Throwing out the baby and keeping the afterbirth – a classic example of local governments wrong priorities

Mistakenly retained afterbirth Neville Meredith, Herefordshire councils diversity supremo

There is an interesting story relating to local government cuts coming out of Herefordshire. It appears that the county council has ordered all public toilets to be closed, and their replacement by a voluntary ‘community toilet scheme’ with toilets offered by shops etc.

What is concerning is not that they have chosen to cut a service to save money per se, but what they have chosen NOT to cut. Herefordshire has chosen to cut a useful service, the provision of public lavatories, that both Herefordians and visitors use, but has not cut the post of their Diversity Officer, and all round Islam fan, Neville Meredith. Mr Meredith, who is the Senior Intergration, Equality and Partnership Officer, for Herefordshire Council, is very much behind the promotion of Islam in Herefordshire, even though many residents are opposed.

Mr Meredith appears to not have the slightest idea of the negative side of Islam and has spoken out in favour of mosques for Herefordshire.

So the people of Herefordshire are paying for a council that doesn’t see why public conveniences should be provided for their taxpayers, but sees promoting the failed and divisive ideology of multiculturalism as a priority. This is what is wrong with our political class in microcosm.

Truly Herefordshire council look like they have thrown away the baby and kept the afterbirth.


Mr Meredith seems to be becoming a bit of a ‘Quango King’ with a seat on the board of a ‘Partnership’ quango. Nice work if you can get it. His post is probably very well renumerated, and much more than the average wage in Hereford.

He is also claiming that there has been a rise in ‘hate crime’ in Herefordshire. I wonder if he is using the same statistical methodology as the disgraced ‘hate crime’ monitors Tell Mama used?

Herefordshires public toilets closed to save money

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