 at 7:22 am |

      Not for nothing did the atheist commentator and opponent of Islam call the Guardian ‘The ugliest newspaper in Britain’

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