Ian McLoone a solicitor who has crossed a line that should not have been crossed.

Ian McLoone the solicitor who leaked to the public the location of Mr Tommy Robinson's family, an action that is likely to put them in danger.


Whatever our political differences most of us are reasonable people. We all know that there are lines that should not be crossed and one of those lines is endangering the truly innocent, such as a political opponent’s children. This is one of the reasons why this blog has consistently called for a political solution for the UK’s serious Islam problems and a judicial solution to those who appease Islam. I am adamantly opposed to ‘mob rule’ or ‘gangs of angry men with pitchforks’ as I know that at the end of that road lie the horrors of pogroms with innocent children suffering harm merely because of who their families are or what deity or political path their family follows.

Unfortunately there are some people who fail to comprehend that there is a moral line that should not be crossed no matter how much we may disagree with their politics. One of those people who have crossed that line is a solicitor called Ian McLoone of Taylor Walton Solicitors in Luton, Bedfordshire. What McLoone did was to publicise the location of the wife, children and other family members of Mr Tommy Robinson of the PEGIDA group and former founding member of the English Defence League, thereby putting them in clear and present danger of attack or of being murdered by Islamic radicals. This is a shameful way to behave and not something that we should expect of an educated person. It’s the sort of behaviour you expect from some idiotic student lefty or some unemployable chav with a grudge, not a solicitor. As the YouTube commentator Paula of ‘Plain Talk With Paula’ said when we are speaking of Islamic radicals we are not dealing normal people but instead people who would think nothing of killing children in order to hurt an opponent of Islam. Paula also made the valid point that if McLoone sees no problem with putting information like this into the public arena then how safe are his clients data? Personally I would not trust a member of a profession who leaked information like this as I’d be worried that my own data would also not be safe.

What McLoone did was outrageous as well as dangerous to Mr Robinson’s wife and children and is not in my view a morally valid way of dealing with a political opponent, especially one such as Mr Robinson who has been the subject of a multitude of death threats from Muslims and their supporters. McLoone crossed a line that should not have been crossed and by doing so has endangered the lives of Mr Robinson’s family. What McLoone did is a world away from anything that could be described as reasonable behaviour. It’s one thing to publicise a business address or the work address of some objectionable politician as part of a peaceful political campaign, something this blog itself does, but it is something quite different to publicise their home address. Many counterjihad activists do know the home addresses of opponents but we would not dream of knowingly putting this data in the public realm because we are mostly intelligent enough to know that although we may be reasonable people, there are others out there who are not in any way reasonable and who may do harm to others. This is especially true if there are children at the address or if the person knowingly discloses the information whilst being aware that this information may be used by Jihadists. I don’t think it’s right to put Mr Robinson’s children at risk and others also agree with me on that.

McLoone has behaved disgracefully and his behaviour is unworthy of a solicitor. At the very least McLoone needs to be disciplined by the Law Society for the encouragement he has given to Islamic psychopaths to target Mr Robinson’s family, a shocking breach of data protection protocols and for bringing his law practise and his profession into disrepute. I hope that Mr Robinson and his representatives put in a complaint to the Law Society over this because quite frankly McLoone’s behaviour is beyond the pale.

McLoone’s reprehensible, dangerous, morality-free and appalling actions show us just what sort of enemy we are all fighting against. McLoone is also the sort of enemy who is alleged to be fighting alongside the very people who follow ideologies that wish the rest of us dead or in chains and who have no moral qualms about endangering or harming children in the pursuit of their political and religious goals.

Today we have seen Mr Robinson’s family put in danger of attack by jihadi savages because of McLoone’s actions, tomorrow it could be your children or mine. McLoone’s actions are unacceptable and both he and his professional governing body need to be made aware of that.


Plain Talk With Paula video which also contains more detail of this particular case.


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  1. I know that it’s mentioned in the photo caption that it’s Tommy Robinson’s family, but for those not spotting the caption it isn’t apparent for a long time in the body of the piece whose family you are writing about. It could be confusing or put casual readers off reading further.
    Just a thought, but also in the interests of educating an uninformed reader who has stumbled here it might be worth a link to something which gives more info on who Tommy Robinson is.

    Otherwise, obviously completely agree with the piece and sorry to sound like a nit-picker..

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 18, 2016 at 12:56 pm |

      Thanks for that and no you are not nit-picking I appreciate the heads-up. I was going a bit mad with the text and cut and pasting and shuffling text about and the name got dropped off. Sorry to my readers for the error.

  2. Nicole Davidoff | November 18, 2016 at 5:31 pm |

    Tommy has been arrested and released on bail, the police also took his phone so that he cannot contact media. What if he and his family are attacked by muslim gangs now, he would not be able to call the police. Although police see to team up with savages, they bend over backwards to get him killed, that happen before. Now his family is also in grave danger because that mc LOONEY. This is no less than inciting violence and worse on the whole family. Would they do that to Chudary’s household who are kept comfy on the taxpayers’ money?

    Tommy should sue the bastard, in addition to reporting him to the Law Society for gross breach of the Solicitos’ Code of Conduct. He should get a proper lawyer, get extra security or move and make the bastard pay for all costs and damages. We can donate to legal fees, he has a good case, especially if muslims start hovering around his house – the bastard deliberately facilitated that happening.

  3. Maurice Dancer | November 19, 2016 at 6:43 am |

    As it’s Luton, I think it likely that Mcloone has cosy connections to muslim ‘businessmen’. Tommy Robinson has been a thorn in the side of a certain ‘community’ for years, not only pointing out the gross defects in the islamic ideology, but also the rampant criminality of its followers (& the hopeless response of Beds. police). He is disliked by the police & the muslims. McLoone doesn’t appear to be a robust character, when Tommy confronted him he looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights, so who put McLoone up to this? He must have known that it’s potentially a career-damaging act.
    This seems to be another move in the vendetta that the Luton police, the Met, the Home Office, the local council & local muslims are conducting against Robinson. They would be happy to see him dead. Check out ‘Enemy of the State’, Tommy’s account of his persecution, not only by muslims, but by agents of a state that is hell-bent on appeasing muslims & ramming islam down our throats. McLoone is a disgrace of a man. Another obedient little dhimmi.

  4. Ian Mcloone

    Now lets see how you sleep at night when you know people are out for you, and they know where you live.

    BTW:Tommy has nothing to do with this, I have never met him, I simply obtained this info myself as a form of social justice to this smarmy solicitor. Now you know what it feels like to be hated and under threat. How does it feel?

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 20, 2016 at 2:25 pm |

      Dear Webkinzworld If you had read the original article about this case you will have seen that this blog’s policy is not to knowingly give out people’s home addresses, even for shitheads like McLoone. Business addresses, fine fill your boots. Firstly I have no idea whether there are innocent people at the address as well as the shithead McLoone (which incidentally is geographically very far from the shitty Islamic areas if Bedfordshire). Secondly, it’s the sort of action that will be seized upon by the Left and the Islam appeasing police. Thirdly I cannot easily check this data to see if it is correct. Fourthly there may be more subtle and more appropriate uses for this information. Finally McLoone is a solid gold 24 carat c**t for putting Mr Robinson’s family’s address out there but I at least want to be better person than McLoone who takes a cavalier attitude to the safety of others.

      We are all rightfully and righteously angry at what has happened to Mr Robinson and like you I want this bastard McLoone to lose sleep over this and come a cropper because of his actions but shoving his home address out there may not be the best way to do it. There are plans afoot, including legal moves that could hopefully do McLoone a lot more lasting damage than merely encouraging people to shove a dog turd through his door would do.

  5. Philip Copson | November 20, 2016 at 9:43 pm |

    Hi, what coverage has there been of this in the media ? National press / local press / TV / National / local radio etc ? And have Taylor Walton put out a statement or a public apology ? Has McLoone been dismissed / resigned ?Thank you.

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 20, 2016 at 9:50 pm |

      Not sure aout MSM coverage but McLoone has issued a statement denying releasing the data and trying to play the victim

  6. Excellent article. Have just complained to the SRA about McLoone’s conduct and have argued that his behaviour was unbecoming of an officer of the court because he engaged in behaviour that he knew would endanger others, and has among other things brought the legal profession into disrepute. Does anyone know whether his partners are standing by him?

    Solicitors and other legal professionals have, of course, a right to their political views but they should never be put out into the public domain, and much less their professional standing used in the way that McLoone has used his.

    But remember this wretch’s practice is in the centre of Luton, Bedfordshire, which is a hotbed of Salafism and other Islamist politics. We can’t rule out, can we, that he wasn’t leant on and lacked the spine to resist. Whether he was or not, the book should be thrown at him.

    • Fahrenheit211 | November 22, 2016 at 3:04 pm |

      Hi Babs. You may not yet know but McLoone has fallen on his sword and resigned. The firm is also dropping the case that they had brought against Tommy at the behest of McLoone. Agree with your assesement of Luton.

  7. Good that he has resigned however those who wrote to the SRA to complain should write again and insist their complaints should still be dealt with. He has brought his profession into disrepute.

    • Agree, Jason, and have done so. I wrote again to the SRA to say that I noted that McLoone had resigned but that I wanted my complaint against him to proceed if he planned to continue to practice law, for the reasons I had already given. The man’s behaviour is a disgrace to the profession regardless of whether or not he resigned.

      I’ll bet he got a golden handshake although of course we may never know.

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