It would be more a matter of concern if the police were NOT closely examining the Stephen Lawrence campaign.

It seems wrong that nearly everyone in the United Kingdom knows the face of Stephen Lawrence but we are not as familiar as we should be about Kriss Donald and Charlene Downes.

The revelations by an ex police officer that the Stephen Lawrence campaign was infiltrated by undercover police in order to find out what they were up to, and gain intellgence on the campaign, has predictably got the Left and their fellow travellers in a tizzy. It would be helpful in this situation if people did not take a journey on the ‘outrage bus’ but instead consider that the Lawrence Campaign had all sort of iffy and questionable characters attached to it, and involved in it. Apart from a plethora of Left wing lawyers and human rights activists running the case, the Stephen Lawrence campaign also had various professional race baiters and dangerous extremist lefties hitching themselves to the Stephen Lawrence campaign, both in order to support the campaign and in order to advance their own agendas.

Stephen Lawrence didn’t deserve to die in the street as a result of alleged anti-black racist violence any more than Kriss Donald or Charlene Downes deserved their appalling deaths at the hands of those who killed them. However, neither the families of Ms Downes nor Mr Donald got the sort of help from the police, the racism industry or the professional agitators that the Lawrence family got, and it shows. We can all see the face of Stephen Lawrence but too few know the faces of Charlene and Kriss.

Bearing in mind the sort of worryingly destructive leftist elements that had attached themselves to the Lawrence campaign it would be inconcievable for the police not to have someone keeping an eye on the Lawrence campaign, to find out just what the ‘societal destructors’ of the Left who wer involved in the campaign were up to.

Surely keeping an eye on the sort of dangerous extremists such as the Socialist Workers Party and similar organisations who attached themselves to or gave support to the Lawrence campaign, is what we pay our police and security services for? Granted that the police may have had reasons of their own to keep an eye on the Lawrence campaign, that still doesn’t change the fact that not everyone or every group involved in the Lawrence campaign were in it for the purposes of correcting a percieved injustice. Those who wanted to use the Lawrence campaign to emasculate the police by making them subservient to the idea of ‘anti-racisim’ instead of the Peelian idea of unbiased law enforcement, were in my view perfectly acceptable targets for surveillance.

There is no issue in my mind that keeping a close eye on the Lawrence campaign was a perfectly legitimate thing for the police to do in the circumstances.


Sky news report on the infiltration of the Lawrence campaign

Wiki entry on the Kriss Donald murder. I’d like to draw attention to the words of Yasmin Alabi-Brown in the Wiki entry who said of the Kriss Donald murder that treating “some victims as more worthy of condemnation than others is unforgivable – and a betrayal of anti-racism itself”.

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