A textbook definition of dignified protest

The counterjihad site Muslamicrayguns has gathered up photographs of all the memorial flowers laid by patriots in memory of Drummer Lee Rigby, at cenotaphs and war memorials up and down the country.

You cannot see the pictures and not be moved. Here is a cross section of the Britain that has not spoken yet, but is beginning to. Here are small and large groups made up of individuals of all religions and none, Black and White, Men and Women, all standing together in revulsion at what the ideology of Islam and too many of its followers are doing to our country. A turning point has occurred and many more people now no longer believe the lie of ‘a religion of peace’.

Those who have created what Muslamicrayguns called ‘A Sea of Flowers’ have stepped forward and have protested in a manner that is in sharp contrast to the thuggish attitudes and actions of many Leftist and Islamic groups. The images of ordinary British people, walking quietly to the monuments to the dead of many wars, and placing flowers and flags, will I’m sure, stay with many.

These tokens were placed not only in rememberance of a British serviceman murdered in horrendous circumstances, but also to express anger that a situation where a violent fifth column is tolerated and often indulged has been allowed to occur.

I cannot help thinking that as more flowers have been laid in rememberance and anger, there are more people noticing them, and therefore becoming educated as to the nature of the problem.

The sheer dignity of this protest commends it and to those who went out there, sometimes in the face of hysterical threatening lefties, and laid flowers, you have probably helped others, in turn, to find their voices as well. These groups that have emerged, to pay tribute and protest in this way are not the mythical ‘far-right’ that the media would have us believe, but are made up of ordinary British people from all walks of life who have decided to say ‘enough is enough’

The laying of flowers has been the British response to immense and sustained provocation by followers of an expansionist and supremecist ideology, and don’t let the BBC tell you anything different.

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