What sort of ‘culture’……

Muslims preying in a Russian street. Picture from The Body of Truth blog. http://thebodyoftruth.wordpress.com/2012/08/27/video-islamization-of-moscow-half-a-million-muslims-in-illegal-mass-street-prayer/

…..Needs to be told that they cannot slaughter animals in the street?

Is it the Methodists?      No.

Is it the Jews?               No.

Is it the Anglicans?        No.

Is it the Hindus?             No

Is it the Sikhs?               No.

Yep, you guessed it, it is the Bearded Savages of Islam who need to be told not to slaughter sheep in the streets or on the balconies or even the bathrooms of their flats.

It seems that the Russian authorities are more willing to take action when the Bearded Savages start to play up.  Not only are they banning the practice of Muslims slaughtering sheep in the streets, they are also cracking down on the back street mosques that allow the retarded savagery of Islam to continue unreformed and unchecked. New legislation would also stamp on the Islamic tactic of praying in the street to intimidate an areas non-Muslims.

If only our own authorities in the United Kingdom would take such a bold and patriotic action.  If the UK government took such an action against the Bearded Savages then it would be a policy that would be very popular, especially with those who have seen their areas decimated by the forcible introduction of Islam.


Original story from Vinienco