George Galloway goes completely mental

George Galloway hobnobbing with Syrian dictator Assad

It is, as Guido Fawkes says, ‘almost unbelievable that this man is a British MP’.

Here we have Galloway pandering to his Jew and Israel hating Bradford Islamic constituency and other similar Muslim and Leftist fifth columnists by blaming Israel, for the chemical weapon attacks in Syria.

He said that Al Qaida had been supplied with CW items by Israel, which is a preposterous idea, as such a munitions transfer would in itself endanger Israel, quite apart from the transfer to non state actors of CW munitions is counter to the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Galloway never misses a chance to shout hatred and fellate dictators.  It is beyond ‘unbelievable’ that Galloway is a British MP, it is a badge of shame, that we have allowed to grow,  the sort of political constituency that feels that Galloway is a suitable representative.

It is quite obvious that in Bradford, it is a case of scum voting for scum.

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  1. Furor Teutonicus | August 24, 2013 at 1:57 pm |

    Dipshit… I mean Galloway, NOT you.

  2. Even a lobotomised donkey could enter Westminster, given the ruinous politics and the extent to which corruption has free rein.

    (Dextrose sweets are just the thing for hypoglycaemic confusion, Furor.)

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