Islamic arrogance in the new (Middle) East End. Ilford’s Shia self flagellation festival

Shia Muslims beating themselves in Ilford, Essex


Ilford Town Centre in the London Borough of Redbridge used to be a great place to shop and socialise. It’s where you went if you wanted big department stores and didn’t really want the bother of schlepping all the way out to Romford on the borders of London and Essex or have to deal with all the crowds in the West End. It’s also where people used to meet up in the various pubs and dance at places like the Ilford Palais. Now, sadly, like so many other places, it is becoming yet another Islamic cultural waste ground aided and abetted by the local authority in some cases.

Like other Islamified or Islamifiying areas in the UK we also have the unedifying phenomenon of Islamic arrogance, shows of power, and intimidatory public religious practises. We also have the unedifying spectacle of local politicians tiptoeing round Islamic issues, along with Leftists and Muslims screaming ‘racist’ at any objection to Islamic pisstaking.

Sunday July 3rd 2016 will see traders and businesses in Ilford Town Centre take a large hit to their takings as shoppers stay away from the area because the Shia Muslims will be having a self flagellation party right in the centre of town. The Shia Muslim festival of Ashura commemorates the violent death, well this is Islam after all, of Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of Islam’s ‘prophet’ and ‘paedo murderer-in-chief, Mohammed.

Ashura is a violent, unedifying spectacle where men self flagellate and chant., in some countries mothers cut their children’s heads and make them bleed and many of the adult participants end up covered in blood. Without a doubt it is intimidatory and off-putting to those who may wish to visit the area for less Islamic and more sane and normal reasons, like shopping. It is impossible to compare this outrageous public self-flagellation which can in some cases involve drawing blood and the self mortification practises of other faiths such as Christianity and Judaism. In Christianity any self mortification is now mostly done in private or is symbolic as in giving up certain things for Lent. In Judaism such self mortification takes the form of 25 hour fasting such as on Tisha B’Av or Yom Kippur. You can see plainly how Christianity and Judaism have kept the idea of self mortification but have changed it to fit both changing times, changing theology and the different communities in which they live.

Shia Islam, and Islam as a whole for that matter, on the other hand really does go in for this public, intimidatory, in your face religiosity. If you want to see just how intimidating the Ashura processions are then take a look at this video from the facebook page of Stephen Houghton to get a flavour of what Shias are going to impose on the long suffering people and businesses of Ilford. I’m all in favour of freedom of religion (if it didn’t exist then I’d be dead) and religious tolerance, but there are some practises and some beliefs that are truly incompatible with the culture of the United Kingdom. With the Ashura festival we are not merely dealing with a religious choice of clothing or food or which deity to quietly believe in, we are dealing with something, public that impinges very much on the lives of other people. This self flagellation and whipping, is something that many reasonable people, of all faiths and none, find disturbing and indeed frightening. However in modern ‘multicultural’ Britain what Islam wants, Islam seems to get.

Local non-Muslims, at least those that are less fearful of putting their heads above the parapet and thereby risking jobs, families or freedom that is, have complained about this. The council, or rather certain council linked entities, have caved in to Shia Muslim demands and allowed this Islamic festival of violence to go ahead on July 3rd. It also seems that Redbridge’s Labour council is letting the Shias get away with more outrageousness than is allowed even in Islamic countries. This is going to be a huge and very public event and it would be interesting to ask whether this sort of thing would even be allowed in somewhere like Pakistan for instance. This really does appear to me to be a case of the council and the Security Advisory Group saying ‘yes’ to every demand from these Muslims and damn what everyone else thinks. The way forward may well be for more objectors to come forward and complain because at present the Security Advisory Group is hiding behind the excuse that ‘there have been few complaints’. If this changes then maybe their attitude to this Shia blood-fest will also change.

There’s also the issue of intra-religious matters to take into account here. Because the majority of Muslims in the area are Sunni, there is a belief in the area that the Shias want to ‘show off’ in a ‘power gesture’. It’s a case of ‘we here and we are going to do what we bloody well want’. Apart from the arrogance of the organisers who seem to believe that publicly whipping themselves in the street will add ‘atmosphere’ to the town centre, this event is also what I would refer to as religious shit stirring. It’s a bit like the Church of England ‘Ultras’, that small number of head-cases who go to Walsingham in order to shout abuse at Roman Catholics and the the High Church C of E types who venerate Saint Mary there. Both the Ashura day organisers and the nutters of Walsingham are unnecessary and unwanted troublemakers. It is a great shame that the borough of Redbridge is being further tarnished by both the Ashura day organisers and the capitulation to them by the quislings for Islam in the polcie, on the local council and related agencies. It’s tough luck for anyone who wants to go shopping in Ilford that day or meet a friend in a pub or make money from their business because the council have decided that the needs and wants of the Muslims take priority.

Local people have tried to take this matter up with the local council but councillors and MP’s who’ve looked into this for their constituents have run into the brick wall of the local ‘security advisory group’. This Security Advisory Group is the entity that has the final say-so on whether this and similar events go ahead. It appears to contain the same appeasing police officers, naïve do-gooders and closet and not so closet Islam promoters, that cause so much trouble not just for Redbridge but across the country. This Ashura procession is such a disturbing manifestation of Islam that it should either be banned or shunted off to a public park where it will be less visible, less intrusive and less disturbing for ordinary people.

The ordinary non-Muslim of Redbridge appears to have been abandoned by the council, the police and other agencies. Their valid opinion of this ‘provocative, threatening and disturbing’ Shia self flagellation parade has been completely ignored and their concerns dismissed.

This ladies and gentlemen is modern Britain, where Muslims are appeased and pandered to and where those who object are sidelined and ignored. This is a situation that urgently needs to change and to do that we must change those politicians who pander to Islam and replace them with those who will have the moral courage to say that whipping oneself into a bloodied mess in the street is something that is no longer acceptable.



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  1. thylacosmilus | June 19, 2016 at 5:35 am |

    I haven’t shopped in Ilford for years – once Harrison Gibson moved out, there was no reason to. And the changing nature of the place was easy to see quite early.

    But this? This doesn’t even look like England!

    • It stopped being England years ago.
      If you’re a woman, get the burqa out and throw away your books. If you’re a man, throw away the razor blades and deodorant.
      The Left has decided to use Islam to control the masses they so venomously despise.

  2. Captain Anti Xenophobic | October 3, 2016 at 9:50 pm |

    It’s one day in the year for a group of people to get together in their community. It has nothing to due with intra religious “power”. It is not a means to show off. It is a display of mourning for a faith strongly held by many. If your not happy with being part of a multicultural British community then make a time machine and get yourself back to 1966. Your a hateful person!!

    • Very well said, Its a matter of practicing their religion the way they want to and should be free to.
      There should be no objection, they don’t mean any harm to you. Read the full history of this incident before being judgmental. Islam is not what you think, just because some has represented Islam so negatively who have nothing to do with Islam doesn’t explain Islam.
      And what a pathetic way of criticizing/expressing author’s hatred towards Islam can only show his ignorance.
      UK is a free land for everyone no matter you are gay or Shia Muslim, surely you can migrate back to your own country if you have problem others practicing their religious rituals.

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