Kevin Crehan – A death that should not be forgotten.

Kevin Crehan who has been found dead in prison following his sentence for putting bacon on a mosque


One of the first requisites of a criminal justice system that could reasonably considered as fair is one where any punishment meted out by the courts is proportional to the crime. The second essential thing that a criminal justice system should have are a proper sense of justice. Such legal systems should take to heart the words inscribed over the ceremonial main door of London’s Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey) which say: ‘Defend the children of the poor and punish the wrongdoer’.

Unfortunately neither of these essential tenets of a fair and efficient justice system can be said to exist in Britain’s courts today. The doctrine of identity politics has corrupted the justice system to such an extent that we now have an Orwellian situation where ‘some animals are more equal than others’. There have been outrageously lenient sentences handed down to Muslim sex offenders. These include, a Somali Muslim rapist who had his deportation order made following a ten year sentence for rape overturned allowing him to rape again and a Muslim and Muslim teacher who was spared jail for sexually assaulting an 11 year old girl on the grounds that: ‘his wife could not speak English’.

These and other similar affronts to justice need to be put alongside examples of how the State goes out of its way to punish those who speak up or demonstrate against the ideology of Islam and the problems that it so often brings to many of Britain’s communities. The way that the counter jihad campaigner Tommy Robinson has been treated shows the lengths the State will go to to protect the ideology of Islam and its followers. There are also cases going through the courts relating to high profile Muslims not only taking offence at jokes about them but who have been empowered to use the courts to punish those who have given them offence. We have in the UK a criminal justice system that partly because of a bad infection of identity politics and an appeasing attitude towards Islam, has become to be seen by a growing number of people as a two tier one.

This perceived two tier justice system has given us some astoundingly disproportionate criminal penalties. Muslims seem to be able to walk away from courts with non-custodial s for stuff that other people would end up doing time for. Islamic hate preachers can call for the deaths of Jews, Gays and Christians and issue credible and provable incitement to violence, yet they walk free and are given effective state permission to spread their disgusting violent ideology. There is also the issue of the Islamic Rape Gangs that have afflicted so many British towns and cities and for which only a relative handful of offenders have been punished. Thousands upon thousands of British girls and young women have been abused, raped and sex trafficked. These crimes have too often been ignored by the police or have been investigated in a cursory manner which has failed to see either the links between multiple victims and multiple offenders or the guiding ideology that underpins these offences. Muslims have been treated with kid gloves by the police and the courts for a variety of reasons including the infection of identity politics, multiculturalist ideas and a general air of judicial liberalism and this has been to the detriment of the criminal justice system in particular and to the nation as a whole.

However, it’s when you look at the sentences handed down to those who have ‘offended’ Islam in some way, or the way that that complaints by Muslims are dealt with in comparison to complaints about Muslims, that you see the sheer scale and blatancy of the disproportion of sentencing and bias in process, that the British criminal justice system suffers from. We have in the UK the ludicrous situation where as I said earlier we have people on trial for making jokes and people doing the sort of prison time that should be reserved for burglars etc doing that time merely for throwing bacon at a mosque. The British criminal justice system both the policing side and the court side have become entities that no longer follow the exhortation in the Biblical book of Deuteronomy 16:19 to not sell justice to any man or be partial to one group or another.

As is the case with any unjust court or legal system there are victims of the infection of injustice and partiality. People have lost jobs, have had their families put at risk from attack and have lost their liberty merely for speaking up or demonstrating against the ideology of Islam, something that to my mind should not be a crime but should instead be a moral obligation. Now the UK legal system’s policy of handing out disproportionate sentences for those acting against Islam has claimed the life of a man jailed for 12 months for ‘offending’ Bristol Muslims.

Kevin Crehan aged 35 died in prison after being jailed for throwing a bacon sandwich at a mosque door in Bristol and displaying a banner that said ‘no more mosques’. Although this death doesn’t look like at this time if it is the result of an assault by Muslims in the prison system, contrary to social media speculation, and is being attributed by some commentators such as Tommy Robinson to be the result of a heart attack or something similar, that doesn’t mean that disproportionate sentencing didn’t play a part in this man’s death.

The ‘offence’ that Mr Crehan was sentenced for is what could be termed a ‘non crime’. Having a banner saying no more mosques or putting bacon on the mosque doorhandles is the sort of thing, if it even to be considered as a crime at all, that could have been much more proportionally dealt with by way of a non custodial sentence or even some form of restorative justice. After all there are many people who have committed acts far worse than possession of a banner and meat that Muslims dislike who are given non-custodials. This case of a Mr Crehan a man presumably pissed off by the presence of Islam and the problems it brings could and should have been dealt with in a different manner. This case could have been disposed off by a suspended sentence or a community service order or even a fine. This was a case where the person plainly didn’t, for reasons of proportionality, require being sent to prison. The case for Mr Crehan’s sentence being disproportionate is strengthened by the knowledge that Mr Crehan pleaded guilty to the alleged offences thereby sparing the Crown with the costs associated with a contested trial. It’s been the custom of the criminal courts for many years to give some credit to offenders for pleading guilty but this convention seems to be thrown by the wayside when people plead guilty to ‘offences’ related to offending Islam. In the current political, policing and legal climate I strongly suspect that those who insult Judaism or Hindusism or any other religion in a similar manner would get this sort of prison sentence and those who attack Christianity are often praised for doing so by members of the liberal/Left Establishment. It’s only Islam that is protected in this way nobody and nothing else.

Sending Mr Crehan a man who may or may not have had a diagnosed or undiagnosed heart complaint, to prison where he would be the potential target of every single violent Muslim savage on the prison wing could well have contributed to his death. If it’s the case that this death was the result of a heart attack brought on by the stress of a prison sentence that cannot morally be justified and which in itself was an injustice, then those who placed him in that position should share some blame for his death.

Chief among those who should share the blame for Mr Crehan’s death is the judge who handed out this grossly disproportionate sentence in the first place. It’s plain from reading through press reports of the original trial that Judge Martin Picton was determined, from comparatively early in the case, to impose a custodial sentence on Mr Crehan. Judge Picton appears to have used Mr Crehan’s relatively minor previous record for football hooliganism related offences as an excuse for jailing Mr Crehan. Mr Crehan it must be admitted was no angel in his previous life and was no stranger to imprisonment having served 7 months in 2010 for breaching a football exclusion order imposed after being caught with a sawn off pool cue, but as grubby as his previous background is, that has very little to do with whether or not Mr Crehan deserved prison for the mosque incident. After all there was no real damage done apart from a few Muslim worshippers feeling discomforted by comments from Mr Crehan and his associates. Nobody was killed or injured or manhandled and there wasn’t even any real property damage. Therefore because there was so little real damage done by Mr Crehan’s actions this was not a case that deserved imprisonment. Mr Crehan certainly didn’t deserve to be imprisoned and put in a position where he loses his life whether for medical or other reasons.

The reports on this case as published in the press scream out to me that here we have a situation where a judge has imposed a political rather than a judicial sentence. The actions and words of Judge Picton so pungently reek of someone who has decided for political reasons, to make an example of an offender in order to discourage others from making similar styles of complaint about Islam. To put it in other words, it’s bent justice. Judge Picton said that the attack on the mosque was an ‘attack on England’ and on the culture of ‘freedom of religion’. It seems to me that Judge Picton has gone ‘full Quisling’ when it comes to Islam. Or maybe he just needs educating about just how respectful Islam is of other religions in the lands where Islam rules? Either way this is a judge that should not be trusted as he has proved that he is willing to let political and ideological considerations influence his sentencing.

This case is yet another one to add to the growing list of cases where those who speak negatively about Islam whether they speak eloquently in print or hold protests such as were held by Mr Crehan and his friends are dealt with extremely harshly by the courts. There is now a huge gap in how Muslims who offend, incite violence or commit crimes are dealt with and how those who speak against Islam are handled. This gap is now so vast that it is not invisible any more to the ordinary man in the street. We see this gap, experience it, read about it and sometimes suffer from it as individuals or see our families suffer from it everyday.

The death of Mr Crehan is not one that we should forget quickly no matter how much the authorities may wish us to do so. Although a heart attack is the prime suspect cause of Mr Crehan’s death at the present time that may change as more information comes out about the manner of Mr Crehan’s death. It may well be that he was previously assaulted by Muslims in prison or put in fear of his life there and this may have contributed to his death. Pressure must be put on the prison service for full disclosure of the circumstances of this man’s death just as pressure is put on the authorities following the deaths of other inmates.

At the current juncture we do not know for sure the true cause of Mr Crehan’s demise but there are two things of which I am sure of and these are: Firstly Mr Crehan’s original 12 month sentence was entirely unjustifiable and disproportionate when taking into account the nature of the offences and the fact that he pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity. To say that this case could have been disposed of better, more economically and more efficiently is an understatement. Secondly I sadly predict that Mr Crehan will not be the last person jailed for standing up to the ideology of Islam to die in prison. Britain’s prisons have a very nasty Islamic element to them at the moment and anyone imprisoned for anti-Islam activities is likely to become targeted by these violent Muslims. In effect when people who are imprisoned by the state for standing up to Islam, even if they are doing it in a peaceable manner or causing no real damage or harm then they are being given a potential death sentence.

Kevin Crehan may have been alive today had he not been imprisoned by a judge who was all too eager to show his political and ideological allegiances. That is something that should appal all of us in modern Britain who believe that we deserve a justice system that is much better than the one that has people like Judge Martin Picton as key parts of it. We deserve a justice system that is honest and equitable and not what we have at present which is one where the concepts of equity and dispassionate justice have long since departed and have been been replaced by a culture of appeasement, political expediency and adverse ideological influence.


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  1. Hello everyone,

    In France, patriots are judged (if we can say …) the same way than in England. Judges are very unfair with patriots defending their country, traditions and so on …

    A lot of us have been shocked when learning the death of Kevin Crehan in jail, with unknown reasons.
    As you are writting, 12 months jail are really really ….. unfair for a so minor thing.

    We hope strongly to be informed of the root causes of this death, maybe through your site….

    RIP Kevin, we won’t forget your death, here in France, and our fight for must go on …..

  2. died because of bacon….

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