Muslim police officer attempts to blackmail student into shutting up about Islam.


A young woman originally from Oldham, who is set to attend Newcastle University, offered up the opinion, based on fact, that Islamic terrorism has its roots in the texts of the Koran. Because she did this, she was contacted by a police officer from Northumbria Police who threatened the lady, Jonaya English of ‘The Insurgents’ You Tube channel, with having her place at Newcastle University removed.

The officer, PC Mohammed Khan, said to Ms English in an electronic communication that if she didn’t engage with PC Khan then it would become a ‘safeguarding’ matter and that he, PC Khan said that he would have no option but to ask Newcastle University to withdraw the offer of a place to Ms English. This is an appalling example of Islamic bullying and even worse by a Muslim in uniform. When I heard of this story, my first thought was that this officer was abusing his position as a police officer, my second thought is that this incident looks like blackmail committed by PC Khan. Khan has basically told a person who has made an honest observation about Islam, which is that terror instigation comes from the Koran itself, to shut up about Islam or suffer the consequences. That really looks like blackmail to me, as well as being outrageous bullying and a case of the police officer using his badges of office for personal or communal gain.

Ms English, pictured below, was extremely shocked and disturbed to see the officer acting in this way. However, Ms English is refusing to be cowed by this act of naked intimidation by PC Khan. She has complained to the police complaints authority the IPCC and has taken legal advice on what to do about this officer for whom defending Islam comes way ahead of defending our right to speak freely about Islam.

Jonaya English (image from Ms English’s Twitter page)

In a video on ‘The Insurgents’ YouTube channel ( a video that will later also be found on this blog’s own Vidme channel just in case YouTube removes it) Ms English states that the complaint relates to Muslim woman whom Ms English was friends with years ago. The woman objected to Ms English retweeting a comment that she made calling for the end of the Prevent counter terror strategy as she said it presumed that most terrorists were Muslims. Unfortunately the reality is that most terrorists are Muslims and that the number of attacks against Muslims have been so few in number and in severity, that they do not counterbalance the number of Muslims who have murdered and raped their way across the world in the past couple of decades.

Here’s Ms English in her own words;

The truly disgusting thing about this case is not just the false allegation of harassment or ‘hate speech’ but the officer threatening to blackmail Ms English.

Ms English isn’t taking this bit of misuse of public office by PC Khan (pictured below) lying down. She’s fighting back by instituting a complaint about this officer and his attempt to blackmail Ms English, she’s also taking advice on dealing with the false complaint from the Muslim woman for merely telling the truth about Islam.

Ms English is correct when she worries that British people are losing their right to speak freely about all issues including controversial opinions, such as telling the truth about Islam. She’s also correct in saying that the best way to counteract bad speech is more free speech.

Ms English is plainly being bullied for holding an opinion about Islam that Muslim police officers do not like. However she said in her video: ‘This is not going to make me shut up.’

Good for her I say. Bullies like PC Khan and similar ones in other areas of life need to be stood up to. They need to be exposed for what they are, which are individuals who devote far too much energy to stopping people speaking about an ideology called Islam. They are censoring to benefit Islam which is an ideology that a growing number of people, justifiably consider to be a threat. We should be able to speak freely, even if some find what we say ‘offensive’ and we should be righteously angry at the bullying that has been directed at Ms English.

We have a right as Britons to speak freely about the matters that concern us, including Islam. It was a right granted to the representatives of the people in Parliament in 1689. Also, the right to criticise or mock religions and religious practises was later enshrined in law by the House of Lords in the free speech amendment to Labour’s 2006 Racial and Religious Hatred Act.

It’s not drunken Welshmen, incendiary Israelites or mentally ill Methodists who are slaughtering teenagers at pop concerts or engaging in the sort of rape jihad that we’ve seen in all too many of our towns and cities. Neither are they killing drinkers on a night out at Borough Market or driving trucks into Christmas markets. It’s the followers of Islam who are doing this and we have the absolute right to voice that fact and to voice our fears about what Islam and it’s more dangerous followers are doing to our nation. People died both in wars and via civil conflict such as at Peterloo and the demonstrations organised by the Chartists in order that the ordinary persons views be represented in Parliament and also that we have the right to speak freely about matters that concerns us. In the past it was the ordinary people who fought for their right to speak up against the scourge of absolute poverty and demand representation. Today there are another group of ordinary people who see that we need to fight for the right to voice our opinions about a similar dire threat to life and security, that of the ideology of Islam.

It should be noted that PC Khan hails from Northumbria Police who have gained in the last 12 months or so an unenviable reputation for pandering to Islam or trying to hide Islamic crimes. It should not be forgotten that it was Northumbria Police, in conjunction with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), who ended up saying ‘no crime’ when Ms Chelsey Wright went to Northumbria Police with a complaint that she had been gang raped by Islamic migrants in Sunderland. This behaviour by PC Khan, a Northumbria officer, when combined with the appalling way that Ms Wright was treated by this force, will further undermine public trust that it is enforcing the law equitably.

I find it utterly appalling that we have in the United Kingdom the situation where the uniforms of our police officers are debased by people such as Mohammed Khan of Northumbria Police. People like Khan are plainly making as a priority, defending the ideology of Islam from criticism instead of allowing the likes of Ms English to state her opinion of Islam.

Khan has no place in our police force. His eagerness to engage in bullying, blackmail and malfeasance in public office should very clearly illustrate just why his presence in Northumbria Police is not only unwanted, but may also cause an even more rapid withdrawal of policing consent by the majority population, than is already occurring.

Time and again this blog has called on people not to take the law into their own hands no matter how frustrated they may feel about both the damage that Islam is doing to our nation, along with the inaction of the security authorities who are failing to properly deal with this damaging ideology. If it is wrong for the ordinary citizen to take the law into their own hands then it is far worse for a police officer to do the same.  I am both shocked and disgusted to see this officer engage in such behaviour and I agree with Ms English when she said that PC Khan is using his uniform to promote his own views and to try to bully Ms English into silence.


Original video from You Tube with Ms English explaining the background to the situation which culminated in PC Mohammed Khan attempting to blackmail and bully her into silence.

Ms English’s Twitter conversation with PC Khan

Jonaya English’s Twitter feed

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  1. Hard hitting piece and exposes the reality of what is going on up and down the country, this is just one example of bullying by Police, Policing Thought Crime and turning in to ‘Hate Crime’ on Social Media.

    Diversity is just another word for Fascism under the guise of Sharia, people better start waking up to what it is they are blindly sleep walking in to

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 2, 2017 at 11:12 am |

      Dear NYS. Thank you for the kind compliment about the article. I completely agree with you that this is not an isolated incident of pro Islam bullying by police or other agencies. What makes this case so different is the complete lack of subtlety and large dollop of arrogance shown by PC Khan. I wonder how much has been spent by the police in Northumbria on useless officers like Khan money that could be better spent elsewhere such as on Operation Sanctuary Northumbria Police’s anti Islamic Grooming Gang operation.

      A small bit of digging into just why Northumbria Police could be engaging in so much political and communal fellatio of Muslims and why they’ve hired unsuitable people such as PC Khan threw up a document from 2015 from the PCC’s office.

      This shows that some quite biased and dishonest groups and authoritarian individuals were allowed to influence a ‘hate crime’ meeting· These include those such as Tell Mama the disgraced Islamophobia monitors and Matthew Feldman of the Teeside University centre for fascist, anti fascist and post fascist studies, which incidentally helps to give credibility to TM’s BS ‘reports’.

      As someone who used to work in a field that was heavily influenced by such diversity concerns I’ve become increasingly horrified about where they are leading. What could once be morally and politically justified on the grounds of helping the previously disadvantaged or making businesses more profitable by giving them awareness of different customer bases, has turned into an appalling authoritarian scam. Diversity has indeed become tyranny with manners, and sometimes not even the manners are present. People are waking up, I see this every day and I believe that it is an angry informed populace that the government fears hence the panicky attempts to shut people up both in real life as with this useless mohammedan cop and online.

  2. miss-educated | July 2, 2017 at 12:24 pm |

    Everyday i think it cant get more unbelievable and it does. Great article, sound in facts. What also shocked me was systemic nature IE; same police force and cps that concluded a “no crime” for survivor “Chealsey” . We see this systemic failure in child grooming cases and the like.
    It is also a real reality check, people reporting on these issues have warned us of the risks to voicing your opinion IE; job loss, loss of friends, and here we are potential loss of education rights for this bright young lady. People that are waking up find themselves surrounded by “leftest” mindsets ( really good chart highlighted this by Raheem Kassam ), unbelievable indoctrinated mindsets that fill our institutions from primary schools to uni’s and now we see police forces,..where else? people are to scared to voice counter opinions.
    Im just an average young women in her 30’s, i dont claim to be as informed as activists, reporters politicians or faith leaders. just an opinion of person looking to be more informed.

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 2, 2017 at 12:43 pm |

      Dear Mseducated. Thank you for your kind compliments on this article. You are correct the collusion with Islamic interests by Northumbria police is or at least appears to be systematic. I used to be on the Left myself but now I avoid contact with Left wingers, not because I feel that my arguments cannot be justified, but because too many of my former leftist friends see nothing at all morally wrong with reporting counter Islam opinions to the police. I completely in agreement with you that this sort of case is a reality check and also that people are starting to realise just how many people lazily buy into the leftist mindset. As a parent I dread my child going to school as I know I’m going to have to work seriously hard to counteract the brainwashing that goes on. I shall certainly take the option to withdraw my child from all RE lessons as many of these lessons have ceased to be objective teaching about different faiths, but have become Islam indoctrination sessions. Another thing that you may or may not be aware of is some schools in some areas spreading the Islamci propaganda across the curriculum to circumvent parents removing their children from Islam biased RE lessons. See this article for more details:

      I have my doubts that the policy of Islamopandering and hammering down on people speaking up about Islam will work forever, on the contrary it may make things much worse. As a proponent of peaceful democratic change I know how vital freedom of speech is for that end. A governemnt that clamps down on people speaking about Islam is the equivalent of taking a pressure cooker putting it on the stove but disabling the safety valve. The result is an explosion. I fear that the attempts at censorship will increase the likelihood of violent reaction rather than reduce it.

  3. islam is haram | July 2, 2017 at 1:56 pm |

    He was trying to blackmail her for sex.

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 2, 2017 at 2:04 pm |

      NO I completely disagree with this statement of yours and I disagree with you 100% on this issue. It’s plain from reading the Tweets and listening to Ms English’s video statement about the incident that the primary motivation for PC Khan’s actions were to shut Ms English up when it comes to the subject of Islam.

      Although I’m quite sure that there are muslims who do blackmail women for sex, they’ve done it to Sikh women on a number of occasions, in this case it’s more to do with intimidating Ms English into shutting up about Islam than about any thing else.

  4. Theophilus | July 2, 2017 at 4:33 pm |

    Wasn’t he trying to enforce sharia? No speaking ill of islam and using police uniform as a method of enforcement plus the hate speech (ie anti- free speech law) to bring it about?
    Horrible, another sign of confident islam in the UK.

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 2, 2017 at 4:39 pm |

      Agree there. However I’d say it’s more arrogance than confidence. This scumbag is a shame on the uniform. It’s also people like him that cause the rest of us to distrust the police. I concur with you that Islam is using the dangerous hate speech laws to stop criticism of Islam. I’d advise you to visit the Tell Mama twitter feed where you will see this bunchof charlatans continually attacking the press for negative stories about Islam even though there are very few positive stories about Islam to actually report.

  5. Sadly these Muslims think they can get away with anything. This is NOT a Muslim world and it will never be no matter what the Globalist Elite say.

    Also understand all this bull crap was planned long ago. Stop falling for it.

  6. Thank god she’s not a white male or else the media would sh!t bricks

  7. There is no such thing as a “moderate Muslim”

    • Fahrenheit211 | July 4, 2017 at 5:49 pm |

      That may well be debatable. There are Muslims who ignore the more gross stuff that’s in the Koran and who defy those Islamic instructions that conflict with morality or with civilised society just as there are Roman Catholics who defy the Pope’s ban on birth control. However when it comes to Islam itself you are correct as there is no such thing as moderate Islam. There is just Islam. Islam is a death cult that contains within it some individuals (not enough I might add) who defy this death cult’s instructions. The only form of Islam that can truly be called moderate and isn’t tainted by violence in its past are the Ahmadiyya and they are more often than not persecuted by other Muslims.

  8. Dattatreya | July 5, 2017 at 1:25 pm |

    ” Islam is Israel’s broom ” ( Bernard Henry Levy )

  9. As a generally law abiding, fully employed, hard working, tax paying individual, I try and have as little contact with the police as possible; however because of the heavy handed and imperious nature of today’s police, contact is sometimes inevitable.

    I have for the past few years adopted a policy of total non-cooperation with any foreign police officers, particularly muslims. I’m not aggressive nor am I confrontational… I simply refuse to talk to them or answer any of their questions. If there is an English officer with them I will politely answer his questions but pointedly ‘freeze out’ the foreigner. I do not, in any way, shape or form, recognize him, as a foreigner, as having any authority over me in my own country.

    Yes… I know there’s a risk of said officer getting all pissed off and throwing his weight around, but by remaining totally non threatening on the two occasions when I’ve actually followed this policy, I’ve walked away both times feeling quite smug but leaving behind a clearly humiliated cop.


    Khan is a contact for the Benevolent Fund but is not listed as a trustee. Somebody ought to check the accounts, just to make sure that disbursements are being made to proper persons and that the holiday cottage is used as the trust intends, for the benefit of needy police officers and their families. They are on the Charities Commission website (charity no. 507081).

    The fund manages about £1m but lost £45k on investments, although that might be explained by the change of holiday cabin they needed. Also expenses jumped from £600 to almost £3,000. Obviously trustee expenses have to be paid but they also need to be checked. Why did it go up so much in a year? The fund only distributed about £40k in aid.

    An independent accountant needs to investigate; the job is to tie up what was spent with whom it was spent on. And check it really happened, not just take someone’s word for it.

    A cabin in the lakes, sheltered by a police charity is not going to attract much attention. I think that if I were looking for a place to base insurgent training, that would be my first choice. If challenged, it would look like police training and I would have the ID to substantiate it. How are the bookings managed? Can they be cross-checked to make sure the cabin is only used by entitled persons? How many lets were there last year and who allocates the dates?

    When a police officer makes this naked display of bullying, it either means he is so mistaken as to be unsuitable for the job, or he is confident that his superiors will either cover for him or dare not challenge hiim. And how right he is. A proper investigation of his behaviour and contacts by an outside agency is due. I do hope the intelligence services pop by this esteemed website. Good post, btw.

    P.S. Northumbria have updated their statement. They don’t get it: they keep insisting that he could threaten to have her chucked off the summer school because she refused to speak to him. They do not seem to understand that this was a threat to coerce compliance which legally, she does not have to do unless he wishes to arrest her. And even then, she is entitled to a solicitor.

    To contradict you above: I think there could be a sexual element when a Muslim man of Asian origin is addressing a woman of African-ethnicity, particularly when she is vociferously not a Muslim. There is that whiff racial/cultural sexual dominance, outrage at an uppity black girl refusing to do as she is told.

    So no, he does not want sexual favours but he does want sexual submission. It reached right in to his ballsack when she refused to come to heel.

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