Quote of the Day 3

This is a blinding one from Lamia at Harry’s Place on a thread about the disgusting action of Rotherham council in removing children from a couple on the grounds that they were supporters of UKIP.   Lamia on Multiculturalism

So now it’s official: being opposed to multicuturalism = ‘being a racist’.

It’s bullshit. ‘Multiculturalism’ itself is the racist ideology. It’s the preoccupation with putting multiculturalist ideological piety before children that led to scores of children in Rotherham being abused. As a couple of posters on this thread demonstrate, it appears to be be a deep-seated attitudes which results in an distorted and dangerously defensive approach on the part of some involved in social services…….

Referring to pro Rotherham social worker posters on the thread…“Number one rule is that is children in the ‘racial oppressor’ (i.e. white) group are fair game.”

Spot on.  Multiculturalism IS racism because it treats each group separately and not as individuals under a common law.  What started out as a wooly idea to get people to respect one another’s cultures has turned into a form of racial and cultural apartheid in the hands of the political left.

Multiculturalism, it’s the magic tool that creates ghettos.


I would strongly advise that you read the quite long thread on HP as some of the defenders of the social work status quo appear to get a bit of a textual kicking.