Please help this blog and buy me some beer.


I really didn’t want to have to write this post, writing it makes me seem like a bit of a beggar/shnorrer/pan-handler which is something I really don’t like to be. Taking the time out to write and research the subject of Islamic imperialism and aggression is getting expensive, and I would be eternally grateful if people could help me by contributing some beer vouchers. Books have to be bought or library trips have to be made, time has to be taken to read and digest these books, online research needs to be done, phone calls have to be made, secure offshore server space has to be paid for and so much more.

You don’t have to give a lot, a little, even a ‘widows mite’ would be fine, it is just so that I can offset the costs of this blog which are currently coming out of my own pocket.

If you wish you can make a donation to this blog via the secure DONATE button on the top right of the main page, and any money received will go not only on beer, although sometimes after spending too much time reading about the moral cess-pit that is Islamic ‘culture’ I need one, but on supporting and hopefully expanding this blog.

The Islamic enemies of freedom and democracy are often backed by huge amounts of Saudi and other oil money and this currently gives them a huge PR advantage over those of us who are trying to tell the truth about the ugly ideology of Islam. Help me shift the balance a small bit by helping me research, write and occasionally rant.

I’d like to take this opportunity to say many thanks to all the thousands of people who have read this blog since it started in late August 2012 and who have given me encouragement, tips, stories and more.

I only wish I was writing about something more pleasant than the dangerous ideology of Islam and it’s deluded appeasers and apologists, but to quote and paraphrase what the 1930’s poet WH Auden said when speaking about his antifascist activities and writing during the Spanish Civil War, instead of writing about nice things now I have to spend my time On the flat ephemeral pamphlet and the boring meeting*”

This blog is my ‘flat ephemeral pamphlet’ but writing it is anything but boring, frightening, depressing and anger inducing but never boring.

Many thanks again and I promise that down the line I’ll help another beggar in my turn.




*on WH Auden