From Elsewhere: The corrupt connections between the Boston Terror Mosque and Massachusets politicians.

The Boston Islamic Cultural Centre

A chilling film showing just how deep are the connections between a mosque that has encouraged Jihad, and the political establishment of the Commonwealth of Massachusets.

The political class in that place have overtly encouraged the establishment of radical Islam in their State and have thereby helped to endanger the citizens not just of Massachusets but also of the wider United States.

We in Britain should not sit back and assume that this colusion with Islamic evil is something that is confined to the United States. Does anyone seriously think that such collusion is not taking place in the UK encouraged mostly by the Labour Party? You only need to look at local councils in the UK to see how Islam is being pandered to.


You Tube link to film about the Boston Terror Mosque and the support given to it by local and state politicians

Hat Tip Front Page Magazine