Here’s another ‘funny’ mosque fire. Funny as in suspicious.

The minimal damage at the apparently minimally arson-ised, Harlow Islamic Centre


Sky news is reporting that there has been an ‘arson attempt’ on a mosque in Harlow, Essex. As usual the local Muslims are whining that it is an ‘anti Islamic attack’ but there is something that doesn’t seem quite right from reading the story.

Firstly, sealing the doors with industrial foam before then setting fire to the foam itself strikes me as a very unusual way of starting a fire. If the alleged arsonist had indeed gone to the trouble of sealing the doors with something like insulating foam, why not make a better job of setting the fire itself? To only set fire to the foam itself, bearing in mind that many spray foams appear to be either fire resistant or fire retardant, looks either like extreme stupidity or as if someone wanted to cause a small fire resulting in a lot of fuss. Despite the way this case is being covered, there appears to be minimal damage to the building itself and maybe that was the intention of the ‘arsonist’? If someone had really wanted to seal the doors so that the fire would be less easier to tackle, why bother with something as structurally weak as insulating or building foam? Why not nail, screw or super glue the doors or the locks? That would have technically have been much more effective for such a purpose?

Also when you study the pictures you can see a lot of what looks like building materials including a toilet pan in an area next to a boiler cylinder. The storage of materials alone looks like a fire waiting to happen, whether or not there was the presence of an arsonist.

This case looks like it has a lot in common with the Muswell Hill arson where a mosque that had grand ambitions, but little cash, caught fire causing the idiots of the local council to wet themselves and cough up taxpayers money for a replacement mosque.  This has raised suspicions that all is not as it seems with the Muswell Hill arson case.

This fire is suspicious but not for the usual reasons that one would say a fire was suspicious.

The motives for setting this fire may not be as the Left and the Muslims are saying it is, which is anti Muslim, but instead may be an insurance job, violent intra communal strife (Muslims do that a lot), or just bored fire starting teenagers.

In the unlikely event that this is a genuine anti-Islamic attack maybe the local Muslims should start to ask themselves just why they are so damn unpopular? What could it be? The terrorism? The grooming of children for sex? The murders of our troops in the street? The corruption and vote rigging that the Islamic community seem to be involved in to a disproportionate degree? It must be something?

Anyway, this alleged arson is funny, and not in a ‘ha ha’ way, it smells funny. If it is an arson by person or persons unknown, then the arsonist should probably give up their chosen path and go back to ‘arson school’ because they are obviously no damn good at it. To set fire to a piece of modern building foam, which in itself is most likely possessing of some degree of pyro-resistance, without using any additional traditional accellerant, such as petrol, seems a very strange way to set a fire, if there is an intent to cause considerable damage to the property.

My money is that the arsonist is a few million miles away from the usual mainstream media suspects in cases like this.

There is the strong possibility that there is more to this case than the knee-jerk reaction that an anti-Islamic ‘Joe Patriot did it’ as the media would have us believe. After all it wouldn’t be the first time that an Islamic group had metaphorically shot themselves in the foot and then blamed others to get sympathy.

Only when charges, the release of names of those charged and a trial in open court occurs will we find out exactly what has happened here. However, this case really does smell awfully funny for the reasons outlined above.



If you can stomach a bit of abject Islam fellating – describing the local Muslims as ‘a beautiful people’ – then you can’t beat this audio clip from the local Conservative MP Robert Halfon . I’ve got the distinct feeling that if this fire does turn out to be not connected with any sort of organised anti Islamic group, then Mr Halfon will probably go very quiet about these events, and so he should.

To conclude: I have no time for Islam and believe this vile ideology has no place in the United Kingdom, but equally I do not approve of burning down mosques, or any religious building.  However it is shortsighted in the extreme to automatically blame, as Mr Robert Halfon MP does, anti Islamic elements, bearing in mind that a) Muslim groups have engaged in ‘self attacks’ for strategic reasons b) Muslims often violently attack each other (the 2013 Ramadan death toll was 1651 Muslims killed by other Muslims ) and c) there could be, as has been alleged in the Muswell Hill mosque arson case, an element of ‘insurance job’.


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  1. Paris Claims | August 27, 2013 at 6:57 am |

    Any news on the Muswell Hill case? It’s been dragging on a while now. CCTV coverage blankets virtually the whole of London, you’d think they would have some idea as to how and who started it by now.

    • Fahrenheit211 | August 27, 2013 at 8:02 am |

      Not yet. There are load of unconfirmed rumours that it was the Somalis themselves that did it. You are correct, London is blanketed with CCTV and some of said CCTV is quite technically advanced. Something must have gone wrong, the CCTV may have been ‘broken’ at the particular crucial time.

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