Bearded savages of the day number 8

There was really no contest in who to chose for today’s Bearded Savages

Worst of all, these Bearded Savages are here amongst us using threats of violence in order to shut down perfectly legitimate free speech and comment.

I give you all those Bearded (and unbearded hijabed Savages) who complained and threatened and bullied Channel 4 Television into stopping a special showing of Islam the Untold Story before an invited audience of historians and ‘opinion formers’. These particular bearded savages also threatened the presenter Tom Holland.

An organised campaign by Islamic groups (google ‘channel 4 press statement’ to find the links to the Islamic groups who are whining.)

The Telegraph has the story but has not allowed comments (Hmm! Getting a bit common that, stopping public discussion of Islam).

The Telegraph said:”Holland was defended by Dr Jenny Taylor who runs the charity Lapido Media which encourages better understanding and reporting of religion in the media.

“He’s shown all of us that Islam is interesting enough to be taken seriously. He’s refused to stick his head in the sand and play blind about the problems or internal tensions that all thinking Muslims know are there,” she said.”

Personally, I’m getting more and more cheesed off with seeing Islam kicking off, often violently, every time one of their own internal narratives are challenged or even looked into in a moderately critical manner. Christians don’t riot and threaten when the historicity of Jesus is examined, and Jews don’t riot when the idea that the first 5 Books of the Bible were literally given to Moses at Mount Sinai by God is challenged.

I’m disgusted that Channel 4 has not only caved in in the face of violent threats but I’m equally if not more disgusted by the actions of the State not stepping up and stating that such threats are not acceptable in a civilised society. I’m also appalled that these and other threats have been allowed to be uttered with impunity. I think we can all imagine what the state would do if someone issued even lesser threats to an Islamic group. Someone who did that would be in chokey before their feet could touch the ground.

Maybe to retaliate there should be an international blaspheme mohammed day. Here’s my contribution which I found on You Tube: