Pendock School, Gloucestershire. Another British primary school forcing Islam onto children.

It seems that yet another school has been bitten by the Islamopandering bug and has embarked on a major programme to pump pro-Islam propaganda into their pupils. Pendock Church of England Primary School near Staunton in Gloucestershire, has apparently been spending a considerable amount of time teaching their charges about Islam. However I doubt that the school has been teaching anything truthful about Islam (they rarely do) and is probably been feeding their pupil’s the dishonest line that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’.

As part of Pendock Primary school’s effort to speak Islam related faeces unto children, the school took a group of children to the not at all extremism linked (yeah, right ) Birmingham Central Mosque. Judging by the information given on the school’s website it seems that the children were not only given the full ‘Taqiyya’ (lying for Islam) treatment, but worse appeared to be encouraged to take part in Islamic prayer. The pictures that I’ve downloaded and pasted below show the full extent of yet another gruesome propaganda exercise concocted to convince our children that Islam is not a threat.

A picture taken from a copy of the Daily Telegraph that purports to be Mrs Sally Lyndon-Chance

A picture taken from a copy of the Daily Telegraph that purports to be Mrs Sally Lyndon-Chance

The school said in a statement on their website about the visit:

To further enhance the Islam topic that the whole school have been studying,  a visit to the Birmingham Central Mosque was organised. The children were greeted and shown around by their own personal guide who was with them for the duration of their visit. They were able to see every part of the mosque, asking questions that added information to their own research and received more interesting facts from their guide.

The children, as do all visitors to the mosque, removed their shoes at the door. They visited the washroom and learned how Muslims prepare for prayer. They also learned how to make the call to prayer and later heard a real call to prayer. Their guide demonstrated how Muslims pray and later in the day the children were able to sit in the women’s area and watch the men arrive and take part in prayer.

Pendock School was made very welcome throughout the day and the whole trip was a very useful and worthwhile learning experience.”

Here’s the pictures of this questionable visit to an equally questionable mosque:






It’s pretty obvious that this was not just a look round a mosque, this was a full-on propaganda trip with the children forced to take part in Islamic prayer. The school, and its headteacher, Mrs Sally Lyndon-Chance, should be deeply ashamed of themselves for allowing non-Muslim children to be made to take part in this disgusting display of appeasement of Islam. It was not in my view a ‘worthwhile learning experience’ but an outrageous display of pro-Islam propaganda. Note well that there appears to be no challenge to or explanation of the Islamic gender separation that is enforced at the mosque.

This case does make me wonder what are the views of the parents of these children about this trip? Were the parents of this church-run school consulted on the trip and what it would entail? If so, were there objections and how many? There is also the strong possiblity, as as happened in other schools, that the school may have hidden the nature of the trip from parents. A school in Manchester for example back in 2013/2014, didn’t tell parents that a well known Islamic evangelist, Rizwan Ul Haq, was going to be visiting the school and teaching the children about Islam. This bit of unnecessary subterfuge annoyed some parents, especially those who want to protect their children from Islam. For whatever reason, too many British schools have embarked on propaganda activities designed to sell Islam as a religion of peace and completely compatible with mainstream British society, two things that often turn out to be utterly false.

This, and similar cases of pro-Islam propaganda in our schools, shows just why parents, especially those parents who are [possessed of a much more realistic view of Islam than the teachers seem to have, need to be ‘active parents’. We as parents, cannot any longer trust those who are paid to teach our children to respect our wishes or our beliefs. If we leave education solely to the schools then this is the sort of outrageous pro-Islam propaganda that the education profession ends up feeding our children.

Parents need to be much more aware of what sort of guff, especially trendy guff, that teachers are pumping into our children. We need to take much more interest about how the school curriculum is structured and also what sort of content it has. Too often pro-Islam propaganda is being slipped in by Leftist teachers under the guise of ‘learning about world religions’ as part of Religious Education lessons. Parents should never forget that they have a legal right to withdraw their children from RE lessons and they should exercise that right if it comes to light, as in the case with Pendock Primary School, that the school has crossed the line into propagandising for Islam.

As far as I’m concerned there is nobody else who is qualified to teach my child the truth about Islam (or any other religion or ideology) than my wife and myself, it’s certainly not something that I would ever trust a school to do properly. When he does go to school, I will tell the school in no uncertain terms from the very start, that not only do I forbid them from teaching my child anything about Islam, but if they do, I will not only complain, but make sure the school has as much bad publicity over the matter as possible. Maybe it’s time for more British parents to take note of what their children are being taught and start to have a much more uncompromising attitude to this sort of blatant and dishonest pro-Islam propaganda.

In my view it’s a form of child abuse to tell a child that Islam is a religion of peace and nothing to be afraid of when a large amount of the available evidence from across the world points to Islam being not only a religion of war, but a clear and present danger to the rest of us, especially our children.

Schools like Pendock and teachers like Mrs Lyndon-Chance, should no longer be allowed to continue to lie to our children about this disgusting, dangerous and threatening ideology called Islam.

There will be those who think as I do that Pendock Primary School has taken a pro-Islam brainwashing step too far with this sort of activity and may wish to tell the head teacher exactly what they think of such outrageous propagandising. If you do wish to do so then please make your complaints politely, legally and without any hint of a threat to:

The Headteacher

Mrs Sally Lyndon-Chance

Pendock CE Primary School

School Lane


Nr Staunton


GL19 3PW

You can phone the school office on (01531) 650298

or email the school at:

The school’s website can be found at:

Here’s a web page with a list of the school’s governors which may be another route to make a complaint about this sort of pro-Islam activity.


Pendock Primary School page showing details of recent Islamic propaganda visit to Birmingham Central Mosque.

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  1. Wasn’t it Michael Gove who made islam compulsory?

    If non muslim children are in a muslim majority school taught by a covered up muslim teacher they want to be the same. Just yesterday a friend told me about her Lithuanian friend and her daughter…Her daughter wants to wear a scarf, she pulls down her mother’s t-shirt is she exposes some flesh and doesn’t want to wear short sleeves as she wants to have her arms totally covered…She is a primary school child. Her Lithuanian mother will be taking her out and is looking for another school.

    • Fahrenheit211 | May 19, 2016 at 3:41 pm |

      Agree there. One of my contacts in one of the boroughs in East London particularly benighted by Islam said that the five year old daughter of a friend came home and wrapped her head in an all encompassing scarf and said ‘I want to be like my teacher’. this is extremely worrying and is similar to the case that you have outlined. I’m pleased to hear that the Lithuanian lady feels that emulating this sort of Islamic behaviour is serious enough to make her want to change her daughter’s school. It’s disgusting the way that Islam is being forced on our children in this way. It will be interesting to hopefully find out whether or not the parents at Pendock school were fully and meaningfully informed as to the nature of this particular visit and the Islam-heavy RE curriculuim that this school appears to have.

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