Bearded Savages of the day number 41

The more I compare the culture in free societies with the culture in Islamic societies the more I become conviced that the chief plank of multiculturalism, that of all cultures being equal in value, is dangerous and untenable.

There are things that happen in Islamic societies and which are socially accepted, such as slavery, oppression of women, oppression of harmless religious and social minorities, which we in the non Islamic world, the Free World in fact, do not. Things that the free world no no longer finds acceptable are still going on in the Islamic world and partly because of that I cannot see Islamic culture as an equal of my own.

The Islamic CULTURAL view of such things as slavery is illustratrated in this story from the Yemem.

The Yemen Times reports:

“In a press conference held Wednesday in Sana’a, the Wethaq Foundation (a Yemeni Human Rights group) revealed their newest report finding that slavery still exists in Yemen.

Najeeb Al-Saedi, the head of the foundation, which focuses on human rights and is based in Sana’a, said the report reveals the size and scope of servitude in western Yemen, where field-monitoring teams collected data and did their research.  

The report found two types of servitude in western Yemen. The first type defines slavery to include human trafficking; the second type includes those who are subjected to slavery and abuse but not trafficking.

Slavery, the report found, is commonplace in some districts of Haja governorate such as Khairan Al-Mahraq district, Aslm and Kaeidna. It is also present in the Al-Zuhra district of Hodeida. In Haja, the team recorded a total of 190 slavery cases for 2012.

Aedi Al-Manifi, one of those who prepared the report, said, “Such a situation is because of the fragile state in which traditions dominate the law.” “–present-in-western-Yemen.htm

So it seems in Yemen the practice of slavery is technically forbidden but it still goes on being a ‘cultural practice’. Yet again we see the culture of Islam permitted that which in civilised nations we consider non permissable, whether it be slavery, oppression of women, rape or child abuse.

Think about the things that the Islamic world does but the Free World has left behind besides slavery and ask yourself. Which society would you say is the more advanced. From my position I don’t think I’d like to live in a society controlled by Islam. Islam just isn’t civilised enough for my liking.

Slavery in Yemen, it’s just another Islamic civilisation fail. Like so many other Islamic civilisation fails.