Trannygate – shining a light on the intolerance of those who call themselves tolerant

‘Where’s the fetus going to gestate, you going to keep it in a box?

The Trannygate scandal that has recently filled Britain’s Liberal/Left newspapers and the Twattersphere, has without meaning to, served a valuable public purpose. That purpose is to expose to public view the dark underbelly of the equalities industry in particular and the Left in general.

The Left and the equalities industry it has spawned, has created an environment where certain groups, cannot have their views or behaviour challenged in any way, because it may be considered ‘phobic’. I don’t agree with this, because to give a non-Transsexual example, it is not homophobic or discriminatory against Gay men to decry the practice of unprotected anal sex, or to take to task those people who advocate via the media, the practice of bareback anal sex. Likewise criticising Female Genital Mutilation is not ‘islamophobic’ or ‘afrophobic’ or anything else. It is standing up for the rights of women not to be involuntarily mutilated in such a way that all sexual desire and pleasurable function is killed.

We all hopefully have some form of moral sense about the world. I for example believe that those things that one cannot change such as race or disability, or those things that can only be changed partially such as gender, should not be attacked. It is wrong to attack people for those things that they have no control over (which is why I don’t allow those who advocate ‘racial science’ to post here – my gaff my rules). However, those things that a person can change, such as religion, culture, ideology etc. can and should be the subject of open, hopefully polite, debate.

I do not care what your views on the issue of transsexuality are. I don’t care if you see the subject of transsexuality as correcting a congenital genetic imbalance or, if like me, believe that chopping a persons penis off is not a sensible cure for the deep seated mental problems that a person may have.

What I do care about is people’s ability to voice an opinion on this and similar subjects without being mauled by those who do not wish to see anybody else’s opinion apart from their own. By all means within Trans or other similar ethnic or religious or political organisations have speech codes as part of the organisations internal rules, but to try to impose those rules outside those organisations, such as we saw with the Trannygate affair, is wrong.

The removal of the Julie Burchil article and the subsequent demonstrations by Trans people outside the offices of the Guardian/Observer was not an oppressed group speaking up, it was bullying, plain and simple. The Guardian/Observer should have let the article stand and should not have caved in to bullying. It makes me wonder if Trans groups can bully these newspapers, who else is bullying them? Chillingly it forces me to consider just what threats may have been made against the Guardian to make it a cheerleader for Hamas, after all supporting a bunch of genocide promoting lunatics isn’t exactly the position that a sensible or reasonable person or organisation would take up willingly, is it?

Seeing the Left turning on itself, and seeing the vitriol and hatred displayed by them, is something that I’m glad is now getting a much wider audience. After all, if they will do this to themselves and each other, what would they do to you if you disagree with them?

The Left has shown itself to be an enemy of free thought on this issue and hopefully it will steer many people who have seen the Trannygate affair develop towards rejecting the Leftist definition of ‘equality’ and instead embracing freedom of thought and word.