An Early Neville Chamberlain for March. Who else could it be but Sir Stephen House, the Chief Constable of Police Scotland.

march 14 neville-page001

Sometimes there are individuals whose behaviour is so blatantly appeasing of the ideology of Islam that it’s not worth waiting for the end of the month to put up the ‘winner’ of this blogs ‘British Neville Chamberlain of the Month’ feature.

The decision by Police Scotland to ban the Unite Against Islamic Fascism group from marking the tenth anniversary of the murder, by members of the Glasgow Islamic community, of Kriss Donald, is so outrageous that I can’t resist having an early ‘Neville’.

To deprive a group of people of their democratic right to protest and assemble freely, purely because a bunch of followers of a 7th Century warlord threaten violence is absolutely disgusting.

So this month’s ‘Neville Award’ for cowardice and appeasement in the face of a violent ideology is awarded to Sir Stephen House, the grossly over-paid, Chief Constable of Police Scotland.

The actions of Glasgow police, for which Sir Stephen is ultimately responsible for, is yet more evidence to show how political correctness and a policy of having different legal responsibilities and rights for different groups of people, is creating the conditions where some truths are forbidden to be uttered.

This is not a healthy thing to happen to a British society many of whose members fought hard on the battlefields, in the debating chambers and in the courts of capricious and easily offended monarchs, to create a free speech society. The rights of free assembly were hard won and many of those who fought for those rights entered their graves early because of that struggle.

People like Sir Stephen House are not police officers, they are the enablers of Islamic oppression who bring shame to their uniform, shame on Scotland and shame on Britain. He is an unworthy man winning this months prize for unworth. He is not fit to lick the boots of those who fought for freedom.